5/28/12 - I start the challenge!

  • Hello everyone, My name is Biscuit!  I start the challenge Monday 5/28/12!  I'm hoping there will be others to join me on this journey.  I will be posting progress as I go along but need all the support I can get.  I am 36 yo, 5'2, 168 and 32% bodyfat.  My goal is to be 20% bodyfat and hopefully lose weight and look good!  I tried this challenge (unofficially) over 10 years ago but only made it to 8 weeks until I hurt my knee at work.  It was enough to make me quit the challenge and I never went back....until now! :-)

    So here I am! I officially signed up and this time I'm finishing! Woohoo!

  • Hey Biscuit............. I would be happy to start the challenge with you.  I have tried before and never really gotten off the ground but this time I am determined to get it done.  One of my biggest issues is going to be breakfast because I work as an officer and I go so early in the morning.  I am going to make a valiant effort though.  Good luck to you.

  • Ok ONAN, Let's do this!

    Thank you so much for joining me!

    I think my issue will be the workout location.  I am starting my workouts at home with dumbbells but eventually I will need to get a gym membership, especially one with childcare, but I am still in-process of finding one that is affordable.  

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck as well! by the way, what are your goals?

  • hey Biscuit & Onan, may i join in the fun? :0)  this is a first for me and I could really use the motivation. My issues are being what my friends and family call me "skinny mini" and at 5'10" that's not a good place to be. So i am working on gaining muscle and learning to eat more regular. I eat fairly healthy just not enough. I've always had food confusion and now is the time to learn and grow.

  • Hi there!  I also plan to start the challenge on 5/28 and would really appreciate being able to connect with others doing the same.  I followed the program very casually about 8 years ago and even with my limited commitment saw major results.  Several health issues, a sizable weight loss and a 1 year old baby later, I'm excited to commit to doing the full program.  I've tried to get other people I know to go through it with me but no one is interested.  So here I am.  I am currently about 10 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight and my goal is to get at least back there, if not more fit.  My challenges include that I have a baby whom I am still nursing, and I have a dairy allergy, so I'm not sure I will be able to use a product or not.  I'm going to try the soy protein and see how it goes.  Fingers crossed!  My stat's are that I am 31, about 174 lbs at 5'9 and according to a fit check at my gym about 29% body fat with a BMI just over 25.  

     A tip for people looking for an affordable gym.  We belong to a local Y.  They offer 2 hours of child care per day as long as you are on site working out (included in membership fee) and they do offer discounts on a sliding scale for income.  THey also offer 3 free hours of personal training to get you familiar with using the equipment and weights.  Frankly, just having an hour to myself everyday doing something healthy makes it totally worth it!

  • Hello everyone! My name is Laura and I'm starting my second challenge tomorrow too! I have successfully completed one BFL challenge and finished in March, have maintained since and looking to take it to the next level. This program works if you follow it consistently.

    My results can be looked at here if anyone is curious: bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/skierlaura

    I'm so excited to see what happens in the next 12 weeks!

  • Welcome all......... I am looking forward to doing this.  I am a law enforcement officer who is just coming off a bitter divorce.  Just kinda slacked off the last few years and now need to get back in step.  Weight loss and toning is my goal. Can't wait to see everyone's results.  Good luck to us all.  Laura we may be leaning on you heavily since you have completed a challenge! LOL..................

  • Hi everyone!  It looks like I will starting the challenge Tuesday.  There are several logistical challenges tomorrow because of the holiday and I want to start off on the right foot.  I went to the gym today and walked through the different free weight exercises to make sure i remembered how to do them and plan ahead.  I'm so excited to start, I'm actually having trouble sleeping because I feel like I need to plan everything!  Crazy moment.  Congrats Laura on completing your first round.  I'm sure you'll be able to offer us some guidance.  Best of luck everyone on your start this week!

  • Hey all, My name is Bob.  I started the challenge and stuck with it for 6 solid weeks.  Even though I started seeing results and felt great, I then completely stopped after experiencing some issues with Vertigo!  Anyhow, started it again today at my wife Brenda's gentle suggestion, as she is starting today too.  She did the challange last summer and it did wonders.

    I am 47 years old, weigh 280 and hope to do a sprint triathlon later in August.  Really out of shape now though.

    Here we go!

  • Laura, I just looked at your progress.  I'm very inspired because your starting stats are almost exactly where I am now.  Looking forward.  Congrats!

  • I'll join you on this journey :)  I completed this program years ago and in the end had amazing results.  Sadly, I've let myself go and know that through hardwork it can be done.  I hope we can encourage each other and after 12 weeks have AMAZING results!!  Good luck to all you, we can do it!!

  • Hi everyone!  How did your first day go?  I am hoping i can join up with you guys...I think it is good for me to have some accountability.  I am 36, 138 pound 5'8".  i am looking to accomplish this program to give me a some tone, strength and self confidence.  I have tried to recruit some gym buddies to do the program with me too, but they think I am nuts so I am doing it anyway....with your help I hope.  

    Keep in touch, please


  • Hi Y'all!!!!  I was so happy to log on this morning and see more people!  So far it's Onan, Love777, rsmblonde, Laura, Bob, Sue, and AHDII....Yes we can all do this!  

    Yesterday, I did a great UB workout at home using free weights and a body ball.  This morning I just did my cardio in the living room using my own routine.  Again, great workout but I'm so glad rsmblonde mentioned the Y.  I'm definitely checking out the nearest one.  I really need a gym with childcare that's affordable.  

    I've been doing well on my meal plans and sticking to it.  My goal is to find more snack ideas that are quick and easy.  I ordered the Eating for Life book off Amazon (for $3!) so I'm looking forward to receiving that for help.  If I run across any real tasty meals, I will let ya'll know.

    Anyway,  I'm so excited to meet all of you and glad we are all in this together!  Good luck everyone on their first week!


  • Hey are ya'll on Facebook?  I just started a Group for us, if you are interested, please join.  I have it set to secret therefore the only people that can see the posts are the members, and the members are the only ones that can see who is in the group.  

    The name of the group is:  BFL Group 5/28/12.  

    Please let me know if you have any trouble by emailing me at victoria_valerio@yahoo.com and/or if you have a good friend that wants to follow your progress by joining.  I am mainly doing this for privacy purposes and convenience.  So please join!

  • Hi Everyone I would love to join the group. I've never done this before.