Consolidated 5/21 Starters Thread

  • MORNING EVERYONE! It's a great Day 5, is everyone ready to rock?

    My UBWO was probably hilarious to watch. A bit mortifying when seen from the inside, but oh, well. :)

    This was my first time at the UBWO, because I started the program on a whim on Monday, I'd already done an UBWO on the Sunday, so all I did on Day 1 was follow the food rules.

    So this was my first time doing these exercises. I had 10's and fails all over the place. Effort was great, form was mediocre, amount of metal moved was lousy. Scrawny guy with potbelly does weight routines with tiny weights and prodigious effort!

    Woot! It was fun. Most of the guys around me could probably have bench pressed ME. Fortunately I have an excellent sense of humor.

    Took me 55 minutes with all the proper rests in between. Now I'm killing the 30 or so minutes until I have a protein shake.

    Sure, chocolate and fruit would work, but I was talking about the taste, which is yuck, IMO.

  • And welcome to the group, Janiss!

  • Today was a pretty good workout day. I finished up my second UBWO for the week and I feel great. On Wednesday I did my LBWO and my legs are still sore. Yesterday it hurt just to walk up the stairs. Oh well no pain no gain. Yesterday my son graduated from preschool and they had it all catered but I still stuck to the meal plan. I didn't have any of the cake or goodies and just stuck to water instead of anything else. All in all it was pretty good.

    Welcome janissneeposh! Good Job on taking the first steps to making a change.

  • Hi guys.  Everyone keep on keeping on!  My calves, or as I call them, "my cows", still hurt really bad, but I verified my aerobic start point (on treadmill) is spot on.  high point was rough as I was already starting to feel fatigued from being on the 4th interval and when minute 19 came at 7.5 MPH I really felt the intensity of 10 kick in.  Still kicking butt on nutrition but cravings for a burger or ice cream or pancakes kicked in...thank goodness tomorrow is a free day.

    So here is my question: if your calves are still sore what does that mean for your next lower body workout?  Skip it to allow adequate repair of muscle tissue?  Do it anyway?  Modify it for lower weight?  I guess the question can be applied to any muscle group.  Thank you.


  • Way to blast your cardio KO! Looks like your name holds weight! As for your "cows" (ha!).... on Wednesday my pecs were so tender that at times the dull throbbing was nearly unbearable. I had the same thought-- I'm supposed to go in and hit these AGAIN?!? But about midway through the day it just kind of died down and then I could only feel it if I pressed on them. During my warmup set yesterday, as I lowered the dumbbells, I could feel a stretch, but it kinda felt good. We get an extra day to repair before hitting legs again, see how they feel by Sunday night and make sure it's not injured, just sore. I figured the first couple weeks would come with some discomfort.

  • Morning everyone!

    On that question about sore muscles, there's an answer on the FAQ about it ... at least if the muscles are sore as a result of a weight workout (on the third day after), you aren't supposed to work them with weights again. They are still rebuilding.

    As to whether soreness from cardio is enough to keep you from doing a weights workout ... I don't know, because it sure seems like cardio at that intensity is usually going to leave your legs with some soreness. Which would mean you never do any LBWO at all.

    On pecs, though, the website says not to hit them again if they are still sore.

    (I am not certain that I actually believe the website. Bill never said anything like this that I'm aware of. I know you aren't supposed to do heavy stuff too soon again, but if you've waited 72 or more hours I am not sure that soreness is the indicator).

    I'm doing my free day today for various reasons connected to the fact that I ran 6 miles this morning.

  • Yeah, I just ran across that fact on the FAQ page too, mythmere, sorry KO! Still, see how you feel by Monday morning!

  • Interesting fact on my first free day ... once you're actually looking at some of the food you've been craving and you're able to eat it ... it suddenly doesn't look all that great.

  • Thanks for the protein powder suggestions, all! I had heard good things about MRM so I think I'm going to try that when what I have runs out. I've been making it more palatable by adding a little peanut flour and stevia, and also ALWAYS making my shakes with milk instead of water. I'll try adding fruit, but I don't want to overdo it on the carbs since milk is technically a carb, right?

    About the peanut butter question someone the Eating for Life book there are more than a few recipes that use a tsp of peanut butter, so I don't think it's a big issue. I'd just make sure it's in a recipe so you just have that amount, instead of just putting a spoon in the jar.

    Speaking of the Eating for Life book, I'm SO glad I got it. Tons of good recipes and ideas, which is great because I think BF was getting sick of chicken with brown rice and veggies.

    I took my free day yesterday, and while I didn't think I over did it (didn't look too different from my weekend diet before last week) it's almost 11 the next day and I have ZERO appetite. Should be interesting, but at least I'll finally get to test out my cardio workout on an empty stomach.

    re: soreness after workout. I was super sore from LBWO when I did cardio on Thursday. I still did it, but I lowered the intensity levels to reflect what I could do. Still definitely hit a 9 or 10 by the last interval even though I was running slower. I'd just adjust the weights or speed, etc based on what feels intense. If you fail at 6 reps of 15 pounds (which would be my puny arms) then so be still worked to failure.

  • I'll break this out in 2 posts:

    Yesterday: exercise.  Diet summary: I can't say it was a free for all but I wouldn't be suprise if I had ~3k calories...yikes.  Had slight indigestion and it will serve as my motivation to stay on track for the next 6 days.  In short, 1/2 pancake with butter and high fructose corn syrup, an obnoxious serving of popcorn, 1 serving of peanut M&Ms, 1/2 slab of pork ribs, mac and cheese and ended the day with 1 serving of ice cream.  Overall feeling for the day can be described the slight cookie laced grin of a child having just raided the oreo jar and looking forward to the punishment.  =)


  • Today:  Completely back on track and ain't looking back!

    So happy to be back to work, so to speak.  My cows were feeling much better today, no reason to slip lower body so I put the work in.  Close to 10s but not a full fledged 10 today.  Keeping my eye on the prize!


  • Ok, so I need some advice. I know that you are supposed to work out in the morning before you've eaten anything. During the first part of the week, I was working out in the evening due to my work schedule. That was working out really well for me (no cravings, following the diet perfectly, got in some great workouts), but I really wanted to follow the plan as closely as possible. So I started working out in the mornings the last half of the week and I have been getting these insane cravings around 7 or 8 each evening. I have had serious trouble controlling them. I think I just have much more will power during the day and having too much time on my hands in the evening gives me time to think about food. Do you think it's a big deal if I just continue working out in the evenings?

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

  • @luv2teach - it seems the aerobic days are most important for morning workouts.  The other workouts only say to do it on an empty stomach.  Both are addressed in FAQ on the website and the BFL book.  I'm going to start doing aerobic in the morning and keep my weight training in the evening.  

  • I think there are two factors in evening exercise; (a) the theory that you're burning fat directly because you have no free glycogen running around in your system, and (b) if you exercise within a couple of hours of bedtime you will likely have trouble getting to sleep because of the hyped-up chemical situation you get from exercising (endorphins).

    I don't actually agree with (a), but it's the program so I'm following it -- the point being, though, that it's about not having eaten recently, not about the time of day. Evening exercise should be fine according to the program as long as you haven't eaten.

    The most important thing I think is actually that bit about not eating AFTER the aerobic workout for an hour. From my understanding of the chemistry, that one is true, the fat burn could be stopped/slowed if you suddenly put more easy-to-use carbs into your system right then.

    I had a decent LBWO today, except that once again I had to quit the abs almost immediately because of pain where the abs are still healing from the surgery. One benefit of that pain, though, I should have excellent form once it goes away, I'm learning EXACTLY where those muscles are.

  • started right out of bed with aerobics and it felt somewhat different as I usually workout in the evening.  I felt warm and sweaty upto a 1/2 hour after the workout when I usually cool off in less time.