July 1, 2012 START! Need support?!

  • I am starting a new challenge on Sunday July 1st!

    Anyone else??

    One foot in front of the other, just keep moving!

  • I am starting again July 1. I did the program last year made it 11 weeks, good results and fell back into my old habits and gained my weight back.

    Hopefully we can get some others who are starting on July 1 too.   Support is so helpful.

  • I will be starting Monday, July 2. Second time around...I used this program's meal ideas/plans four years ago, continuing past the 12 weeks, taking approximately  25 weeks to lose 55 pounds-all of my baby weight and an extra 20 pounds! But then I moved an hour from my job shortly after...so, with no more gym, being so tired from the drive and stress from my crap job, I gained all of it back in about 2 years. Then quit work to go back to school full time and had my daughter with me at home.

    I am now ready to focus on my health, since my acid reflux has returned and my migraines are increasing in frequency. I am also sleeping horribly, my back/knee pain has increased, and I'm crabby a lot more often than I used to be. I want to feel confident again, not like I need to cover up my body. I want to be active again, play outside with my daughter (now 6), feel healthy not tired/moody...and I want to be excited about shopping again!  

    So, after a couple failed attempts this year, I am beginning on Monday. I have started planning ahead of time so I won't cheat due to lack of prepared meals to bring with me. As I've realized with my one successful run, planning is everything! If you have all your meals with you at work, you will be less likely to go to the vending machine or grab a cookie from a meeting...If you know ahead of time what you're going to eat, it's easier to avoid cravings. I've also learend to defer cravings by telling myself I can have it on my free day. Most of the time, by then I don't even want it anymore.

    Good luck!

  • july 1st leggoooo!

  • Well I had a very successful transformation in 2008.  Then a whole bunch of excuses got in my way and now I am at  the heaviest weight I have ever been (even with three pregnancies) yikes.

    I am ready for a true transformation.  I am spending the next few days getting prepared.

    I am looking for a support group that will cheer me on and kick me in the but when needed.  

    I am a no bs lady and will tell you  like it is. I am to the point and blunt at times.

    I am looking to offer support, knowledge and tons of  help, but I am not looking to drag people  along that really just want to cry about the process.

    I would like to build a small group of the same mindset........

    Who is in???

    One foot in front of the other, just keep moving!

  • I will step up to join your "no BS" group. Keep in mind we will all have some pitfalls but ultimately if we stick with the plan and push ourselves we will have success.

    Last year I lost over 40lbs in the 11 weeks. I am looking for the same or better results.

  • Yes I am also. Really Monday 5:00 am

  • 5 am? thats the time i should be getting my workouts in ;) can you drag me out of bed WITH you?!

  • How about we come up with a name for the group?  So far it looks like there is 5 for a July 1st/2nd start date.

    Support and planning is crucial to reach our goals.  

  • Great idea Roddy. I am so skeptical and curious to see if those champions really changed that much in 12 weeks. I find it hard to believe.  We should come up with some sort of penalty so we can stick with it since i don't lol

  • I'm in!  I found the Body for Live Success Journal at Goodwill last week and have been trying to get ready over the past couple of days.  I actually plan to begin on Monday, July 2.  I just found this website today, so I am still stumbling around a bit.  So embarrassed about the picture I will be taking either Sunday night or Monday morning.  Good luck everyone!

  • Drizzy........ it really works- I will dig up my old stats and photos- it was unbelievable!

    YEAH !  a NAME will be great.  like what???

    Oh yes I agree we will all have pitfalls and challenges and set backs.... but if we support each other I know that will make a huge difference in our success!  

    Just to clarify about the dragging comment..... I was in a challenge group before and one chick kept bringing us all down with her drama and all the reasons she was not doing what she needed to do.  It was exhausting, so I just decided to put it out there from the start.  (Not meant to upset anyone!)

    One foot in front of the other, just keep moving!

  • Both my wife and I are also starting on Monday July 2nd... ready to change our lives for the better. I really like the idea of a support group, nothing more beneficial to know how others are doing, just seems it would motivate us all to finish the challenge.

  • I am in total agreement with Amy, this program does work. But you must stick with it, follow the daily plans, cheat on cheat days.  When you slip jump right back into the program. And PLAN,PLAN & PLAN.

    Preplan your food-so important

    preplan your workouts-will help to make certain they get done

    And support is so helpful and motivating.

    first suggestion on the name the Julysters, not super excited with this, i know someone can come up with something much better.

    So I am taking roll:







    7)gavinr98 x2

    Everyone get ready!!!!!!!

  • Fireworks! ;D no but seriously somebody come up with some sort of reprimands if we don't stick  to it or follow through as planned LOL!