Wow, What A Weekend!

  • Just starting week 3, and already things are starting to sparkle! One of the most amazing shifts has been the Universal Law of Reciprocation. I make sure to do nice things for people every day, and it seems that the sky has opened up and started raining down goodness on me! A fabulous Friday arm workout followed by playing music all night until the sun came up on Saturday. I am totally noticing my arm strength increase... pounding on that upright bass all night sure does work the shoulders!

    I rallied on 2 hours of sleep and hit the road for some mountain climbing. Did a 4-mile loop on a gorgeous sunny day! Hiked up in my "barefoot gorilla toe-shoes", and my legs and calves felt solid and strong.

    Arrived home just in time to take a shower and head into the big city for a fabulous cocktail party. Feeling confident and happily exhausted from the past 24 hrs, I chatted with a whole lot of new and interesting people. Before, you would NEVER find me out socializing. Like, at all.

    Sunday came and I spent the day with some friends. FREE DAY! I enjoyed a cheeseburger on the grill, and a walk into town for some gelato. Caramel Sea Salt flavor. YUM!

  • Great to read such an inspiring post. Good for you!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"