Where do I start?

  • Hello,

    I am a 43 year old male and have had several issues lately, one ending in a major back surgery which has taken almost 4 years for me to get back to a place in my life where I can start working out again. During the 4 years of recovery I had put on over 20 pounds and am now 228lbs. I have terrible eating habits and need a place to start. I have been going to the gym several times a week and am not seeing much change, I just seem to be sore all the time from the workouts. What I am looking for is a starting point, how do I change my eating habits and what is the best way to start getting myself into shape. I am very interested in doing this challenge  but have no idea where to start. If anyone has some information on how to get going, I would be greatly appreciative.



  • There's a book called Body for Life, which describes the details of the program. There's also a "Champions edition" of the book, printed later, which presumably works (I haven't read that one) -- it's not as well liked by people but I assume it's still basically the same program.

  • Gavin,

    It take strength to realize you need to change and reach out. You have made the first big step! Mythmere is right about the BFL book. You can still find it in bookstores, new, used, and online. Also try your local library. There is also a lot of great info on this site. start under the 'Library' tab at the top of the page. There is also great support on the forum. Post any questions, there is tons of help and support here.

  • Welcome, Gavin! Like Orrin said, you've made a great first step coming here. I've tried many different ways of getting back into shape over the last 20 years, and my first eight weeks of Body for LIFE so far have blown them all away as far as results.

    By all means, I agree that getting one of the books is the best way to start. It's true that a lot of folks aren't big on the later Champions Body for LIFE edition as compared to Bill Phillips original Body for LIFE, but I started with the Champions version and it works just fine. I have both now - each has a few tips, exercises and whatnot that the other doesn't, plus different Champion and Challenger stories and experiences. If your library or local bookstore doesn't have a copy, you can find them at WonderBook or Amazon.com among other places.


  • Thanks for all the comments, they are greatly appreciated. I will look into the books that were suggested and by going through the site it looks like there is a ton of good information. My first objective is the food I eat and have already started to cut out some of the bad stuff. I guess for me at this point in time it is a day to day challenge.

  • Gavin, it's not exactly that the books were "suggested," they were actually the answer to your question. The BFL book, whichever printing, is the specific book that describes this specific plan. Just looking around on the website is probably a great way to improve generally, but in actuality all those tips and all that information on the website are in the specific context of the plan in the Body for Life book. It contains a particular schedule and method. The site's not just about a challenge to get fit -- it's about a challenge to follow that program through for 12 weeks.