6/18/2012 Start Date ~~Victory Is Ours!

  • Hi Team!!

    I too started BFL on the 18th!! I am so in for the support and encouragment piece..also the accountability... I have been eating well for 2 days now (only 5 meals a day instead of 6) and completed two days of workouts!! yay!!  just wondering what everyone is eating..I like variety.. Been trying things like tofu hot dogs and tofurky with WW thin hamburger buns..Not a vegetarian but just looking for healthy ways to get the body fuel i need. I would be really interested to hear what everyone is eating..Also had some questions about the cardio/aerobics..what kind of exercise is considered aerobics....I ride the eliptical at a good pace but not sure if this is good enough.. Look forward to talking to many of you and sharing in this life changing experience :) Ttys

  • Hey Jill thanks for starting this  thread!! I was really happy to find it!!

  • Hey Dad of 3.. Dont worry about calories..worry about portions and clean eating and you will be fine!! No worries about the pizza..Right now is a new moment to take back control..I try making super healthy dinners for me and my partner..That way makes it easier..good luck!!

  • YAY!! so proud of you for taking this challenge!! Its not easy.. I am so with you on needing to fit back in those clothes.. and just too feel good. I did BFL for a couple weeks back in Jan but never stuck to it..so this time I plan not only to make it a 12week challenge but a life challenge.. I am hoping that this 6 mini meal gym routine will follow me into my SEXY healthy furture!! Look forward to getting in to shape with ya!! :) Have a great Day!!!

    We have to be the change we want to see in the world...more importantly we need to be the change we want to see in ourselves!!

  • Hi Everyone! Ok 3rd workout done. Lower body seemed more challenging, I was already sore from yesterdays run (which was horrible btw lol). On a positive note, it is only day 3 and I've broken through my plateau on the scale. I know scale weight isn't the goal here, but I'm thrilled none the less. I feel a little overwhelmed at the the thought of 82 days, so I'm just going to focus on this small victory. Also, how often is everyone planning on taking pics?


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  • @ justicerox.... I determine my calorie intake by portion sizes. Palm of protein and fist of carbs. I have a few whey shakes throughout the day as well. The first few days I was so hungry all day so I added shakes in between my meals which seemed to help along with a portion of carbs.

    I'll wait until the full week is up before making changes.

    Pa good job on the breakfast, that sounds good

    So just finished my 3rd weight training workout. My weights went up But my time exceeded 47 minutes to 55 minutes. My energy felt weak this morning. Does anyone else eat before weight training?? I drink a quarter cup of coffee before each cardio workout and training as well with lots of water.

    Hope everyone's workouts are killer and remember its the small changes that make a difference in the long run.

    "What the mind believes, the body conceives"

  • I'm going to be doing pics every Saturday. I think a collage of 12 weeks worth of photos will be fun to look back on in the future

    "What the mind believes, the body conceives"

  • @fit city ... I have been doing jump roping for 15 minutes or even yesterday I would step up and down on my ice chest at home lol did that for 10 -15 minutes. Heart sure was pounding. Any movement I would say works. If your not pushing on the eliptical then just ride consistent for 20 minutes. Good luck!!!

    "What the mind believes, the body conceives"

  • @fitcity - I used an elliptical for my workout as well, but I'll switch it up with running, etc. The workouts for BFL focus on intervals, so I would definitely up the resistance or speed on the machine to make it more challenging throughout. Here's an example of what I did: 0-2 min @6, then upped the resistance by 2 every minute through 14, then dropped it back to 8 and increased it again and repeated until I ended up at 20 minutes. Does that make sense? The breakdown of minutes was like this: 6,6,8,10,12,14,8,10,12,14,8,10,12,14,8,10,12,14,8,14 (then an additional 2 minutes at 6 to cool down).

    I'm vegetarian, so my protein is coming from eggwhites, soy protein powder, whey protein powder, LF cottage cheese, LF cheese, soy milk, FF greek yogurt, tofu, edamame, protein bars and veggie burgers. I haven't been using the palm way of measuring - I have been calculating portions by taking my weight and dividing it by 6 meals to get the grams of protein and carbs for each meal.

  • Hi, if you have a smartphone or iPad you can download the myfitnesspal app.  It's really helped me see what I'm eating. I'm actually having trouble eating enough (after logging workouts it shows you how many bonus calories you have).  Hope this helps!  

  • Welcome sunnaflower and fitcity!!!

    @fitcity...i LOVE what you said..."We have to be the change we want to see in the world...more importantly we need to be the change we want to see in ourselves!!" Deep stuff right there! Made me stop and think! Welcome! So glad to have you!

    @amy That interval workout on the elliptical is a perfect example of cardio!

    Cardio is short for cardiovascular exercise. It is basically keeping your heart rate elevated for a period of time as you do rhythmic movement that involves major muscle groups. Examples are step aerobics, walking/jogging, floor aerobics, jumping rope. I don't remember who asked but this is what "cardio" means. :)

    I don't see where to upload a profile pic, so I am going to insert one: That's me in the red. 156 lbs and READY to get my body back!!

    What I ate today...to give you all an idea of my intake...

    • Meal 1: 1/2 c milk, 1/2 c mini wheats
    • Meal 2: 1/4 c low fat cottage cheese, 1 c fruit
    • Meal 3: egg scramble with 1 egg, 1 egg white, 1 sl cheddar, spinach/onion/tomato/mushroom
    • Meal 4: protein shake (1/2 c milk and 1 scoop protein)
    • Meal 5: 1/4 c rice, 3 oz chicken, side salad
    • Meal 6: planned...weight watcher pomegranate/berry yogurt bar, 1/4 c low fat cottage cheese

  • @ dadof3.... I also use these guidelines like you mentioned: Palm of protein and fist of carbs. My carb is sometimes like 1/2 a fist though! I also incorporate whey shakes, esp after strength training. Drinking some protein within 45 minutes of strength training helps to heal and build your muscles.

    I've already  lost 3 lbs which is pretty sweet. I know it's not 3 lbs of fat loss, but it has me feelin' suh-weet!!!!!!

  • Awesome!! I cannot even tell you how great it feels to check in here with you all and have responses and open dialogue about getting healthy!! @ amybfl thanks so much for the break down i will add intervals into my next aerobic exercise..i know getting heart rate up is key!! Today I went roller blading for an hour. I live in BC Canada and it was warm here today. I got my heart rate up for sure and a great sweat on(lol) my legs are sore tonight from my LBW the day before + roller blading. But hey this is the road to healthiness. @ Dadof 3 you are sure creative in finding ways to exercise, actually inspiring. We should all try to find ways like this and share them so there is never an excuse, and I am going to pick up a skip rope for when I am out of town thanks for the idea. @ justicerox..I have been on diets for years I am only 25 and been dieting since I was 15 started at 150pnds and now weigh 211...I can’t believe it...I am at a point where I am sad by how I have treated my body like a junk car when it is really a temple. So trying to use Bill's idea of connecting with the mind too. I meditate and find I have more energy. Hope everyone had a healthy day!! And thanks so much again. It felt great getting responses and connecting with all of you. One day being part of this group and I can tell this is what I need to make it this time!!

  • @ amy- just wanted to add i eat meat but actually bought tofu dogs, tofurkey and garden burgers and am using them for protein!! They are actually really yummy and best part i feel heathier :)

  • @fitcity - that's awesome! :)

    Hey all, just wanted to share a few workout ideas that either don't require equipment, or equipment is fairly minimal:

    http://bodyrock.tv (they have some really good workouts on here! tough, but good stuff!)


    I'm going to do one of these ones today for my cardio (not sure which yet!):