Anybody Starting Today 5-7-2012?

  • Hi Everyone.

    Tim, your training for a triathlon is awesome.  I'm rooting for you!  I also was having some joint pain recently and I finally went and got some glucosamine to help.  I've only been taking it for about a week (and it tastes awful), but it does seem to be helping.

    Crystal, I find the only way I can stick 100% to the eating plan is if I plan out the whole week of meals then go grocery shopping Sunday morning.  That same day, I grill up all the meat with nothing but a little salt and pepper.  When cooled, I cut it into slices and put it into portion-sized baggies.  The I throw half the baggies in the fridge for the first part of the week and the rest in the freezer for the second half of the week.  When I use the meat, all I have to do is heat it up with whatever seasoning goes with my meal and maybe a splash of olive oil.  I also keep a supply of salad and tortillas on hand, so in a pinch I can take the pre-cooked meat and make a quick healthy salad or wrap.  Makes every meal super easy and then I am more likely to eat right.  I also use both the journal and the Eating For Life Recipe Book, but I did call the 800 number regarding the recipe book and they told me that Eating for Life is sort of the maintenance plan for after the Body for Life plan, so you'll want to adjust the carb and protein portion sizes on some of the recipes.  I also have to be careful about eating every 2 hours, because if I wait then I really start craving bad stuff.  Water and gum helps too :)

  • Tishs- That is some great advice! How do you go about re-heating the chicken without it tasting rubbery? That's my only problem when it comes to cooking food ahead of time. How is your BFL journal coming along? What day are you on? The journal helps me so so much!!!! That's cool you called into the 1-800 number to find out about the Eating For Life book, I was curious about that.

    I found these amazing protein meal replacement bars that don't have any of the artificial crap in them like Sucrolose, sugar alcohols, and a lot of soy derivatives. They are by Metrx they are called the big 100 bars and they have around 30 grams of protein in them. They are first I have been able to handle in years without any negative side effects. I feel totally full after eating them, and i wake up with way more energy each day now. I'm really stoked about them, and I hope they don't change the formula. I highly highly recommend them!

    I am so happy to have all of you in the challenge with me! Keep up the great work everyone!

  • Just wanted to check in with everyone!  Week 8 is almost here!  I'm very excited and hope to see some great changes like so many have, but I'm also trying to keep my excitement in check in case it doesn't happen!  Recently, I dug through my drawers and closet to find clothes that haven't fit in a while, and several were fitting that didn't fit before, and several are still good tools to use to see how I am progressing!  Glad to see everyone's still on board and doing well.  

    Shannon, are you still doing ok?  Oh, I think this is your week in Florida isn't it?  I hope you are having a great time!  

    Thanks for updating everyone - hang in there!  I loved all your advice about the food cravings - that is really helpful!  

    Question on your weight workouts - do y'all switch up your exercises very much?  I have changed out a few of the lower body exercises, but I've pretty much been doing the same upper body exercises the whole time.  Do y'all think I should change them up?


  • Alayna- Good to hear from you, I was wondering how you were doing! Awesome to hear about fitting in your older clothes, I have a couple shirts I am hoping to be able to get into by the end of the challenge. Glad to hear you are sticking with it and going strong!

    To answer your question, I rotate my workouts each time. For example If I have an Upper Body Workout on Monday, I'll use all machine weights, then by Friday of the same week when I do my next UBWO I do mostly free weights. The change up keeps the workouts from getting boring and also I can tell a huge difference in my muscle tone and strength by doing that. Got to keep confusing the body or it will get use to the routine.

    Hope everyone has an awesome weekend and free day!

  • Have a great Sunday everybody!!!

  • Take 2 with trying to post this photo.

    At 7.30am this morning (Sunday) the Olympic Torch Relay came within 3min walk of where I live here in Manchester. Nice inspiration prior to hitting the swimming pool for a few laps.

    Remember, our 12-week Challenge ends in the last week of the Olympics. We are all athletes now in a way, so lets push these last few weeks hard and see some phenomenal results!!  We may never make the Olympics but at least we can achieve amazing success with this challenge, and like the medalists change our lives forever!!

  • Tim - what a great pic! That is great inspiration!  Are you going to try and go to any of the Olympics?  

    Jason - that's a great idea!  I'll give it a try, especially for the upper body.  The LBWO is the only workout I don't absolutely hate, so I think I must be doing it wrong! haha!  I guess hate is a bit of a strong word for it, but I just know they're going to hurt so bad, I just dread it!  I have to go first thing in the morning, or it'll never happen!  I try to be positive though - on the cardio days, I say at least it's only 20 minutes, and on the UBWO days, I say at least it's not cardio!  Cardio just kicks my butt!  There are a few times when I feel strong, but regardless of that, sweat is just pouring down my face, and one time I grabbed the handlebars where it will test your heart rate during that last minute, and it said, "Running is not recommended!"  I thought, "No joke, Einstein!"  hahaha!  But I did finish without keeling over, so that was a relief!  That would be totally embarrassing, but it would make a good story!

    I do like the way I feel after I've been exercising, but I'm just not to the point that I actually look forward to going...maybe someday?  

    Hope y'all are having a great start to week 8!  We're doing it!  I'm so proud of all of us!  


  • Tim, thanks for the inspiration.  What a great comparison, I like that we are all athletes at this point!

    Jason, my journal is good.  I fill it out probably 95% of the time.  I miss once in awhile if I get home really late and just want to crawl in bed to sleep.  I almost didn't buy the journal in the first place, but now I believe I would not be able to do BFL successfully without it.  I am on day 51 today, hopefully the same day as everyone else? :)  I also made a 2-week "set" of blank journal page as master copies for the next 12-week round, so I don't have to buy another journal (I know, I'm cheap).  As for cooking, I cook the meat just until it's done enough to be safe to eat and no longer.  I also reheat it with just a small dash of olive oil.  I was just thinking too, if you have a steamer, you could reheat the chicken along with the rest of your meal (especially rice) that way.  In fact you could cook it that way to start with.  That would definitely help keep it moist.  I usually cook my meat on a coutertop grill, but I do have a two-tier steamer I might try next time.  

    I love to cook, so I have been working on making meals that fit BFL, but are also really tasty.  Right now I am in love with the Yohanas machine I just bought as my 6 week reward.  I have been using it for 2 weeks now and this machine is awesome!!!  Ice cream was the hardest thing for me to give up and with just a frozen banana, protein powder and whatever else I add in (small piece of dark chocolate, berries or peanut butter), this makes perfectly textured "soft-serve ice cream," so much better then in the blender.  I eat it almost every day!  It has saved me many cheating temptations.

    Alayna, doesn't it feel amazing to fit into your "skinny" clothes!!  I am so proud of us too!  And so thankful to have happened upon this group!  I do switch my exercises up.  I think it's good to keep your muscles guessing.  In fact, I made a one-page chart so I can make sure I do each of the four exercises (for each muscle) once in a eight workout (upper and lower body) period.  I also write down what my min and max weight are each time so I can see where I need to be at next time.  It helps me to see it all on one page.  If anyone wants a copy, I think I set it up in excel and could email it you guys...  Oh, and cardio kicks my butt too.  I also dread getting up to exercise, but once I start working out I feel great.  I like with meals, I prep all my stuff (workout clothes, after-workout clothes, etc) the night before.  Helps me get out of bed :)

    Today I need some advice.  For some reason, since I went running with that crazy runner friend (and about made myself sick trying to keep up), I have had a problems with my cardio.  I keep getting a horrible side stitch on my right side when I am hitting intensity levels of 8 & 9.  This is making it really hard to hit my 10 at the end.  I am breathing deeply in through my nose and out through my mouth, wearing properly supportive undergarments, and only having some water before my workout.  Anyone know what to do about this?  It's making me not want to do my cardio!

  • welcome to week 8 everyone! you are all doing an amazing job! at this point we are 3 fifths done! only 33 days, 7 upper body workouts, 7 lower body workouts, and 14 cardios left! I would write more, but I'm on my cell phone right now typing this all out. you all have a wonderful night and a great workout tomorrow and I'll check in with you soon!

  • How is everybody today? Is it already Wednesday? The week always seems to go by fast until you get to about Friday and you are just counting down the seconds for that Sunday free day :)

    Tim- how are you doing? Very cool about the Olympics that close to you! How is everything going with your workouts?

    Alayna- how are you doing? Did you try switching around your workouts, and how do you like it?

    Tishs- I totally agree with you on the journal, it's been a life saver for motivating me and keeping me on track! Thank you for the advice on reheating chicken, I don't own a steamer yet, but I have been wanting one for a while now.. Advice for your cardio situation- I can totally relate I have the same thing happen to me, my side hurts, I get out of breath, my knees get so messed up, and I feel like I am going to ralph. Here is what helped me. Change your running cardio to just one day per week, I do it every Saturday. Since I have done that, I feel totally fine when I run. Doing other cardios workouts during the week allows my body to recover from the Saturday running. So now when I go running I feel totally refreshed and energized to do it and I feel great afterwords. I do the elliptical machine on Tuesdays, and Arc Trainer on Thursdays. I think you will notice a big difference if you try it.

    Have a wonderful week everyone!

  • Right, so, I've learned some valuable lessons the last couple of weeks since injuring my knee. As I stated in a recent post, my knee injury wasn't going to stop me and I would just add extra cardio and do triathlon stuff rather than lower body weights. I encountered unexpected problems though which could possibly affect us all come the end of week 12.

    Lesson1: Really think your new schedule through first before making any changes (diet and exercise)

    Yep, even though I was using the BFL diary, my changes meant it was more difficult to follow my plan and recover well enough between my extra cardio sessions. My swim sessions had to be later in the morning (9.30am) as I needed to wait for the pool to convert to 25m (from its normal 50m) for my drills, but I was used to going to the gym at 6.30am and had adjusted my diet to that earlier schedule. This later start time in the pool played havoc with my diet on those days.

    Lesson 2: Increased cardio = Increased fuel requirements.

    I should have known this. I ran 5km on the treadmill a couple of days ago and then had to have an afternoon nap because I was so exhausted. I also noticed I began snacking more with a craving for extra sugars. My body was obviously telling me something.

    Lesson 3: Don't take a week off after the first challenge.

    This was the scary bit. I have been really happy with my progress, but I was surprised that by subtly changing my routine away from the BFL plan I quickly began to revert to my previous eating habits. This was I believe due to my changing workout sessions, which in turn affected my eating times and amounts. I noticed I began to go back for seconds and eat more fat-free yoghurts than I'm supposed to. Thank god my house is free of unhealthy crap or I would have been in trouble. Although I only slipped back in the diet department for a few days I realised I wont be taking any time off except for maybe one extra free day between challenges, otherwise I think it may be to easy to slip back.

    I am certainly glad I have found this all out now. I was feeling a bit cocky that I would have no trouble with making adjustments to the plan and having a break without any issues of going back to my old ways. I am aware now that it is not quite that simple. Today I have gone back to the 'normal' BFL plan. I have adjusted my schedule now accordingly and factored in the swimming part so that it wont affect my diet.

  • Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Can you believe we're already done with week 8?

    Tim- Thank you for your advice! How is your injury doing? Now I am am a little confused about your point number 3. Are you saying you have already completed your 12 weeks and you tried taking a week off, or are you saying for future reference you don't plan to take a week off in between challenges? I personally crash really hard unless I take a 2 week break between challenges, I may gain a couple pounds in between challenges but I lose it pretty fast once I start the next challenge. I really need to have the down time to let my body recover, which in turn makes me really focused and committed to the next challenge. I have heard several people say it's important to take that break, but everyone is different. You got to do what's best for you. I hope you are feeling better!

    Only 4 more weeks left! It's getting quiet in here I hope everyone is doing well, please post in and let us know how you are doing!

  • Hi Jason

    Sorry for the confusion. I meant for future reference, primarily for myself. I have read that people like to have a break between challenges, which can be good, however after reading lots of posts on here it does seem though that a lot of people who have done one challenge in the past put most of their weight back on as soon as the challenge ends because they don't have a committed plan for the future. As long as you have a solid plan in place for Challenge 2 before Challenge 1 is completed there should be no problems with taking a break of two weeks. There are many on here though who obviously didn't do that and several months or even years go by before they start their second challenge. Committed forward planning that's all, something that is essential for me.

    Bring on the final 4 weeks. I had a really good free day today with lots of yummy food!!

  • Tim - I hope your knee is doing better!  Those are good points you make.  I do plan to take at least 2 weeks off before our next challenge, but I do see your point.  If I don't plan my meals and have the groceries I need, it is so hard to stick with the healthy eating.  It has been a busy week, and there have been a couple of days of fast food.  Now, I just get a burger with mustard and veggies and no fries, but my kids get fries, and as the challenge wears on, it is easier and easier to sneak a few of those fries!  

    Well, I really wasn't thinking I was seeing any week 8 "miracle" and as far as my scale goes on the lean mass and fat mass, it has stayed pretty steady.  But, in comparing actual scale weight, I have lost 5.5 pounds this week, so I guess that is pretty significant!  I decided to be encouraged by that!  Some of it is fat, and some of it is muscle.  It doesn't make any sense to me that the day after my free day is always the best lean mass for me.  Weird!

    I just realized something sad though - our vacation is July 22-29th, and I thought we were just going to be finished with the challenge by then, but I just realized this week that that will actually be our last week of the challenge!  Boo! So, I think I'll just take that week off and finish a week later.  But since I just intend to take a week or off and start another challenge, I'm not too worried about it!  

    I'm planning on trying some new UBWO exercises tomorrow, and I just added some squats to my LBWO.  

    Tish and Shannon - are y'all still out there?  How's it going?


  • Hi everyone,

    Happy week 9!  How is everyone doing so far?  I admit I didn't do so well on my workouts last week, but I am staying focused for these last 4 weeks!  Speaking of fast food (Alayna - good to know how you handle this), I was wondering what everyone else does in a pinch.  I've had a couple times where I wasn't planning to be out running around for as long as I was, had no protein bar and needed to stop and grab something.  It seems better to eat something then to skip a meal altogether.  What do you all do in this situation and what do you eat?