Challenge start date: 06/11/12 Let's do it! Support group

  • i love the taco pasta, it is so awesome. last time i did the challenge i stuck with the same recipes, this time i am branching out, trying some new things. so far i tried the green chilli soup and it was great, that recipe is from the book. i plan on trying more this week. i am looking forward to hearing from each of you about the things you find and like.

    i have a ? i have lots of recipe books, biggest losers books and weight watchers books, is it ok to use those recipes also? if so what do i need to look for as far as amount of protein and carbs per serving?

  • Sup every one

    Day 8 went good. Lower body workout went really well then went home and cooked...ALOT! Have the Denver omelet from the EFL book and it was awesome!!! I then put together and cooked the Turkey Meatloaf! I was so proud of myself. it was the first meatloaf i have ever made. Thing is i have no idea how it tastes i made it for my suppers for the week. I will let ya'll know tomorrow. Also had the tropical tunafish sandwich and it was YUMMY! So far so good with the EFL cookbook. Its worth the cost!

    Will be doing cardio today. i actually cant wait. I may go to the movies and i promise you wont cheat. Stay focused all!!!!

    have a BLF day!!!


  • WooHoo!!

    I feel so good today!  Yesterday was horrible on getting on the scale and seeing what damage the weekend did to me, but I jumped in, exercised like crazy, and I ate right (low carbed it for the day) on the scale this morning and I am back to the weight I was on Friday morning!!  Week one did not go to waste!!  Now to give week two all I have and some!!  Still need to get in the cardio.  


  • Ken- Good for you on keeping on track and doing good!!

    Tonya- I don't know about the other books, but I would think they would be fine...just as long as you try to stay away from processed foods.


  • pandora77,

    Just jumping in from one of the other weeks ... but you're going to destroy yourself mentally if you keep looking at a scale on a daily basis, especially if you jump to the conclusion that an entire week's success hinges on what you ate in one day, and what the scale said on the following day. The human body simply doesn't work like that. If you're following the program, the changes are not going to be visible from one day to the next -- the body changes slowly. It will be dramatic when viewed from the perspective of 12 weeks, but not from day to day. Not only that, but scale weight is a very bad measurement of progress, since you're putting on muscle weight at the same time you're losing fat weight.

    I'm just saying that if you set up big alternatives like "a week wasted because of my free day" based on nothing but scale weight, you are really setting yourself up to self destruct on some week when everything is actually going fine but you happen to be carrying more water weight when you weigh yourself.

    Measure inches not pounds, and don't measure daily. Just my two cents, sorry for jumping into your week. Sounds like you're doing great, keep up the good work!

  • Hi Mythmere!

    Thanks for the input!  I appreciate it and yes, you're right on that.  That is a weakness of mine....the dreaded scale!  I had vowed not to look at that thing till I was into week 4 and every four weeks after that...guess I broke my own rule.  Thanks for the pep talk...I needed to get back with it and focus.  I was ready to throw in the towel yesterday, too.  I will be going by measurements as well...thanks for jumping in!


  • The mental component is the major part of any long-distance, long-duration sport. And that's what this is: a sport. As of day one, you became an athlete in an endurance sport. I'm not some random person offering a platitude; I run ultramarathons. The process of losing weight or becoming healthier over a period of time is a mental discipline very similar to what goes on in a long-distance race.

    Consider yourself an endurance athlete. And if you just mentally answered something like "I'm no athlete" or "I'm not a good athlete, then" or something negative ... then you know what the absolute first thing to work on is. No matter how unrealistic you might think it is, repeat to yourself something like "I kick butt!" It's valid -- think of all the couch potatoes that will never ever even attempt what you're doing. It's not a tragedy if you don't reach your goal with absolute perfection, but it is a tragedy if you never even try. You're going for it -- that makes you an athlete. Keep that in mind, and no matter what happens, just don't stop. If you mess up one day, then you messed up -- no one is perfect, don't let that make you think you have any reason whatsoever to stop. 12 weeks is the goal, that's just 84 days. You have the willpower to do anything for only 84 days, don't you? Yes, you do. By starting, you already basically proved that. The rest of it is the game of finishing with style, and you'll be looking good when you cross the finish line.

  • Mythmere- Thanks....makes a lot of sense and yes, I am an athlete...I CAN do're post really opened my eyes and I know others as well!  It was truely needed!  So inspirational!!  I really give you credit for being a runner for ultramarathons! Wow, must have taken a lot of discipline to get where you have gotten.  Jump in anytime you want you're always welcomed.  I love the feedback...that's what these boards are all about.


  • ken

    i have made the turkey meatloaf and i loved it! i really did, my family also really liked it. good for you on prepareing your meals for the week.

    "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

    anyway i found out last time that if i have everything planned and bought, i could cook it on sunday and portion it all out in containers and have all veg/fruit cut up, i would stay on track, its when i am rushed and havnt prepared that everything goes to pot for me.

    hope all of you are well!

  • Meagain2,

    thanks alot! it is sooooo much easier to do it that way.

    Mythmere- i would also like to thank you for the input....that made so much sense!!!! its funny, i did martial arts for years and always just considered myself a martial artist not an athlete!!! I was wrong and i am changing the way i think from now on about that!


    now that i have your atention.....

    I wanted to tell everyone about my cardio today. I use a treadmill. I do my warm up at 3.0 for two minutes, then go to 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and then my "10" is 5.5.....usually!!!! Well let me tell you a little something about the power of positive thinking and believing in your self....i was on my last curcuit at the 4.5 level and i was breathing hard....I WANTED TO DIE!!!!, but i started talking to my self saying that my tank was not even half empty, that i had the enery to do my "10:" for 2 minutes instead of one, that i was going to use all my stragth all my power at my 10. Well that 18 minute mark hit, i pushed it up to 5.5....not enough......6.0.....not enough........6.5.....not enough........and did the last 30 seconds of my 10 at 7.0!!!! Holy crap that was AWESOME!

    The power of positive thinking can change you outlook on everything you do. Believing in your self ( tho is may sound korney) is so powerful. If you are at a point in your workout, cardio or weights where you think you tank is full....fill it up with your inner spirit....tell your self that you have what it takes to do more and i promise you.....YOU WILL!!!!

    have a BFL day!!!


  • Hi everyone!

    I just bought the EFL cookbook too! The recipes are really awesome. I'm loving the chicken quesadillas (sp?).

    This is my day 7 (I'm a little behind everyone). I split my cheat day into three days over Father's Day weekend, so I could enjoy the time with my husband and kids. Cheat meal Friday night, Saturday morning (pancakes), and Sunday night (Macaroni Enfarno (sp?)).

    Even with the cheat meals spaced out, I managed to lose 3 lbs over the week, so yayayay!

    I think I started a little fast out of the gate and injured my arm after upper body workout, couldn't straighten it for 5 days lol. Luckily it's almost perfect again so I can hit the weights again tomorrow.

    Today is lower body and I'm throwing in 20 min cardio intervals almost every morning regardless of whether it's a weight day or not.

    My biggest issue right now is eating 6 times a day! Is anyone else having to struggle to remember to eat this many times each day? I managed to eat 5 times yesterday.

    I'm going to try prepping my main meals tonight and see where that gets me. My issue is that I'm a night owl and sleep kind of late (10:30 a.m.) is average wake time. I often don't eat until 2 p.m.!!

    Anyways, enough about me.

    210 Day 1

    207 Day 7

    Woot! Woot!

    Keep fighting everyone!

  • Hi All,  I am really really sore today.  I have been sticking to my meal plan and workout plan just having trouble getting to bed at a deceit time.  I take my free day on Saturday it just works well with the families schedule so I have upper body tomorrow and Im still sore from the last time.  I hope everyone is doing well.  Keep it up we can do this.

  • Hey Ladies!! My start date was June 18th but i would love to join this thread!! This is my second attempt at BFL i tried it once before for a short time and was losing 2 pnds a week but not exercising..Which is major!! this is a lfe style right!!

    So On monday i jumped on the scale and wow!! was  really upsetting..I have been on a diet for 15years and am heavier then when i started all this maddness...I dont want a diet i want an education on healthy living..So i am here.. I will post weight and measurments soon but was just going through the forums and found this one motivating...I need support through out this.. Hope everyone is doing well on there challenge!!

  • i had a good day yesterday and even though i was so tempted while at the grocey store to buy crap, (i hadnt had dinner yet, i was so hungry) i didnt do it. i stayed strong. and so i give yesterday a "good"

    so far today its 2:30 pm my time, i have done awesome, now if i can get through this evening (its the hardest time of the day for me).

    anyway hope you all are doing well

  • Hi People!

    I hope your week 2 was as great as your week 1. The traffic in this thread has slowed down alot - I hope that just means y'all been super busy sticking to BFL and have no time to surf the web!!!

    I've done well but I find I hate the morning after the free day - I really feel terrible after a day not working out and eating right! Given my history of no exercize and bad eating, this is totally insane! I feel better already that I got my gym in (I take Sat. as my free day). Feeling strong again :)

    Hope next week is great for all you guys!