Tall, lanky program adjustments?

  • Hi all, I'm 6'5, 205 .lbs and appear quite lanky.  I'm starting the program to bulk up and lose a little bit of the soft middle.  I have a very difficult time gaining weight.  What type of adjustments should I make to the diet or supplements since I am trying to gain mass, rather than lose it.  Do I up my carb or protein intake?  Add Whey or Creatine?  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.




  • while I am not tall nor I am I lanky, I am in fact trying to add some mass as well.

    1.  In the book, Bill responds to a question asking this exact thing.  Since I don't have the book in front of me, he basically says to add an extra portion of carbs to your two morning meals(or first two meals of the day).

    2.  Also,  this is something you may want to look at:


    It's the products specifically intended for build size and strenght.

  • Thanks Armster!

  • Very welcome.