May 14th2012 My BFL start date (first timer)

  • I'm just getting ready for the gym.  We are 6 hours behind the east coast :)  Lower body day.  I'll let y'all know how it goes!  Thanks for letting me jump in even though I'm a day behind everyone.

  • We are here to support and cheer one another along!! The more we have joining the more cheers we have!!

  • Hey yall!

    I would like to join in on the group too!  I started on the 14th as well, but this is my third attempt.  The good news is that between the challenges I've made slow progress towards my goal.  Now I am stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.  This time around I WILL finish this challenge.

  • My husband grill Tuna Steaks.  They are really great!  Sometimes he seasons them with lemon and Mrs Dash.  Other times he just uses Pepper and the lemon.  I like it best with Mrs Dash.  It helps me with my salt cravings.  I used to like Tilapia until I read what they eat....yuk:(  They are "bottom dwellers".

  • Thank you Jordan 1997 and Happyndenver :)  I'm glat to be here.  @happyndenver, the good thing about having those before pictures is that it will give us something to look at when we have days when we want to quit. I used to have photos on my fridge of people I wanted to look like.....that didn't work for me. LOL  

    On another note, day 2 at the gym and everything went pretty well. Painful but good :)

  • Forgot to ask; I saw something about a FB page getting started for this group. Did anyone start it?  I would love to join in if someone started it.

  • @Chappys


    @Multiwarrior-  Welcome to the club!  The support is really motivating and helpful.  Don’t let life stand in the way of becoming the best you!

    I’m not sure if you need to be invited to the facebook page or not, but the group name is: BFL Challenge ~ May 14th – August 6th  

    We have 16 members right now.  Just another way to show support.  If you cant find it, I sent an email to Stephanie with my facebook name ( and she invited me.

    I know its only the start of day 4…but I already FEEL so much better.  Its always amazing to me how much of a difference “real food” can make when our bodies are used to trash.  I can’t see it on the outside yet, of course, but I walk taller and I feel more confident.  I like this version of me.

    Day 4, here we come!  Walk with purpose.    Janine

  • To those inquiring about the FB page..I think most of us agree it is easier to communicate that way, so if you have not signed up, please is totally secure, so only group members will see it. You have to be friends with me first on facebook and then I can add  you. Cut and paste your profile address in an email and send to

  • @Janine, I just sent you an email to add me.....actually, I sent you two emails.  I forgot to add my FB address in the first. LOL

  • Hey guys, can I join your group?


  • Janine, I sent you an email with my FB info.  Looking forward to this challenge!

  • Hello to EVERYONE!!   I have been so busy this week that  am just now catching  up on with the latest news. Thanks for adding me to the groups.

    So we are fast approaching the end of week one!! I can honestly say I have only had one other experience that left my legs this sore and I have been working out with a trainer for a months before this program!!!

    Love it so far.


  • I started the 14th as well.  I'm just now getting on the site.  I've been so proud of myself for sticking to it and planning my meals and workouts.  i've lost 6 pounds so far as of yesterday.

    I'm thrilled.

  • Welcome to all the new May 14ers.  Been a very busy hectic day here in my world. I think most of that is from running to the bathroom every 20 minutes. LOL

    Anyway so far day 5

    10 glasses water done

    breakfast oatmeal w/berries

    snack soy protein shake

    lunch deer burger, mushrooms, potato wedges

    snack yogurt with cottage cheese

    Now on to a tremendous UBWO. Looking forward to nailing it today.  

  • Hi All-

    I am starting this Monday, 5/21/2012. I hope I can tag along with you folks for motivation and advice. This will be the third time I am attempting BFL. I furthest I've ever made it to is 8 weeks. After that, I have somehow lost my motivation and stopped the program. However, THIS time around, my biggest motivation is to prove to myself that I can actually complete the entire 12 weeks. I have tried many diets and workouts in the interim and I can definitely attest to the effectiveness of this program. NOTHING gives you results like BFL does. Thus, I keep coming back. Hopefully, this time, I stay around for good.