6/18/2012 Start Date ~~Victory Is Ours!

  • Hi everyone...Still going strong, although I dont post much at all. Ive been sticking to the plan to the letter, some days I feel great... others not so much. Today and yesterday I feel like a hungry bear lol. Looking forward to Sunday, although I'm not going so crazy this time. Glad to hear you are all doing great!


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  • How is everyone doing today?

    For the ladies....

    I've been feeling bloaty and gross since yesterday. I realized I'm about a week out from starting my period, so I think I'm probably just retaining some water. I'm glad tomorrow is my free day because I have been suddenly craving lots of sweets. I'm fine for most of the month, but when this time rolls around I'm just a bottomless pit! I think I need to fully embrace the free day tomorrow because I don't want to cave in to junk after the free day.

  • can i join "please" im 40 year old ex army and need to drop 2 stone......... my problem is "stella" hence my user name!

    i could do with a support team to bounce of!

    starting on Monday as ive got a beer in my hand! LOL

    Live for today as tomorrow is never promised!

  • Hi everyone...I haven't been on in a couple days, but I am proud to announce that I have hit my water intake goals for most days this week. Woowee! I downloaded an app (Android) called "Drinking Water". It reminds you every so often to drink up and it has helped!

    As far as activity goes, I was only able to walk two days. My back is still messed up, so I have to be careful until it is healed! My chiropractor recommended walking in the pool, and all I could think of was how few calories that would burn! Ugh!! Anyhow...staying positive! ;) And looking forward to fried chicken tomorrow on my free day. Mmmmmmm.

    amy that cottage cheese in the blender with stevia and vanilla....omg...i want to skip dinner and go try it now! lol I will try it as my pm snack tonight!! it almost sounds like it could have a similar consistency to no-bake cheese cake which I love. I have a friend who used to do ricotta cheese with cinnamon and splenda as a sweet treat. I never tried it, but ... maybe I will!

    fitcity & anyone else who wants to weigh in. I am going to post my weight on Sundays. I will weigh in in the morning on sundays before I start my free day. :)

    Karen...tough it out...not all days or weeks will breeze by easily...in fact, most won't. It takes effort, planning and hard work to be fit...that is why MOST people aren't! The easy path is lazy, unhealthy lifestyle! I do believe it will become easier as we BUILD habits, then these things will become natural parts of our days and routines. So, keep putting in the required effort to build these habits! For your health! For a better life!!

    Welcome stella and other new ppl! :)

  • Hi Folks, glad to be her also. I'm looking to gain strength. I've been through the program once but isn't finish the last month although I was still ble to lose my required fat loss. Gained 10 lbs of it back in last year and looking to really kick it off this time around.

    All the best to everyone. This is definitely a great program.


  • Hey Paulb48!! Welcome to the team..I know with this program and such a ideal goal you will be able to get those last 10pounds off!! Soo welcome welcome.

    @Stelladevil welcome to you as well..2 stones is that about 8 or so pounds?? you have come to the right place..

    @amybfl hope you got your sugar fix lady!! lol I have been craving sugar day in and day out...it is driving me nuts!! i have been making coffee and then putting it in the fridge and them use skim milk, splenda and ice to create a sweet ice coffee to help curb my craving!! Hope your on track.

    @ Justicerox...Good for you for keeping moving!! Walking is/can be a great exercise..especially if you increase the speed at times and carry light weights!! so proud of you for continuing on your goal. Weighing in Sunday works..I am not gonna lie i am addicted to the scale...guess i have been for 11years or so...i havent lost any weight this week.. still at 209 which is kinda dissapointing...Think i am going to cut down my carb portion to see if that helps...I also took an extra cheat day AGAIN!! this weekend and missed 2 work outs!!! wahh!! i feel yucky!! okay So here i am back to monday back to my routine and thinking of not having a cheat day this week and to p/u  my cardio..i dunno..I leave for vegas in a week too..and am planning to workout everyday and try to eat as close to BFL as possiable but it is a holiday..oh jeessh!! Some days i feel like i am back to square one and am never gonna make it :(

  • Alright!! Here is my confessions: Today I have realized that I am eating super good and working out lots and feel great..However am seeing no changes in my weight which is getting a little discouraging since it is day 16...So my solution was to go for my run/walk for 25 minutes and then throw my good conscious to the wind and eat EVERYTHING!! Now I am feeling like crap and am wondering when I return to my healthy/positive eating tomorrow if I should take out carbs such as rice, noodle, bread etc. all together and just eat protein and carbs such as fruit...all the while I will continue the 6 mini meals the work out regime and 1 free day... please let me know what your guys thoughts are on this. As I know if I continue with no results I will just return to my old habits as exhibit A is today.. Alright.. Thanks 

  • @fitcity - Sounds like it is time to step away from the scale! Have you tried taking your measurements? It might be a better way to track progress. How are your clothes fitting? Please don't give up so soon into the challenge! I honestly don't think it's a good idea to remove the carbs from your diet. What is the point of that? Your body needs carbs! Try focusing on how you're feeling since you've started BFL. You say you're feeling great - that's good, right?! You can do this!

    Happy 4th to all of you in the US!

  • @fitcity- I struggle looking at the scale too, can be discouraging. Try the measurements like amy said, it will make you feel better.

    I can't believe we are 1/2 way thru our third week, I know I am already looking forward to free day again :) This week I feel like I was hit by a car, everything hurts. Went to pick up some compression sleeves for my knees, hopefully that will help. Has everyone tried protein powder? I just started with it this week, it really helps with my hunger. Oh, and the myoplex lean bars, chocolate mint are super tasty. Thinking about posting before & 3 week pics this weekend....if anyone else is willing to lol.  Stay strong everybody!


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Women 18-29

  • So the workouts have been going great!! Improving weights/reps each week and noticing small changes. Weight is staying the same but looking leaner. I have also stopped doing cardio simply because my metabolism is quite fast and I'm looking to build muscle not lose fat.

    I'm excited for everyone here and there 6 week mark. I can't wait to hear how everyone's workouts and food intake has been?? I'm still following 7 meals a day with carb fist size and protein palm size. Still seeing results. :) unfortunately my pics from week 1 and 2 were deleted  so I'm starting with week 3 pics as my first pics now.

    Enjoy your workouts and stay motivated. Remember it's only week 2.5 so don't get discouraged so soon

    "What the mind believes, the body conceives"

  • Blargh! Was doing soooo well..... then.. my parents came to town from Germany.. and my mom rocks as a cook and baker... plus they are used to having coffee and crumpets or cake for a 16:00 meal. But get upset when you try to have in between snacks (they are used to the big 3 meals... except plus the cake thingy in the afternoon... so the 6 meals are tough to get in without arguments.... oh yeah I am only 36 with a child of my own.. but I guess parents wil be parents (I need to remember that 29 years from now)).

    Plus, it was my son's 7th birthday (birthday cake), plus my Wedding (Friday), plus aweful heat (a.k.a. no work out), did yardword 08:00 til 15:30 on 4th of July, NOT hydrating well and not eating... felt awful Thursday, again, not eating well and not working out...

    The last 5 days it feels have destroyed everything I had worked for the last 3 weeks. And I dread having to get back on the wagon while my parents are still here which will be another 2 weeks........

    :-( I feel like I have to start all over again....

  • Hey all. Sorry I've been M.I.A. for a week. I let my back pain sort of get me down. I let my eating slip, too. I got into the mindset of ”I can't exercise that much, therefore I must eat perfect, or I definitely won't see results!” This is so not true, but I was feeling discouraged. So, pity party over.

    For real. Walked 1.25 miles yesterday and ate pretty well. It's gonna be a solid week. C'mon guys....we can do this!

  • Shattenreich ... Hi and welcome. the first few steps back on the wagon can be tough, but you're not alone!

    Fitcity...I have been meaning to do my measurements as well, so that darn scale isn't the be all end all measurement of my progress.

    Off to bed...today was a good day! How has everyone else been doing?

  • I noticed that I was not gaining muscle like I hoped so at week 4 I switched up my workouts to something totally different and POW. So everyone should find out when they start to stall out and change your workouts whenever that time hits. Everyone's will be different. Mine is 3 weeks of the same workout. It's great to change your cardio as well. I heard that the average for people is 6 workouts of the same.

    I have been eating one bad meal a day but small and skipping my free days. Things are running smoothly still :);) I want to enjoy my life not hate it because I can't eat something bad all week. It's a change for life not 12 weeks only.

    Enjoy your cardio today everyone and hit the weights hard. If you slip up, keep going. Remember small steps lead to permanent changes later.

    "What the mind believes, the body conceives"

  • I started on 6/18 finally getting around to blogging. I am so stoked about this program and kicking major butt. So far I have lost 18 inches and 10lbs and I have lost 7.3% body fat. I have tons of energy and loving it. I am also doing myfitnesspal along with this, its a good way to track my calories. I can't believe it will be week 5 on Sunday! its going by so fast and the results are amazing. Happy to see so many of you doing it right along with me :)

    Your today shapes your tomorrow!