6/18/2012 Start Date ~~Victory Is Ours!

  • YAY!! welcome tot he team!!

  • @fit city..... You know it is only week one. I figure everyone gets a few weeks to mess up and get stuff tOgether. Good job realizing you had to many free days. At least you did not carry it over to Monday lol you are strong for realizing and changing that!!! Keep up the hard work.

    "What the mind believes, the body conceives"

  • So I had a great wOrkout this morning! Fun I should say. :-) free day was horrible. I ate tons of junk and regretted it because today my stomache is hurting. I won't over due it next time.

    Make sure everyone is drinking 10 cups of water or MORE. water is easy for me. It's the eating every few hours that gets me. Feel like its not enough sometimes.

    Workout hard everyone. Week 1 is done and this week is a new one to make changes and start over. Remember change happens in small pieces not overnight.

    It's about quality not quantity!!!

    Take your weekly pics to if that's what you chose :)

    "What the mind believes, the body conceives"

  • @Dadof3..thanks so much for the positive feedback:) I know what you mean about your tummy hurting due to junkfood overload!! It's so funny I love salt..but i find on my cheat day all I want is sweet!! how were your waffels?? :P

    I am getting alot of water in...I find that helps with the hunger.. however some days i have to cut a meal out because i am soo full...Dont be too skimpy with your meals..hopefully the hunger will subside..but if your eating too small that could be making you hungry..what does a typical day look like?? I discovered yams today!! I love them..just baked it in the oven and then devour it every 2hours ahahah..I went for a 30min rollar blade today..felt great to back on track!! hope everyone is still going strong!! Just wondering who is using bread as one of their carb options?? i bought those WW thin buns and use them..also using veggie burgers..wondering if that is actually a good idea..please let me know what you think i interested in feed back!!

  • Hey amybfl thanks for sharing that link..i would love to find a place to get my body fat measured...let us know the difference at the end..will be exciting to see the positve results of all your hard work!! you sound like a cardio queen that is awesome! I am trying to find balance in this working out as i have gone crazy before and then stop..dont want that this time!! I have to agree with what you were saying re: the scale..i know on other weight/health programs they only weigh in once every two weeks..maybe we should all do that here and we can post and support each other just in case it isn't what we expect!! Keep up the good work!...Oh ps i dont even work out on my free days...i just eat ahahah :)

  • lol @ fitcity....all I do is eat on my free day, too! Good job on getting your measurements done! What a better indicator than the scale! I wouldn't mind posting my weight progress weekly or every other. I am weighing in once per week. I think veg burgers are a good addition to your diet. Just make sure you are getting decent amount of protein everytime you eat. There is something about the way your body metabolizes protein...it's like the weight just comes off magically when you are getting protein at EVERY meal. I am allowing bread in my plan...a whole wheat option tho. Lastly...I can SO relate with your saying you "go crazy then stop" with exercise/fitness...I have done that as well. The only time I didn't was when I worked in a gym and got paid to work out lol Let's make a life change together this time. For real. No stopping!! If we keep our plans sensible and doable, then I believe we will stick with it and see amazing results!

    Kate! Welcome! "tired and hurty"...how perfect...I can so relate...not working out DOES make my body feel that way! I'm excited about our changing our lifestyle so we fee vibrant and healthy!!!!!

    Mish!! WELCOME to our group!! My sister is my workout buddy :)  So awesome to have a partner in crime that is also a best friend!! Good luck in the challenge. I'm happy to have you in our group!

    Dadof3 waffles and donuts on cheat day? Sounds like my kind of day! You can hang with me on my cheat day anytime !! lol

    Amy...thanks I'm feeling alright! I walked a mile yesterday, so I will have to focus on gentle forms of exercise like that...and this FORCES me to EAT CLEAN!!!! My cheat day look forward to meal was definitely ice cream related! :) I even bought it the day before. I was READY! haha Soooo cool that you biked to work. An inspiration! :)

    Have a great Tuesday everyone! I'm at an all day conference today, but I packed my snacks and meals, so I am planned up and looking forward to another GREAT DAY!

  • @ dadof 3 was also wondering if your eating brown rice and oatmeal?? these options keep you fuller longer..

  • I LOVE our little club I look forward to waking up and jumping online to see how you are all doing:)

    @ justicerox lets pick a weigh in day!!! I like the idea of having someone to share with...I  am easy with any time and day so make a suggestion and i am in..I was glad to hear others  are eating bread too. I trying to opt for other carbs aswell. I was concerned about the protein content in my veggie patty as i know many are high in carbs as they(carbs) are used as a binding ingredient.  Going to go for my LDW soon and looking somewhat forward to it...I have lunges as one of my exercises..has anyone ever tried to complete multiple sets of lunges in a high resistance work out..LET me tell you!! HELL!! ahahaha i feel so out of shape and just want to take them out of my routine...however i have decided that i wont take them out..just so i can learn to push myself! Well will check in later...Welcome to all the new members you have come to the right place for support and encouragement..this is the victory club!!  will  check in later!

  • I just decided to start Body for Life today also! I do workout, but I tend to get complacent. I tend to feel like it's OK to fall off the wagon with my eating and workouts because I only want to tone and don't have much weight to take off. I wanted to join this for the motivation, I need that extra push so I don't get lazy. I have wonderful co-workers, but they keep insisting I don't need any exercise because I am not heavy, but I don't have the energy level I should have. I know it's not true that I don't need exercise. I know I should have more energy on a daily basis! I want to get in tip top shape once and for all!

  • OKay!! SO here it is i Went to the gym..almost didnt make it but then it hit me....Its not about if i am going to go today..its about WHEN i will go today..So i did it..was rushed for time so i got my whole work out in Except the lunges..lol darnit!! Feeling great though!! :)

  • Feeling a little discouraged today. I want to eat more... but  I'm trying to stay strong. Still need to work out. Always feel ggod after the workout so I gotta do it. :0

  • @fitcity.....

    Meal 1 -protein shake with banana

    Meal 2 can tuna with 2 slices bread

    Meal 3 4eggs with apple

    Meal 4 1 cup cottage cheese with cucumbers

    Meal 5 turkey burger or protein shake

    Meal 6 canned chicken with fruit

    Meal 7 protein shake or cottage cheese

    This is what I eat almost everyday I just switch the order up. I do eat oatmeal instead of fruit in the morning but not brown rice. Since adding the shakes I've been able to stay full longer.

    @karen for life.... You have no choice so you better go to the gym!!! There is nothing wrong with eating more just do veggies. U can never have to many veggies plus their filling if you eat enough :);)

    "What the mind believes, the body conceives"

  • Also, I HATE LUNGES!! That's what I did today after deadlifts. Omg that was harder then the 4 sets of deadlifts lol great job everyone! Stay focused. Keep checking in and asking questions.

    We're all here to help each other :):)

    "What the mind believes, the body conceives"

  • @ Dadof3.. Wow you eat super!! I was thinking about you this morning while i stood in the kitchen and ate 2pc of WW toast with peanut butter. I was thinking...I wonder if this is really a BFL meal(lol) I mean it is 1carb +, and i considered the peanut butter protein. And then  I had a "uh-ha" moment. I realized that even if this isn't the "perfect" BDL meal that I have been following the plan pretty good, with at least 5-6meals a day and 16cups of water and getting in 6workouts a week. It dawned on me that while some of us may be doing this challenge to a T..and will have awesum results..that I am changing my way for life and If I dont lose it as fast as I want too..that I know I will lose it as long as I continue to live this beautiful life style. I feel healthy. I have added 100 crunches and 30 pushups every day to my routine, I played catch with my partner today while waiting for her baseball game to start. I learned how to score keep too! I feel like I am more motivated to llive life. I have energy. And thats only 10 days in..My mind is changing..I am changing..Imagine where i will be in another week, month, year....Life is good because i stopped losing the battle with food and  that has stopped the frustration and sadness spilling into other aspects of my life. I can do anything I WANT to do Choose to do..And that feels great! Just wanted to share this..

  • Hey all! I've been meaning to post this week, but it's been kind of a rough one (not related to BFL though). The eating seems easier this week, I definitely think it helps to prep 5 of the 6 meals the night before so I can just bring it all to work with me. I've been keeping up with all your posts since I have subscribed to the thread by email. It's funny, the morning I had read about Justicerox planning meals for her conference I ended up forgetting all my food! I only realized when I was about a mile away riding my bike in. Oops! Good thing I had two spare protein bars at my desk and am in walking distance to a grocery store near work.

    Workouts have been pretty good this week. On Monday I did my lower body weight training at the gym. I really liked doing it that way since I can get the weights heavier than at home. I pushed it! Yesterday when I did the upper body weight workout I didn't lift too heavy since my right hand and elbow are a bit scraped up from falling off my bike a few days ago (I'm fine!).

    Last night I was experimenting with cottage cheese (can't eat it plain, something about the texture is just gross to me) and found that sticking it in the blender with a bit of vanilla and agave/stevia makes it smooth and tastes like cheesecake! I've also been making pancakes with 1/2c lf cottage cheese, 1/2c egg whites, 1/2c oats, cinnamon and stevia. Just blend and pour in the pan as pancake batter. I feel like I posted this before, but maybe not!

    @fitcity, you make some good points about long term change! Peanut butter is my weakness! I've been using it as my fat pretty much every day. I can live without oils, but not nut butters! Have you heard of PB2? It's peanut powder that has been de-fatted. You just mix it with a bit of water and get a creamy peanut butter. It's only 40 calories for 2T and pretty low in fat, maybe 5g or so?