Challenge start date: 06/11/12 Let's do it! Support group

  • Welcome FitFor3!!!

    That is great that your hubby is on board with you!  Looks like your day 1 is off to a great start!


  • Tonya,

    It is hard with the withdrawals.  You will get through them...hang in there.  You are worth it, girl! Keep on smiling and thinking positive even when you don't feel like will help you out.  You next meal sounds great...fueling your body with the right nutrition!  Don't forget that workout missy!!!


  • I would love to join as well, sounds like a really positive group of people!  We cannot let that postivity fade! :)  Keep up the good work!

  • Hi ultimatebody12w!

    welcome to the group!!  I love this program, too!!  Looks like all of us are busy moms with lots of children, so glad that we have a lot in common.  Stick to the 12 weeks and will lose those 30 pounds and gain your muscle!!


  • Welcome 1BuffMomma!

    I am so with you on the positivity!!  Even when we don't feel like it we must stay positive and keep going!!  


  • Hi Ladies!! I started today too! We can do this! :) Finished my UBWO before 7:45 am with plenty of time to get ready for work. Now that we are about mid-day I feel like I have so much more energy than usual :) BTW I'm 29, no kids, recently married, gained about 15 lbs since honeymoon in bueno! I'm 5'5 148lbs and wear a size 8. I'm looking to lose 20 lbs during this challenge. Some might say these are vanity pounds but they are not. I have very poor eating habits and sit at a desk allll day. I need to get moving and eat better and this program has laid it out so easily. Before I have kids I want to get into a routine and build a foundation for healthy living. I admire all you working moms and stay at home moms out there..If you can do it, I certainly can. Best of Luck to all :)

  • Hi Karlajeanthemachine!

    Welcome!  Those are not vanity pounds...I know how you want to be fit and healthy.  That is great for wanting to be in shape before you have your babies.  It makes the pregnancy healthier and losing the weight right after better, too.  Good job on getting the workout done!!  Hope you have a good rest of the day!


  • Hi ladies!

    Okay, it's almost 11:30am over where I live and I got my workout out of the way (upper body) plus I did a cardio DVD by Jessica Smith (10 pounds down Cardio Abs) after my upper body.  I feel great!!  I already got in meal 2 which was 2 scrambled egg whites with one whole egg and a bowl of oatmeal.  I already drank 4 glasses of water, too.  Now to keep busy I am going to tutor my 5 year-old...he will be going into kinder this August, and I am going to do some laundry...need to keep busy, so I can make the day go by faster and not be tempted to cheat!!

    Talking about cheating, I am going to give myself Sundays as my cheat day.  When are yours?  Well, I hope everyone's day is going great!!


  • I plan on doing stationary bike, and walking with the stroller and my babies ;-) I just can't do the gym thing but I had lots of success with no exercise last time I did this. Tonight 20 minutes on the bike. When I'm home for the summer I will walk, walk, walk.

    As of withdrawal yep happening but I ate half a protein bar prezetel cashew it helped. Half way through the day I can do this!

    I justed weighed myself don't plan to take pictures. I will take measurements to see when I lose those inches!!! Ideally I hope to lose a total of about 50 pounds , I can't wait.

  • I think I will make Saturday as my cheat day. Great job on keeping busy Darlene!!  I keep checking in because like you said this is the time that will make u or break you. My best friend has told me many times that it takes about 30 days to make a change that can be permenant if you choose. I think today at 1:30 and three meals down and lots of water I'm feeling like I can do this.

  • Monica,

    It's great that you are hanging in there!  Walking is awesome!  Do you have any of the Leslie Sansone Walk At Home DVDs?  They are very awesome!!  I did those after I had my baby and I worked up to the cardio I have now (still need room for improvement).  I also love the Walk At Home series because it's easy on the joints.  I can't really jump around that much (maybe my weight), but I love them.  Leslie Sansone has a new DVD that incorporates weights with her walking...might want to check it out.  Keep up the great job!


  • I should say a little about me.  First off my real name is Amy.  I live in Minnesota I am 33 year old single mother of a wonderful 9 year old boy.   I am getting married in September!!  I want to get fit and tone!  My goal is to lose about 15 - 20% body fat and of course what ever inches come along with that. :)  So excited to be on this journey with all of you!  The cravings will go away and so will the soreness, the rewards will be everlasting!! :)

    Like Lance Armstrong said, "pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever."

  • Hello everybody. I am starting today too and looking forward to my workout this evening.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Hello Everyone, My name is Ken and i also started today...My alarm went off at 445. downstairs to have my protein shake grab my bag and off to the gym for 5am and then work for 630. I did my UB workout today and it was great! have some kinks to work out and some adjustment to make on the weight but all and all i felt like i worked hard. I started today at 244 lbs at 5'7". My plan is to lose 30 lbs and have a 32 inch waist...wait...let me rephrase that...I WILL lose 30 lbs and have  a 32 inch waist in 83 days. My meals have been going good today. Working in a hospital makes it tought to stick to the 2 to 3 hour rule but i did well the longest i went today was 3 1/2 hours.

    This is my second time doing the challenge (12 years ago) and learned that if you make all your meals for the next day the night before it really helps and gets you into a new frame of mind on pre planning meals and staying on track.

    now for the toughest part of the day...going home and not eating while watching tv or whatever. I know i can do it! I know you all can do it. whatever goals you have made you can acheive! If you havent read the BODY FOR LIFE book...DO IT!!! In there Bill has you write out your goals and what you want accouplished in 12 weeks along with what things will keep you from that goal and what you can do to change those "unautherized" habits. It may sound cheesey and all, but it works. It remides you every day of what we all made the descision to change was!

    Good Luck to all my fellow BFL's who started today and i truely look forward to seeing the change inside and out that we all will make in this journey.....DONT STOP BELIEVING!!!!....hehehe.....see what i did there?.....Anyway...stay strong and i will check in tomorrow to see how every one is doing and to log my progress.

    Have a BFL day!!!


  • I am brand new here. Never done BFL before but I have lost 80 lbs and kept it off for 2 years but still have a nagging 30 lbs of body fat I want to get rid of and just tone up and look better. I'm hoping the BFL plan will really work. So far, so good, with day one. I am glad there is a group of people who have begun today.