• Jessica- Wonder why oranges are on this websites list of approved food Also wonder why Eating for Life was written my Bill Phillips who also wrote Body for Life and who says Eating for Life is for Body for Life hmmm

    If you read Eating for Life you would know that. When your not sure about something do research. These books can all be found at the library.

  • Oranges are approved and I never said otherwise.  If you read carefully, we were talking about juice, which changes the nutrition of the fruit.  Also, go with the foods listed in the original BFL book on page 84, not the site. 

    I have read Eating for LIfe.  I have even sat down with Bill Phillips and discussed it.  He wrote it years later when he was changing programs to something more for the common man, but far less effective than BFL.  You clearly haven't read EFL to say something like that.  It's on page 74 (I think... it's been a little bit) that he explains portions and that some are for sometimes.  The nutritional values were at one point released on these recipes and they are crazy out of whack for  BFL.  Plain and simple, no, those receipes are not BFL approved in most cases.  Look at it logically... how does that much bread, pasta, sauces and extras not add up? 

    I am really well researched, but you are clearly not.  Please don't act like I don't know about these books.  I have read all of them multiple times and had the opportunity on several occassions to sit down and discuss with Bill personally. 

    When you're not sure about something, do research or ask before you accuse.  This information can be found at the library. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Eating For Life by Bill Phillips page #65. "Even with my Body-for-LIFE Program, which includes the Eating for Lifestyle described in this book and an exercise routine, the results vary."

    The recipes are for BFL and it is up to you to decide your portion of each recipe. The statement about "not being sure about something" was a general statement for anyone confused. I believe if you do not know something don't just take someones word on it, look it up for yourself. That was not meant to be directed at you personally and I apologize in my hasty type that is looked as though it was.

    So on my research I will choose to eat from the EFL book and I will choose to have oranges or og and I do not believe that it will have any adverse effects on my personal challenge. I base that belief off of what I have achieved so far and on my own personal research.

  • You have to remember the timing.  Bill Phillps does not own the Body for Life name anymore.  He has no rights to Myoplex or EAS or anything BFL related.  He's now saying Slim Fast is okay.  The progression is about his own business interests and about getting more and more people involved, those unwilling to do it the way BFL was written.  Your quotation shows you don't know about the timing of this book.  If you want to know what Bill said to eat on BFL besides page 84, then go to old copies of Muscle Media, which he owned, edited and ran during his BFL hay day. 

    Also, use simple logic here.  There is a recipe in EFL with 2 egss.  2 eggs have less than half the protein of one woman's portion.  The carb portions are crappy choices and too much.  He uses a lot of low fat cheese.  Low fat cheese is a horrible option with no benefit and cannot be found anywhere in the orginal BFL. 

    Your personal research will not have told  you that orange juice does the same as an orange.  I know this because it's factually untrue.  Also, as for having oranges, again, never did I say they weren't authorized.

    Uncle Mike (a favorite BFL champ) used to get a kick out of people who told them about their tweak and how they got results.  The thing is that any positive changes will bring results.  If you aren't doing it the BFL way then you have no way of knowing what results you would have gotten otherwise. 

    The recipes in EFL are mostly not BFL approved.  It's simple logic.  The nutritional information, when released, shocked people who thought that a book of recipes by Bill Phillips that were supposedly for BFL were actually why they weren't getting good results.  The numbers are drastically out  of whack with where we should be eating.  Also, he does do a disclaimer that many recipes are for sometimes and not for your normal meals, but most miss that. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • question--I called the 1800 number to ask about the amount of protein I should be eating for my body weight. They suggested for a 158 pound female not to eat my weight in protein and in carbs but to eat about 20. They said that eating my weight in protein and carbs would be if I were an athlete. Can anyone shed light on this ?

  • By "20," do you mean per meal for a total of 120?