May 14th2012 My BFL start date (first timer)

  • did the facebook page already start? what can i do to join or do i have to be invited. I sent my email addy out but haven't seen anything so far.

    Looking forward to joining you guys on fb too. Had a great 1st day and pumped to get underway with day #2!!! Keep smiling and stay happy and focused everyone :)

    "Train like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a baby, win like a champion"

  • I am also interested in the Facebook page.  My son and I are doing great I can't tell you how much it helps having someone that is depending on you to motivate but for those that do not have that this form is great. I am working out on Monday's and he is doing the cardio after he helps me move through my workout. Then today he did his first day withnthe weights and he did a fantastic job really pushing on every exercise  We are starting at 5 am at the gym at our apartment complex and it is early enough that we have the place to our selves which is nice. He is getting used to the eating side I am cooking for him and sending him to work with the correct food for his time at work. I am more excited about his transformation knowing that he is 18 and is still spewing growth hormone. I am a little older 52 but I have seen what really hard work and reaching my high point or asnincall it total muscle exhaustion can do for muscle growth. In my mind you get out of this program what you put into it and to really make your muscles grow like the champions do it hurts and not just a little bit.  I am glad to be doing this with all of you and can't wait for some picture updates at the halfway point. Good luck to everyone.


  • i don't think I received it, please  try again. send me your fb name and location: once you do, i will send you a friend request. once you confirm the friendship I can add you to the group. I think there is about 11 or so ..

  • Day 2 in the books...35 minutes on Life Cycle...1 hr at yoga class....need to drink more water

  • I am near the  Washington Park area :) near DU

  • I like the facebook page idea :)

  • I'd like to join you all if that's ok. I completed the program several years ago and lost quite a bit of weight, only to gain it back when I quit smoking last year. I have followed the nutrition plan over the past few years, but haven't been as strict as I should have been. I also was not following the training plan - for some reason I thought a program that required me to work out for over an hour a day was a good thing? I know this is going to work!

    I'm excited to have the chance to get through the next 12 weeks with all of you!


  • @ JR9418 Good job on day 2 before you know it we will be saying day 30 in the books. :)

    @ Michelle welcome the May 14ers

    I have to say the facebook page is awesome. I check it on my phone when I can, but in the eveining I will have more time to actually look over it.

  • Day 2 is complete for me!!

    I did an awesome cardio session. I feel this time is different, I'm ready for the challenge. I got up early to workout, walked to the gym in my complex only to find the place closed for a deep cleaning!! Ugh So back to my place I trotted, grilled up some chicken for lunch, drank my breakfast and went on with my day. after work I ran to a meeting, then hit the gym on the way home. GOTTA get it in NO MATTER WHAT!!

    -Sara J

    Making lemonade out of lemons.

  • Hello to everyone.  I am interested in joining the group because you all are so positive and encouraging.   I  started the plan 2 weeks ago, but I don't feel I was giving it a 100% due to some unplanned life curve balls .  On May 14th I put on my game face and recommitted to giving this program 110% all the way to the 12th week.  So, I am not sure if I should consider May 1st or May14th my starting date.  Any suggestions.  My eating and workouts have been completely on target this week. Thanks for your time and support in advance.  


  • @Sarasue- Way to stay persistent!  That’s the right kind of attitude for this thing!

    @Nolimits-  Welcome to the group, Anna!  I have done the challenge once before and had the same trouble that you did starting up (2 weeks).  Once I found a crew in the forum, I started again and did really well.  Unfortunately, I slipped out of it, so now I’m back.  But this time I want it to be FOR LIFE.

    I started to slip-up yesterday!!!  And it was only day 2!  Old habits of comfort eating were creeping up on me.  BUT, I caught myself and tried to think bigger picture.  I was able to get myself out of the rut before I went totally down hill.  I finished out the day okay and started this morning with an awesome spinning class.  I’m proud of myself.

    I have a delicious combo if anyone is interested.  It’s a Mediterranean-style scramble:  Sautéed bell peppers (cooking spray, of course), steamed Kale, tomatoes, egg white, feta cheese.  It is soooo delicious.  If you would like more instructions, I’m happy to share.

    Have a great Day 3 everyone!    Janine

  • @NoLimits   Welcome Anna I love the positive thinking that we all seem to have.  We have a facebook page to if you are interested

    @Janine I found one of the best things that helps me get over craving or wanting to just say whatever is to look at my before pics.

    Day 3 and tired

    Trying to figure out more recipes. I have grilled chicken for lunch and dinner and that is already getting old even though before i had no problem eating all the time. LOL I know it's a mind thing. That I will overcome.

    Does anyone have some really good fish recipes. I love tuna, not to fond of salmon (well smoked salmon professionally is great), I think I can deal with talapia.

    I'm open for any suggestions.

  • I would love to join in...  I have been trying to do this challenge for about 3 weeks but some life things have stood in the way a little.  I have been doing it for the most part until this last week and I only did it about half the time.  I would like to start fresh today and maybe now that I am joining a support group that will help me push through even when life throws me a curve ball.

  • I started yesterday, May 15th.  I did this program about 5 or 6 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.  I know I'll need encouragement and inspiration once again. You know how they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words".  So true!!  I did my before photos of front and back yesterday....ughhhhhh :(   I'm looking forward to seeing what they look like at the half way point and at the finish.

  • Congrats to everyone! Anyone else feeling sore? LOL I KNOW I AM!

    I took my pics this morning...not a very pretty sight but like chappyswife...looking forward to seeing change :)