6/18/2012 Start Date ~~Victory Is Ours!

  • Justicerox - Thank you!

    I think I have a decent grasp on things for right now. I had to have a talk with my parents and they try to adjust which is awsome. My mom even asked me what I wanted for dinner tonight so we were able to come up with something for everyone... challenge or not. Now I just have to watch my portion size. The weekend is still going to be a challenge though but I am ready for it.

    Asides from that I was happy to see that my scale went down to 159.2 and sat there solidly. No wavering back into the 160s (I started at around 165lbs). I feel sore from the work outs which to me feels great and rewarding. I am rather tired though, which might be a combo out of not sleeping well (on a blow up mattress in the living room while my parents are here) as well as upping my training and maybe not eating enough. I might try to add another 200 Kcal to the menu and see whether that helps.... I feel I could close my eyes right now and be out cold.

    I am feeling good though about having worked through the challenges of the last week however and chosing to get back on the wagon instead of chosing to blow off the next week or two using my parents as an excuse. :-)

    afleece - your stats sound awsome.

    dadof3 - I have noticed something like that in the past as well. I am glad for your reminder and suggestions though. I never very much analyzed this issue and I def did not think of it now... which could have turned into a real problem. I def need to think about mixing things up. Thank you.

  • Afleece! Welcome! Sounds like you are going strong!  Glad you finally are posting! I track using the lose it app. Not daily but a couple days a week to keep myself honest!

    Dadof3 ... Love what you said about a little bad meal each day. Would you mind giving an example of a naughty meal. I used to work at a gym, & there was this member...he had a phenomenal body. Finally, one day, I asked him to give me one tip. His best tip. And you know what he said? ”I treat myself daily. I love sweets, & I allow myself one treat each day. Life is too short to deprive yourself constantly!” You just reminded me of that & I want to say thanks for sharing. You're inspiring me to push on!

  • @Schattenreich...yes this is something that is very important when it comes to eating and working out. Our bodies are highly intelligent and will always adapt to anything you put on it. If your eating stalls out then change it. cardio and weight lifting is exactly the same. Hardest thing is remembering to change it. Keep notice of your workouts and change it if necessary :)

    @justicerox....I have been doing a cheat meal that literally consists of anything. the other day, my family had pizza. I ate 2 small pieces and drank as much water with that meal as i could put down to fill me up so i wouldnt eat anymore. Last night i went to Olive Garden and got the ceasar salad and the parmisan chicken and noodles. I ate a fist size of the salad with water of course and ate the chicken only. I always have as much water as i can hold down with cheat meals so i get full and wont eat more. usually by the time im hungry again im away from the temptation and back home. My safe place where i can eat healthy again. :) I ate a dessert from starbucks today. I think it was like a mini scone with fruit inside. Pure sugar lol but drank water and got my sugar fix :) You can pretty much eat anything you want, for me its portion sizes. LOTS of water with the cheat meal so you dont go crazy. Hope this helps you and anyone else who is going to go this route. May not be good for everyone but life is so much easier because i look forward to my one treat each day.

    Im excited for the workout in the morning. I absolutely love going to the gym now since its layed out and easy to follow.

    "What the mind believes, the body conceives"

  • Thank you guys for the great welcome it's good to have workout buds, lower body tomorrow at 1:20am before work at 4am! No BMWing from me I am in this 100%. hope you all have a good day tomorrow and a great free day Sunday!

    Your today shapes your tomorrow!

  • Blast it! I forgot my running shoes this morning. Today is my parents' last day with us and I got so distracted this morning I grabbed everything but them.

    I was planning on doing cardio and some calistenics today in the nice cool gym during lunch. I will be antzy today due to not working out during the day and prob really tired this afternoon when I get home. My only alternative is to run this afternoon after work (in 100Plus degrees).... I hate running and the heat sucks.....

    Really bummed right now.

  • Hey all, I'm still plugging along, but getting rather frustrated. I have noticed a change in muscle tone with my upper body, but aside from that, nothing. My clothes aren't fitting any differently either. I've been following the program and pushing myself with weights and cardio too. I have definitely had an increase in strength. I hadn't weighed myself since the start so I stepped on the scale a few days ago. I started at 145.6 and the scale read 146.6 on Friday --- one pound up from where I started. I tried again this morning and it read 148.8. Arrgh! I may be retaining a bit of water lately (I have noticed my ring feeling tight and my stomach feels kinda bloaty), but I feel like I must be doing something wrong. I drink a lot of water and don't overdo it with sodium. Hopefully this is temporary and things will pick up, but ugh. I'm not sure if I need to cut back a bit on the free day or something else?

  • Hi all,

    Hope everyone's week is going smooth.

    Amy: the same thing happened to me a couple of times, you are putting on muscle which is heavier, also when your body is repairing the muscle it puts fluid around it, and on top of that when you lose fat your body temporarily fills in the space with fluids that's why you should weigh in only once a week and make sure you are taking your measurements because that will show you fat loss not weight loss that's what you want. Hope that helps, don't get discouraged just keep plugging away the weight and the inches will come off!

    Your today shapes your tomorrow!

  • "when you lose fat your body temporarily fills in the space with fluids" ... " when your body is repairing the muscle it puts fluid around it"...... I had no clue about those points.  I have been struggling with the same type of issues as Amy. Esp. this week I noticed after a great day of cardio and weights and sensitive eating I actually gained a lb. I was very frustrated about that, but maybe your arguments might be it. Today I was back down... actually down 1.4 lbs.  

  • @afleece - I haven't been weighing in more than once a week. I hadn't weighed in at all since the start, and that's when I saw the gain. The next day I tried again simply to see if it had gone back down. Things are still the same! Actually, my jeans seem to be getting tighter which isn't good! I've been riding my bike to and from work as my main cardio. I'm bottom heavy and store most of my fat in my thighs so this is really frustrating!

  • Is anyone still out there and following BFL? It's been pretty quiet in here lately! I'm still moving along with it, even if I don't see much physical progress. I'm noticing even more muscle tone in my upper body, and while my legs don't appear to be getting smaller yet, the shape of them seems to be changing. I have to admit - I'm getting a little bored with my meals! I need some new ideas that have a good amount of protein and are vegetarian. I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut with all the nonfat greek yogurt, egg whites and cottage cheese and protein powder.

  • Hey Amy and anyone else still on it,

    I am still here and going strong, been struggling a bit this week but still hitting all my workouts strong. I am starting to notice a change in my body as well. So far I have lost 22 inches and 12 pounds, can't wait to take a picture at 8 weeks.

    Amy I hear you on the food thing, I try to cook at least one meal out of the body for life cookbook which has some vegetarian friendly recipes in it especially for breakfast. Look into it, also have you had veggie burgers before they are delish. Good luck and hold strong, can't wait to see your 12 week pics!

    Your today shapes your tomorrow!

  • Afleece - Wow, those are some great results! Looking forward to seeing the photos. Glad I'm not alone with the food thing. I don't want to overdo it with really processed veggie burgers, but I think I'll pick some up again to mix it up a bit. Workouts have been good. I've been riding my bike to and from work 5 miles each way. Giving my legs a rest today though since yesterday was tough after the previous day's lower body weight session.

    Is anyone else still here??

  • HAPPY SIX WEEKS EVERYONE! We've made it 42 days only 42 more days to go for completion! Feel proud of yourselves today, have a small celebration! Keep going strong everyone! Hoorah!

    Your today shapes your tomorrow!

  • Hey Everyone!! I havent been in here for a while since i am no longer following BFL..After a few weeks i felt heavier...and was disappointed since i had been working out so hard..It takes alot for me to stay motivated and i need to be seeing those results..So I went on holidays..ate my face off and came home and returned to clean eating which has no simple carbs...I have been working out and giving myself a cheat day..to have an icecream or somethign naughty..I am down 7pnds(I know some is water weight) but feel great. I just want to say congrats to all of you on being half way.Shows the strength you have inside of you and the desire to a healthier you!! So congrats..I will be popping in just to see how you are all doing and to check in on the success!! Keep up the great work everyone..BFL instilled some great principles into my health change..1) Eat right 2) Exercise!! 3) allow yourself those guilty pleasures once a week....so you dont get out of hand and binge..And most importantly i am worth it..I can do it!

  • @fitcity, I totally hear what you're saying! I'm still at it, but am still not seeing any difference in the way my clothes are fitting aside from my pants sometimes feeling tighter - ugh!