May 14th2012 My BFL start date (first timer)

  • arrg. BFL Challenge~May 14th-August 6th. See if you can find it that way. If not , my email is If you want to privately email me your FB name, I can try to add you that way. It may be only by invite-not sure since I have never started a private page.

    UPDATE: since it is a private group, you can't find it unless you are member. In order to become a member, we have to become friends first. Email me at the above address and I can give you my user/full name so we can become friends. Remember, if some of you are uncomfortable with this , you can adjust your settings to what I will see on your wall, etc. ..

  • yay! so far there are two of us on Facebook! I think it will be a great motivational tool!

  • Hi,

    I'd like to join you guys too!!

    I am starting AGAIN for the 5th attempt in the last few weeks. I am failing at the lifting weights part of this lifestyle change.

    *Which is interesting, Sports Medicine was my major in college and I've worked in several gym before(although I'm in the brokerage industry now).*

    Anyhoo, I hope by joining I can have the motivation, support and accountability to stick with it!

    My goal is lose fat, transform from flab to fab!!!hehe  I am going to lose 15-20lbs, and have a nice tone body.

    What has motivated you to start the lifestyle change of Body for Life?


  • I'll send you an email Fees2!  I purchased the Body for Life Journal by Bill Phillips today! It's awesome! Spiral bound and provides everything you need to track for the 12 weeks. I couldn't find it at Barnes and Noble, so I picked one up at Half Price Books for $6. You can get them on amazon as well! I'm grateful to have connected with all of you!

  • I really wanted to be asleep by now , but my son won't quiet down, so here I am AGAIN. Anyway, @Iowa, I just sent you a friend request. That notebook sounds nice. I have been searching all day for my old workout notebook-i have all of my fav exercises in there..could not find it anywhere. I put a lot of effort into it-hopefully it will turn up.

    @Sara, what portion of the weights portion was difficult for you..maybe I  or someone can help?

    I entered this contest once before several years ago, but never followed through. :(  Really hoping this time is different. I loved the weight training, but, not big on cardio myself...

  • I am also starting May 14th.

  • Fabuluous idea about facebook group.... I'm not looking forward to the before shots but in my vision look forward to the after shots.... lets do this people!!! :)

    "Train like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a baby, win like a champion"

  • count me in I need the support

  • Hi Fess2, I would like to join the group starting tomorrow. It will be nice to share the journey with other people. :) I will send you an email. Thanks

  • I am starting on the 14th with my son who is 18 and has inherited some of my fat genes but worse than that he has inherited my terrible eating habits. We are very excited about starting, I have done the program before but never in the correct way so I can wait to get going. We are working out early in the morning so we don't have any excuses as to why we can't do it. I wish everyone good luck and will check back to see how everyone is doing. Since we are nerds we are going to take a daily picture and then use software to show the transition.

  • Hello!!  I am starting May 14th as well...I need to lose 40 lbs.  The weight training will not be a problem for me but sticking to the eating plan and lifestyle change will be my biggest challenge.  I am ready though- I hate that I work out so hard but it is under a layer of fat!!  What is everyone's meals for tomorrow???  Lori

  • Im right with you Lori I have about 50 to lose and its not the workout thats a problem and my heavy travel schedule makesthe eating difficult but I have to figure it out.  Tomorrow is my start day and I leave to LA for 4 days, so this will be the test but Im up for it.  Just going to have to make the right choices for restaurants and NO ALCOHOL.  But mentally I feel Im ready for the challange!  Lets get this started!

  • Good Eveing,

    @ Fess2 its the free weight area of the gym. I ... to he honest dont feel worthy of being there. I feel like everyone is watching me and it causes me some anxiety. Like I said a little bizarre as it was my major and was bigger in college than I am now. I am going to try a different time at the gym, I normally go after work at 4, do instead going to hit it before work!! maybe a different crowd, or before I am fully awake will help!! hehe

    @ ginger777

    post workout- myoplex shake

    breakfast- cream of wheat with protein pwdr,and raisins

    snack- protein bar

    lunch-chicken salad- feta, craisins,chicken, lettuce, oil,vinegar

    snack- protein shake

    dinner- chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes

    Excited to get started tomorrow!! August (results) are right around the corner!!

    have a good night y'all- Sara  

  • Hello 14ers!

    It looks like quite the group here.  I did this once before and the only way I survived was through support from the forum.  Would it be alright if I joined the crew?

    I just finished up my masters degree and internship...all of that stress made it easy to pack on some extra weight.  But I just started my full time job and I'm ready to get back into shape!  

    Good Luck on Day 1!  First day of the rest of your life :)  

  • Fess2,

    I couldnt find the group on facebook for whatever reason, so I sent you an email!