Body Fat Calipers

  • Want to get some calipers but after reading some reviews I am not so sure what I should go with for an accurate reading. I know that none of the body fat measurement methods are 100% accurate but I was wondering what calipers some of you would recommend for accurate readings.

  • I went to my gym and had a trainer do an assessment (which was free).  She used one of those weight scales and also used the calipers.  She said the scale can be way off, which is why she uses the calipers to get a better estimate.  The best method is the hydrostatic (underwater) method, but that is not always available for everyone.  I think the calipers are a good start.  She just said to make sure you measure in the same spot all the time.

  • Thanks. Do you by chance know of any brands/models of calipers that are really good. Like I said, I was reading some reviews and many of them seem to not be very accurate. I suppose it doesn't matter so much as long as they are consistently accurate but I would like to get some of decent quality.

  • I found this on line...

    The first one is apparently recommended by BFL!

  • Thanks!! I really appreciate it:)