May 14th2012 My BFL start date (first timer)

  • I'm just starting too! My first year of college made me a bit tubby, and I need to get into great shape to stay in my ROTC program. We can all support each other!!!! I do have a question. What are good substitutions for dairy products? I'm lactose intolerant  

  • @Fess2 I also sent you an email for FB, I think that forum is easier to respond to than this one

    @Sara your plan looks good, here in Kuwait I am 7 hours ahead of EST so my day is over half done this is what I have done so far

    bfast-3 hard boiled eggs (white only)

    Oatmeal with Splenda, pumpkin spice (all we had here) and a dash of skim milk so it wasn't so dry

    snack - protein shake (pure protein) still waiting for myoplex to arrive via pony express :(

    WORKED OUT CHEST, SHOULDERS, BACK, TRI'S AND BI'S....TOOK ME ALMOST AN HOUR not sur how to get it down to 46 minuted

    Lunch - skinless rotisserie chicken breast (no grilled chicken in chow hall today GO FIGURE)

    small salad of lettuce, tomatoe, cucumber with splash Ken's FF Italian

    2 shots espresso with skim milk (no flavor or sugar)


    Snack - protein shake

    Dinner (GRILLED CHICKEN HOPEFULLY) broccoli and a plain baked potato

    snack Myoplex lite protein bar

    Have you seen anywhere about if we can use honey as a sweetner, I love honey in plain greek yogurt otherwise very difficult for me to eat and honey in oatmeal might be good also

    Also what about salad dressings what are the limitations?

    GOOD LUCK TO ALL YOU just waking up!  First day to the rest of our lives!


  • I'm starting today as well! Super excited to lose the last few pounds and build muscle!

  • I am also starting today, the 14th!! I am so excited for starting today and to see all of our progression through the 12 weeks. Good luck everyone!!!

  • Well here we go 14ers.. Looks  like we have quit the group here.

    Started my day with a breakfast burrito, 4 egg white seemed to be a little to much for me. I will cut it down to 3 next time.

    I am not a morning person yet.  I will hit the gym this evening when I get off work and do my UBWO.  

    I have one question I know it is not reccomended to do cardio and UBWO, but I love doing zumba and it happens to be on my weight training days.  However it is not an exercise that is going to get me to that 10 so is this going to hurt me in anyway?

  • Good luck everyone... this is gonna be awesome doing it all together!

    I took my Before photo's this morning.....there's nothing more motivating than seeing the body parts that need to change but also seeing body parts that aren't too bad :)

    Breakfast is complete and out of the way, heading to the gym to do UBWO and then onwards with the rest of the day.

    Lets do this people :)

    "Train like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a baby, win like a champion"

  • I'm in...started this morning with a 6am workout...I did this 6 years ago and felt great...have not played around with a forum so this will be interesting to push everybody thru...


  • Hi all!  I'm starting today too, I made the decision yesterday for Mother's day(it was my first as a mom).  And, I'm very excited!  I've had and read the book many times- the last challenge I started was 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant, so I happily had to modify and not follow competely.  I'm very excited after my upper-body time this morning!  Let's do this ya'll!

  • awhhh Day 1 workout complete, I'm going to be sore tomorrow. hehe Just did machines today, the free weight section of the gym was slammed!! but got my workout in:) One more meal then I can make a pretty star on my chart, mindset.. check, food...check, workout..check!

    Things I need to work on improving... getting my water in!

    This is going to be the one that sticks.. I can feel it!!!

    How did everyone else do on workout and food??

    What have you done for yourself lately?? You are worth it!!


  • Sara, remember everyone was a beginner at some point. I had the same anxiety-and I did the same thing..went to the gym when it was dead, or with the early crowd..for some reason thought they were less judgmental. Honestly, although difficult, you need to embrace the who cares attitude. Life is too short to worry about what some twit may or may not think of  you..get an ipod, put a great play list together and get in the zone. Also, I am not sure if you are having any problem with the exercises or a plan, but I had mentioned a notebook I had..I had a lot of problems with anxiety, that when it hit, my mind would become, when I was at the gym or nervous, I could rely on this notebook-I got some work out magazines or you could go online , and I would find pictures of the exercise with correct form as reminders..It helped a lot.

    If I think about all of the time I went to the gym, could I remember one person or face. No. Not really, so don't worry about it. Every day will get better, and one day, someone else will be looking at you feeling anxious and "not worthy" YOU ARE TOTALLY WORTHY. NOW, GO OUT THERE AND HAVE SOME FUN!

  • Happy day 1-

    @GoodByeSaddleBags- I would say that doing Zumba or another class is ok as long as you dont count it as your workout, When you start skiping workouts and justify it by subsituting Zumba for cardio days, or  if you start losing steam on the program.. you might want to re-evaluate what is more important.. a few weeks of no Zumba to focus on BFL..or Zumba and no BFL. But as long as you are following the program and have time and energy to to Zumba, I dont think it hurts anything. :)

    @JTB- I have the Eating for Life cookbook and in the back it has the "Grocery Guide" and it has a few different salad dressings on it, the are all low fat or Fat-free.Italian, Ranch, Honey -Djion, Caesar, and vinaigrettes. Hope this helps!

  • @sara, join our FB page!

  • Hello again 14ers!

    Congrats on completing day 1!  It sounds like people are doing okay.  I’m glad to hear it :)

    @GoodBye- I think the point of BFL is to make life-long changes to a better lifestyle.  I think it would be just fine to go to Zumba!

    Fees2 is sooo right!  Most people at the gym are only worried about themselves.  If it bothers you, I recommend going in the morning or later in the evening when there are less people.  Right after work (aka from 4:30-7) gets pretty busy.

    I’ve got a great workout planned for tomorrow morning and a delicious smoothie to follow.  Cant wait…now time for some sleep.


  • Fess2,

    You made my day!

    Thank you for your motivation, and helping put things into persepctive. I dont think I have any problem with program, its prob all just in my head.

    You are totally correct, I couldnt recall a face from the gym. wooosa!!

    I had an awesome workout today! And I agree with you...everyday will get better, just have to get out there and do it!

    ThanksBFL support buddy!!

  • Woohoo it looks like we all had a successful day 1.  Congrats to all of us.

    Sara Im like you I was intimidated by all the people in the gym right after work.  So I just used the machines for my UBWO.  Don't really feel as if I gave it 100%.

    Day 2

    Begins with a breakfast burrito, forgot my snack so I will have to make a quick trip home and grab that.

    Looking forward to some serious cardio tonight.