getting started 6/11/12...anyone else?

  • Hello BFL'ers,

    My name is Ken and i will be starting my challenge on Monday June 11 and am ready for a huge change. Actually i have tried BFL before about 10 or so years ago but never finished even tho i say some great changes. My fitness level my whole life has been like a heart beat, up and down. All though high school i was the chubby guy. After high school i got into martial art and lost some weight and received my black belt in 1994. My weight bounced around for a few years after that until i started driving tractor trailers in 1997 and gains ALOT of weight. I was at one point at 260 pound. At 5' 6", i was a big dude! That's when i did BFL the first time. ( i had gotten out of a truck at that time and worked in the warehouse of the trucking company). I lost close to 40 pounds the first time and for some reason lost my focus. As one would expect i gained the weight back ( faster than i lost and was soon back up to 250. Then around 2001  i refocused my martial arts and opened a school in a local gym who eventually brought in the Les Mills group fitness workout program and i became and instructor for them. I again loss a lot of weight. Then, in 2006, due to a divorce i got back into a truck and gained the almost 50 lbs i lost, and i have yet to loss it again. Now, due to medical reason, i can no longer drive a truck again (thank you God!) and i now work in health care. It is time for me to stop making excuses and get my butt back in gear.

    In the fall, i will be going back to school, and what better time than now to get back into the body i know is in there! I figure if i cant stay focused for 84 days, how in the world can i stay focused for 3 years!!!! There is much more to my story, but i will save that for when i win!!!! Thing is, i already have for making this decision to change not only my financial situation by going back to school but in changing my life style, one meal, one workout, one day at a time.

    I hope that all who start on this date will have great success and achieve all there fitness goals!

    Best of Luck to all



  • Hi Ken,

    My name is Amy and I'm starting on Monday as well. Good luck.

  • and Good Luck to you Amy. Stay focused and have fun!!!!

  • My Name is Anne. I will be starting on June 11th as well. I have done BFL about 3 times in the last 12 year. It really soes work.l For some reason I just was not able to finish. This time I am really going to finish it. I have my photo shoot lined up, I am re-reading all the books and making great plans. I will start school to become a personal trainer in oct. I have five kids ranging from 25-6. I have always worked hard to stay in pretty good shape. I now weigh the most I have ever weighed. I am 44 years old,  5"2 at #149. So my goal is to lose 30 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle. That is about 2.5 pounds of fat a week. totally done:)  We all bounce all over, that is live. You are in the perfect place to changeyour life. I know you will do it.

    Good luck and see you at the finish line!

  • Hi guys! I'm also starting on Monday the 11th! My goal is to lose 20-25lbs. I'm taking my measurements, photos, bf % on Sunday night. I have a lot of summer parties, vacations, family coming to visit, and birthdays planned but I don't care...this summer is about me. I'm going to Aruba in Sept and want to do a handstand on the beach! (and look good doing it! lol)

    Anne, I also want to become a personal trainer, are you doing an online course like ACE or NASM?

    Good Luck everyone!!


  • Hello Everyone..i know all of you are starting your challenge on monday the 11th..but i wanted to extend an invite to our summer BFL facebook page if you want to jump in along with us.  Its more just geared towards everyone doing the challenges and needing that extra kick in the butt at times and for motivation and accountablity.  So feel free to check out our group page.  Its a closed page so no unwelcomed riff raff will be in there to hyjack our page.  Summer BFL Challenge 2012.  Hope to see some of you over there.  And good luck to all!!



  • Hi everyone! I'm starting too! I started yesterday, I just couldn't wait! I also did the challenge about 12 years ago and I did well but didn't win. I didn't quite do it by the book which I'm planning to do it perfectly by the book this time!

    SO I had a great first day, feeling the pain/soreness today. I ate great although a little less than I was supposed to...couldn't fit in that extra snack!

    I tried the Golden Pancakes from the Eating for Life cookbook this morning; EVERYONE LOVED THEM!!! I added a bit more vanilla and cinnamon though. THE KIDS LOVED THEM TOO!!!

    Talking about food; I made the tuna sandwich from the book yesterday; DELICIOUS! Even my 10 yrs old daughter loved it! We had some delicious cucumber with it from the Wednesday produce market which sells in the gym's parking lot! How clever to sell produce next to the entrance at the gym!

    REALIZATION MOMENT OF THE DAY; I did have to stop myself from finishing my kids plate once yesterday; my daughter did a swim meet among so many other activities she does in one day and was starving once home so she had one of those big sugar-cinnamon pretzels but she didn't finish it. Once she left, I looked at her plate with that pretzel...Kinda got a kick out of how often I've munched over what they left in their plates!

    No big deal, my decision is made so it was easy to just toss it.

    Planning on a great second day! We're off to a wonderful start! Love yourselves and have a splendid day!!!


  • Way to go Marie41. Proud of you on your start and your will power vs. The pretzel! Well played! Keep it up...only 83 days left for you! I cant wait to start!

  • Thanks. Wish me luck. I leave on the 17th for a seven day vacation.

  • Dawn where is this page at? Thanks.

  • I may just have to take you up and restart a challenge with you on Monday. Too  much ice cream and sugar and I have been feeling cruddy. Time for a clean out and a restart!!!

  • KiwiGal,   Welcome aboard!!!! I think you should change the "i may have to" to a " I WILL" !!!!! :) just saying.... and good luck!

  • Good afternoon everyone.  I am starting on Monday, Juen 11, also.  I did the challenge last fall but I wasn't able to finish.  I am 40 with a loving husband and 2 boys.  I'm finding it harder & harder to keep up with thems.  So I'm hoping this will give me the kick in the butt I need.  I look forward to taking this journey with everyone.  

  • Hi everyone, I would live to start with you. I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 10month old. I need to be able to feel better about myself and keep up with my babies. My hubby had been able to lose 45 pounds just making better choices. I need to do this challenge for myself. I'm tired of excuses!! I want this!!!! I am 246pounds at 5'2". I know it just isn't pretty any more. Before my kids I weighed this amount but I felt good. Now the weight has moved around and my clothed just are not comfortable. For now that's my goal to feel good and healthy no more numbers. I will weigh in again in 30 days from Monday.Thanks for listening. I wish all of us to meet our goals. ;-)

  • Hi all!  I am praying to God that this time is finally THE time!  I am going to be the big 5-0 in a month and was hoping to be back into the "hundred club" but no such luck.  So now my goal is to have this weight off of me once and for all before I turn 51.  I am 5'2" and have been 200# give or take (mostly give) 20# most of my adult life.  Fortunately for me, my BP, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc are all fantastic, but know this will not be the case forever!  I'm tired of being the fat girl in the room, the fat mom and I don't want my grandbabies to see me as the fat nana!  I am great at procrastinating and making excuses so I know this will be tough for me but really.....can't I do this just for 84-90 days?  If there's no results I'm done (but I don't think that'll happen).  When I do see those results...there will be no stopping me!  My daughter did this a couple years ago and I barely recognized her!  Anyways.....GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!  One day, meal, food, bite at a time!