Challenge start date: 06/11/12 Let's do it! Support group

  • Good morning:) Day 3..... look how fast this is already going. I think my face is already thinner! I love having something positive to focus on everyday. I'm not sure where to meet to talk to you everyday, so let me know..I will try to get my pictures up and my profile done this weekend.

  • I hear ya! I wanted crackers and cheese so badly last night that I DREAMED ABOUT IT. That's so ridiculous! LOL. Anyway, I will enjoy those on the cheat day! Congrats on not giving in!

    Actually, out of curiosity I got on the scale today. 2 lbs gone! Probably water weight, but I'll take it. Otherwise I'll do a weekly weigh in.

  • I have three poster boards on my wall right now with pictures that I want to look like. One for my weekly pictures, one with calenders for each month. not to mention my goals on the wall to read every morning and night and my dream list. So I went a little crazy, I need it:)

  • Hi everyone,

    So far so good with Day 3.  I still need to get in my lower body workout, but it will have to be in the evening time.  Got in my first meal, and in a bit I will be having my second meal.  I am feeling good!  I so wanted to get on the scale this morning, but decided to wait till Sunday morning.  I am thinking of just having Sundays as my weigh in days.  Before I splurge on my freeday, which is Sundays, i will get on the scale and see the progress for the week.  I will do the body measurements every 4 weeks, though.  I hope everyone has a great day 3....hang in there.  We are going through the withdrawals, the pain, the workouts along with ya!!


  • Tonya,

    Thanks for letting me know about the spaghetti.  I have the cookbook, but I haven't really checked out everything that is in there.  I probably will make it for me.  My hubby is stubborn and doesn't want to make healthy food changes at all.  He isn't supportive on my eating healthy too.  I don't know what's with him, but I am my own person and I will make those changes.  I am so happy that my little ones like the healthy food, though.  I want them to get in the habit of eating good, so they are healthy all through their lives.

    That is good that you made a lot of soup!  Send me!!  Keep up the awesome work!


  • Hi ultimatebody12w!

    Just post on here...this is the place to meet!  That is a great idea on the pics and all!  I think I am gonna have to do that myself!  I am glad that you are feeling so positive and it does help to have something positive to focus on.  


  • DivineMzM,

    Good job on the weight loss...even if it is water weight!  You are doing awesome and good for you for not caving in on those cheese and crackers!  


  • Pandora,

    Proud of you for not caving in!!! way to stay focused! As for the weighing thing, i am going with once a month  also. I have read a thousand things on hear that you should just stay away from the scale. I can get depressing not seeing it drop. Go with how you feel and how your cloths are fitting. This is a 12 week challenge for a reason. it doesnt happen over night. i struggle with the same thing so im just going to go with 4 week.

    Good luck


  • Hey Everyone,

    Day three has been good so far. at the gym by 815 for my lower body workout.As i said yesterday, i pulled up the big boy underoos and hit the weights pretty good. The stairs i had to climb after were not my friend but it got better. lol...My diet is going very well and sent the evening going through the Eating For Life cook book finding all the meals that looked good to me and fit my taste. I cant wait to try some of them.

    One thing i did see in that book that made me happy is that you dont have to have your free day on the same day every week. Bill states in therer that if you have something planed like going to a ball game or thanksgiving, its ok to switch it up, but should try to be consistant with it. That made me smile cause i was torn cause i had planned my free day this week to be sunday but i am going to a MMA fight (to watch) on saturday with my roomate and was stressed cause i know that it would have been tough not to have at least on adult beveage there. Soooooo....Sat is my free day this week and sunday will be my 3rd cardio day. Problem solved. I promise you all i will make my next free day on sunday!!!

    Keep up the great work every one and remember this is not a sprint to the finish line....its a journey!!!!

    Have a BFL day


  • Hi everyone!

    My day 3 went excellent!  I can't say that it wasn't hard because it was, but I managed through the bad cravings.  In fact I did an extra cardio session today on my bike because I was so tempted to cave in and eat pizza!  I had a very stressful day today so much has been going on within my family (extended like with my brother and his family) that I have been on edge with emotion.  Anyways, on the brighter side I did it and it feels good!!  This week is almost over with...can you imagine?  Before you know it we will be at our finish line.

    Ken- Thanks!  That is cool with the free day...I am happy that we can switch it up for convenience.  At the end of this month I am going to my hubby's company picnic at Knott's Berry Farm and I plan on making that day my free day!!  They serve up some good food!  Great job with keeping to program!!


  • darlene,

    my husband isnt all that supportive either, he used to be a personnal trainer, thats how i meet him, anyway now my daughter calls him a personnal gainer. lol, i think he likes me fat, and part of him wants to keep me fat so that i am not appealing to other men. crazy i no. but i do think that he thinks maybe if i lose weight i wont want him anymore? i dont really know what his deal is.

    i try to keep fresh fruit and veg in the house for the kids, they love mangos. they are sweet and it feels like a treat to them. yesterday i made my daughter mango sorbet. it took frozen mango chunks, added a 1/4 tsp of vanilla, and 1/4 cup no sugar added apple juice, blended it up and she thought it was ice cream. i tasted it and it was yummy.

    anyway as far as my kids go they like that type of food so its easy with them. husband is a different story. it kills me, he eats bad, smokes and doesnt workout anymore at all.

    anyway enough about him. i didnt have a very good day yesterday, so i am glad i can start fresh today and reprogram my brain. still having a hard time with water. but i will work on it.

    my husband has a july 4th party at his bosses house and it would be awesome if i could be a few pounds lighter by then.

    thats 24 days from now, i think that should be enough time to make a difference.

    hope you all have a great day!

  • Tonya,

    I am just starting the BFL challenge for the 2nd time. Last time I tried 3-4 years ago, after the first two weeks I had an injury that  prevented me in continuing the challenge. I am back after gaining more weight! I have four kids as well and I work full time. My life is on the go with a work schedule that is always fluctuant as to the time I get off,, kids sports, and school. I daily rush out the door without anything to eat or drink except for my coffee with cream and my hair pulled up in a pony tail! I always feel like I barly have the energy to keep up. My goal is to gain energy, lose 25lbs but gain 5 pounds in muscle. I also would like my kids to see me succeed, and as long as you stick with it you can do it! Let's do this!

  • Hey Everyone,

    Day four has started awesome!!! Did my cardio today. I pushed it really hard to the point where i almost past out!!!lol...guess i found my "10" for cardio. I did however stop my 10 fifteen seconds short but i think thats better than slamming my face on the!!! Any way....weird day ahead of me tho...working from 11 to 3 then home to go to bed and back to work from 1130 pm to 7 am...this is where it is going to be rough. not with the meals or workouts but with enough rest. I have a really hard time sleeping during the day, especially when i have slept the whole night.

    Oh yeah...and i CHEATED today...............not what ya think... i got on the scale. i wasnt going to but i just wanted to see if what i was doing was doing anything. I would have been happy with a pound or even staying the same......I HAVE LOST 5 POUNDS!!!!  HOLY CRAP!!! very excited!!! this works. all the pain and the work all the worth it!!!! Keep on keeping on everyone. dont get frustrated or discouraged cause your husband doest support you....thats why we are all here. To help you believe in your self and pick you up when you need it. Thats all for now.

    Have a BFL day!!!


  • Day 3 for me (started on Tuesday), but going fwd, I'll just mark it down as if I started on Monday. I did the lower body workout at lunch so after a cardio session tonight, I'll be caught up!!! The hardest part for me is fighting off the cravings. My temptations are chocolate and Anyway, I weighed myself on Tuesday...259...awful for my height (73") goal is to get down to 230 by the end of this program.


  • Hi onmyway2health!

    Glad to have you on here with us!  You have a great realistic goal set for you!  Keep going at it and think being that good role model you want to be for your will succeed.