Here We Go, Aiming for Success 06/04/2012

  • hello Shannon..your more than welcome to jump on over to our FB group Ive created.  Might help you get in touch with others doing the same challange and the extra added input might help you along the way.  Good luck!!

    Cheers Dawn

  • Day one was perfect.  I committed to the six meals and worked out at 5am.  Great Start.  Day two started really well, did cardio at 5am and I'm currently at meal 2.  It is almost 11am.

    For my cardio today I used the elliptical and followed the following resistance.  When I get to resistance 17 and 18, it feels all out, not going very fast but heart rate is climbing very fast.  It is hard.

    min 1: resistance 10

    min 2: resistance 10

    min 3: resistance 12

    min 4: resistance 14

    min 5: resistance 16

    min 6: resistance 17

    min 7: resistance 12

    min 8: resistance 14

    min 9: resistance 16

    min 10: resistance 17

    min 11: resistance 12

    min 12: resistance 14

    min 13: resistance 16

    min 14: resistance 17

    min 15: resistance 12

    min 16: resistance 14

    min 17: resistance 16

    min 18: resistance 17

    min 19: resistance 18

    min 20: resistance 10

  • Got room for another?  I started at the same time but just got a chance to logon.  I am also getting up at 5am and getting the workout done.  I am using a website called fatsecret to help track my calories.  I have high BP, so it helps watch my sodium too.  Man, it is unreal how much sodium is in everything when you track it!  Good luck all.


  • Sure Tim come on over.. just look us up on facebook..i renamed the group to Summer BFL Challenge 2012..look forward to getting to know you..

  • Hi all!  I too started on Monday but just found this thread.  I made it through half of the challenge last year before my world collapsed.  I lost 12 pounds and kept it off but have another 30 to go.  I will look up the group on FaceBook!  My name is Sharon Sachs Aut.  I look forward to the next 12 weeks together!!!!

  • I started on June 4th as well. This will be my second go at BFL. First time was back in 2008 and I went from 240 26%bf to 215 10%bf at 6'3". Got married, bought a house had a kid and yada yada yada I'm back to 240! I won't be joining you guys on Facebook as I don't have an account but I'll be checking back here daily to see if anyone's posting.

  • Morning all!  Didn't get my UBWO in on Mon, but I did yesterday.  Also got my cardio in yesterday.  So excited!  I go on vacation 6-16.  Thought about starting the program on the 25th when I'm back off vacation, but thought "what the heck, that will only put me 3 wks later w/ my results.  I can still do the program on vacation, b/c I'm going to the beach and I sure do not want to be bloated while I'm there.  LOL:)  My 15 yr old son is wanting to bulk up some before 2 a days start in Aug.  So we are working out together.  It's going to be so much fun!  We have a good time together.  

    Packed my lunch and snacks today!  Gonna switch my cardio and LBWO today and tomorrow, but Fri, I will be back on track!  

    Good luck all!  


    " things today that others won't, so you can enjoy things tomorrow that others can't..." (author unknown)  This is my new battle cry!

  • Day 3 is done and it was not the cleanest, I had a drink and skipped two meals.  I did have an awesome leg workout.

    Goal for day 4 is to have a much better nutrition day and of course no drinking.

  • Day 5 UBWO is complete, and it was hard.  I already feel a difference in my intensity and focus.  Looking forward to cardio tomorrow morning.

    My nutrition the last few days has been ok, I'm not drinking enough water but at least I do eat 6 sensible meals.  Next week I will concentrate on my water intake.  I'm also planning to add supplement starting week 4 so I need to know how my body react while following the plan without supplements.

    I plan on taking creatine and cla. Creatine for muscle and power and cla for fat burning...

  • Hello everyone! I know I'm late finding this thread but I too started on 6/4.  I've made it to the gym every morning at 6:30AM this week. I do weight training M-W-F and cardio T-Th and today, Saturday, I'm going running iwth my dog.  I've eaten clean all week and today is my free day!!!!  Is anyone else having problems figuring out how much to eat?  I'm tracking on fatsecret as well because you can enter in recipes and it will calculate the numbers per serving.  I feel like I'm eating too much but from some of my reading I may be getting too FEW calories?!? I think I'm just going to keep on like this for at least the first 4 weeks and see how it goes.  I've heard if you eat too little you might not lose fat.  My goal is not a number on the scale, it's how I look in the mirror and how my clothes fit.  I'm trying to stay off the scale as much as possible.  I'm off to join the facebook page and I wish everyone great success and look forward to getting to know everyone on this journey!

  • WOW! I haven't been able to really get online much this week and so excited that some many people are starting this week!! I asked to join fb as I do tend to get on that a bit more. Looking forward to having you all for accountability partners!! I started Monday 6/4 and am already feeling more energy! I did the program back in 2002 with fantastic results so hoping for the same this time around!

  • will be looking out for you on Fb girl..come join the group well all be there to keep you going, and staying strong!!

  • Hey all!!!!!  I didn't get to post much last wk.  I am a home health nurse and I am usually in the office near a computer all day, but I got pulled into the field last wk a couple of days, so I didn't get on my laptop.  It kicked my tail, but I love visiting w/ these little old folks.  The majority are so super sweet and so appreciative for everything you do for them.  Most just want some company.  

    Any-who!  I did fair over the weekend.  I slipped on getting to the gym last wk.  Only went 1 day, but I told my son last night, it is something that we HAVE to do if we are going to make changes.  It's not an option, I miss going.  

    I leave for Florida this weekend, and just let me tell you, I am no where near where I wanted to be.  But, you know what!  I am no where near where I was.  So that alone is an accomplishment.  I am going to keep on doing what I do and I looked yesterday and there is an AnyTime Fitness in Pensacola where we are going.  That's the gym where I go, so I am so excited about that.  

    Good luck to all of you and God bless!!!!