Challenge start date: 06/11/12 Let's do it! Support group

  • Hi everyone,

    I forgot to mention my name (Des) and that I'm 34 years old. I work from home, so I hope that will make working out easier. I'm most often running around in yoga pants and sweat shirts, so I can't wait to put on a pair of jeans or shorts!

    Tip: I remember with my last challenge, I found it very helpful to cut out pictures of bodies that I really liked (lean and toned) and I pasted them on poster board and would look at that to inspire me when I worked out. (That's not weird right? lol)

    I hope we can share recipes we really like on here too!


  • Hello everyone,

    First i would like to say thanks to Pandora and justdoit-mom for your encouragement! You Rock!! The rest of my first day went without a hitch. Had chicken rice and brocoli for meal 5 and a Myoplex with fat free sugar free pudding mixed in and it was yummy!!!! I went to bed tired but felt good.

    Day two started about 4 hours later than i wanted it to but i will say it was a good thing cause i got the rest my body needed to recover!!! 20 min workout went great! The last time i did BFL i did stationary bike.... this time i am going to run. What  a difference!!! My legs felt great after ( in great i mean wobbly) lol! I do belive that i can ramp it up just a bit next time cause i think i could have done more.

    Also i have noticed that i am not very sore from my upper body workout yesterday, tho it may take another day for the DOMS to set in (Delayed Onset Muscle Sorness), except for my left tricept. i can hardly reach back to grab my seatbelt in my car!! LOL...i have to do the full spin and grab with my other arm. I laugh every time i have to do that. Possitive thoughs with that body is doing what i want it to!!!

    Day three tomorrow...Lower body....and not looking forward to it. Never been a fan of lifting my legs but dont worry, i will pull up my big boy underroos and hit it hard!!!! Congrates to all of you who have made it to day two with sucess!!! Keep on Keepin on!!! You WILL finish this challenge!!! You WILL make all your goals!!!

    and remember....if your think you can or you cant....your right!!!!

    Have a BFL day!!!


  • Hey Pandora,

    I did make with out temptation!!!! Thanks

  • Hi All,

    I started today so if it's ok, I'll post a daily recap in this thread.



  • Sure, Jimmy!  Hope to hear from you soon!

    I've got a bad headache.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.  My biggest challenge in BFL will be the nutrition component.  I've got a bad sugar habit that needs to die.  Anyone know what I'm talking about?  I'm a stress eater.  When I'm bored, anxious, mad, upset, confused, whatever. . . I run to sugar.  Instead of running to the track!  I've not really opened up about this before.  I really want to make a lifechange.  One decision at a time.  We can do this.  

  • hey, i ate well today. i made the green chili chicken soup out of the eating for life book, and it was really good. last time i picked like 4 different meals and i ate them over and over, this time i am going to try different things in the book, my hope is that it will keep me on the program.

    my big problem is my water intake, can you all give me some ideas on how to get my water in? i know its important, i just have such a hard time drinking it. so here is my confession------ i havnt had any water at all today, the ony thing i have drank today is coffee this morning and a shake for my first mm.

    hope all of you had a good day, if not there is always tomorrow, keep on keeping on.


  • des,

    i do the same thing with the pictures, i but bodies and words that encourage me, i also put a picture of me on there, when i was sitting down!!!, and it was also a side view. yuck!

    and i am not sure if you all think the same thing but when i sit down oh my! i look so big. so anyway that picture and the other things on the poster board help me.

  • Hi Everyone!

    I hope you guys had a great day 2!!!  Now it's on to Day 3!  I almost caved in today!  I was about to lose it for dinner today.  I made my hubby and kids spaghetti with garlic bread and it smelled soooo good that I had a plate set for me and was about to serve myself a small portion.  I kept thinking that I deserved it because of the good sweat I gave this morning from my cardio session, but I pushed it away!!  I knew that if I had a little that little would soon turn into seconds!  I said to myself why ruin a good fat sweating session and cover it up with spaghetti....I would be back at square one again!!  The cycle stops here!!!  I am so determined to do it this time!!!

    Well, I was on top of my meals and had all my water intake for the I am so ready to hit the hay!  Just need to put the kiddos to bed and then relax!  Tomorrow is Lower body for me and I love working my lower part!  

    Hey, just want to ask you all a question.  How are you guys planning on weighing yourself?  I know some are daily, weekly, monthly...etc.  I kinda get disappointed with the scale if I do not see a change right away, so I think I will be weighing myself in 4 weeks, then the 8 week mark and then the 12 week mark.  Just wondering.....

    Have a good night everyone!!


  • Hi Des!

    Welcome to the group!  Good for you on registering in the challenge!  I did too, so I am hoping to get some good your my competition, huh?  Hmmmmmm,,,,,lol....we need a challenge, so would that make us frenemies?  You can see it all the way through this time.  Just take it day by day, plan, and pretty soon you will be right at the finish line!


  • Hey Ken!

    Glad to hear that your day 1 went as planned!  Good job and good job with the running today!  We are opposite.  I did the running last BFL challenge I took back in 2003 (saw awesome results), so this challenge I am doing the stationary bike.  I plan on going outside to run once I get my cardio going and can hang.  I just wish I had access to a treadmill...I love those!  Well, go on with your bad self and hit it hard on your lower body tomorrow!!  


  • Jimmy!

    Hi, and glad to have you on here!


  • Justdoit-MOM,

    I can relate to the sugar!  I love it and I love eating through whatever too.  That is why I quit my exercise regimen and regain all my weight back.  Now I WILL stay on track and just go through withdrawals and not cave. i will look forward to my freeday and know that I deserved it!  We can do this!!


  • Tonya,

    The green chili chicken soup sounds good!  Good job on the eating right part, but you do have to get that water in.  I just have mine plain with ice, but I am use to it now.  I know some people put slices of lemon or lime in their water for taste.  Maybe that will help?  Keep up the awesome are doing it, girl!


  • pandora

    congrats on pushing away the plate, but there is a recipe for spag and turkey meatballs in the eating for life cookbook. do you have the book? because maybe next time you could have that while the family is having the other, or you could serve it to the wholee family, my family loves meatballs.

    thanks for your kind words, today (wed) i will get my water going, i can tell my body needs it. you are much like me in that i like working my lower body. i just find it hard to get my cardio in on a tredmill, i used to run (last challenge) at least 3 miles per day, outside, i love running outside. but there is no way i could run 1/4 of a mile now. also i cant leave my kids. my husband works full time and goes to school at night so i dont often leave the house through the week.

    and the green chili soup, i divided out into 8 take and toss containers, i ate 1 kept 2 in fridge, for lunch today and dinner tonight, the rest i froze so that in a pinch i would have a meal on hand. i really like to do that with the dinners that make large servings.

    justdo it mom,

    i have a big prob with sugar also, i would rather eat that type of stuff than real food, and i am a bored eater and an emotional eater, or an emotional not eater (wont eat for days), so with me i struggle from overeating to not eating at all, neither is good.

    so hear goes today, i will try hard today with eating and water intake.

    everyone take care!

  • pandora

    to answer your weigh in question, i will be weighing every week. i like to do that because if i dont see and progress, then i can look back at the food i ate or my workout and see if i need to make any changes.