Anybody Starting Today 5-7-2012?

  • Good morning. I was meant to be on my way back from the gym now (it's 7.25am) but I was too tired to get up so cancelled my alarm. Lucky enough I'm working from home today so I will go there after writing this. A bit of extra sleep was worth it. Gee, I was even sound asleep last night at 10pm!! Was a busy day.

    Strong Finisher - I wouldn't worry too much about what your scale says. Home versions are normally not very accurate and really just give a rough estimate. The proper one's are at the gym. In saying that, the one at my gym is broken so I have been unable to since the start see how much fat I have lost and muscle I have gained. I, like you though, know I have gained extra muscle and lost fat just by the way I feel. I don't have to have a machine tell me that, although I would have used it if one was available.

    Also don't get too hung up on the final 12 week result with everything being perfect. Although we all will experience changes for the better I think that the idea is that this is something we will do for life, not something that stops at week 12. I'm already looking forward beyond week 12 to what I really want to achieve fitness wise, and treating this 12 week challenge as just a Stage 1 in that process. As I stated in an earlier post my aim was eventually to do a triathlon. But as I gain more confidence in myself during this challenge and learn about healthy eating and quality exercise I believe I can eventually take it further. I have always been intrigued by doing one of these:

    If you watch the whole video it is pretty inspiring. It will be a long journey to get that fit, but I plan to keep everyone on here updated on my progress as I find this board keeps me in check and motivated, so I hope you'll all be still around completing/heading towards your own long term challenges that we can keep each other motivated.

    In regards to music I need something with a good beat. Trance is the way to go. My favourite is 'Godskitchen Trance Anthems', released Jan 2008. It has 53 excellent songs with three continuous mixes of over an hour each, which is particularly great when doing the aerobic bit, as you don't have songs stopping and starting and you get a constant fast beat to run to.

    Right, off to the gym! Have a good day everybody.

  • Finally got back to my workouts yesterday.  And I had an exciting moment today.  I haven't taken my measurements in awhile and I decided to take them this morning.  I couldn't believe it... I suddenly have dropped 5 total body inches!!!  The scale still only says I am down two pounds, but I am so thrilled with my measurements, I think I am going to stop weighing myself altogether.  I have a poster that says it takes 6 weeks for you to notice the changes, 8 weeks for friends to notice and 12 weeks for strangers to notice.  Guess it's true :)  This is greatly motivating, I can't wait to go to the gym tomorrow!!!

    Jason, thanks for the awesome encouragement as usual!  You should be a coach!

    Shannon, I definitely feel like we are "family" too.  In fact I have been trying to figure out how we can all start together again on the next phase.  I don't know what everyone else plans to do, but I was thinking about taking week 13 off and then starting a new 12 week phase.  Anyone else game to do this with me?  Hope you have an amazing trip Shannon and keep up the good work!

    Tim, you are hilarious.  I can just see you acting all awesome and then dying as soon as the sales girl went in the back!  LOL!!!  I love your posts!  Keep them coming!  BTW what kind of store was that?  I want to go to a store that does that kind of test.

    StrongFinisher, I was totally feeling the same way as of late.  But my guy friend who did this program before me warned it took about 8 weeks for him to see any initial change and a little longer for his wife.  This week is the first time I've seen ANY real changes I've had since I started.  I think our bodies (especially as girls) take awhile to adjust to the new lifestyle.  My scale also tells me my body fat % and lean weight, but I don't think these are overly accurate, since last week when I started my cycle and was retaining water (sorry for the TMI, boys), it said my body fat went up around 2% but then this week it was down 3%.  I wouldn't worry too much about what the scale says, but instead focus on body measurements.  I take my waist, hips, one arm and one leg.  Then I add these numbers together for my total inches.  

    My guy friend also looked at my journal early on and really emphasized the importance both carbs and protein in that last meal of the day.  Since I started making sure I had that meal accordingly, my workouts the following morning have much more progressive.  Being a newbie, I don't know if this would help or not, but could be worth a try?  BTW I love your statement, "It reminds me just how damn beautiful I am!"

    As for music, I haven't been listening to music when I work out, but since my workout partner has completely ditched me now (she doesn't want to get up early anymore since her kids are now out of school for the summer), I plan to start bringing my ipod.  Since I am more of a classical, country and "off the beaten path" music person and not too familiar with music that a person would normally workout too, I usually just download "workout playlists" from itunes.

    And I just want to say thanks to everyone for being part of this group!  Now that I have no workout partner, this group is definitely keeping me accountable and motivated!  Hope I can return the favor!  Thanks everybody!!

  • Hey Guys,

    I am definitely up for starting another challenge!  I have always knows it will take much more than 12 weeks to be where I want to be.  I've read several places on here that recommends you take at least 2 weeks off before your next challenge, so that was my plan.  But, I'm not exactly sure what taking it "off" means because, like Tim was saying, I know, to some extent, this has got to be part of a lifestyle change.  From what I can understand, and I haven't read too much, but you keep eating clean, and do cardio activities you enjoy, but don't go to the gym or lift weights for those 2 weeks.  Our challenge ends the day we are leaving for a week of vacation so I know it will be easy to take that week off, but I don't want to take so much time off that I'm not ready to get back going.  I guess we'll play it by ear.

    This morning, I was encouraged by the scale!  I was at my lowest weight and fat percentage, so that was good, but who knows what it will say tomorrow?  I wish I had taken my measurements before I started, but I didn't.  

    And, that is good advice about the last meal helping your workout the next day.  I have been enjoying fruit and cottage cheese at night - I really like it.  Last night, I was eating a bowl of cottage cheese and blueberries, and my 6 year old came up and wanted a bite.  I was surprised, but he is an adventurous eater, so I gave him a big bite.  He got a very funny look on his face and I could tell he was unimpressed.  He said, "I thought that was Cool Whip."  I guess that would be a bit of a shock!  

    Thanks for everyone's encouragement and posts!  I love them! Keep up the hard work!


  • Hey Everyone! Had a great workout today, that Arc trainer is really amazing for getting a solid cardio in! I highly recommend it!

    Good to read all of your posts, you are all inspiring me to stay strong, it's been a little rough for me this week after doing a bunch of moving into a new place. I had little energy for workouts, but still gave it my all and sticking to it strong, thanks to all of you!

    For music I've been listening to lot of Flogging Molly and Irish punk/folk. The up beat mood really gets me pumped up and focused during my workouts. Also the heavy rock and techno gets me all psyched up.

    Alayna- Awesome to hear your results! It will pay off! Glad to hear your husband is doing better as well!

    Tishs- Thank you for the compliment! Being a guitar teacher I'm naturally of the coaching nature! Glad to hear you are back on track and feeling better! Awesome job on your measurements! 5 inches rocks! Keep up the great work!

    Tim- Good words and attitude about the challenge! I will check out the video! I dig trance too! I hope you got in a good workout today, I know what you mean, I didn't want to wake up early this morning either.

    As far as starting another challenge together, I would totally be up for it as long as it's ok with all of you that I do something a little bit different on the next challenge. I want to follow another one of Bill Phillips methods he used back in the day.

  • Alayna, I didn't know about the 2-week recommendation.  That sounds good to me, if everyone else who wants to participate is on board with that too :)  I really like this group so I want to stick with you guys :)

    Jason, hope you do start the new challenge with us even if you are doing something different.  I didn't know there were other "plans."  What plan are you going to do?

    Question:  I signed up for one of those email deals awhile back for 5 Barre Classes (ballet meets pilates meets yoga, from what understand).  I have to use them before they expires mid July.  The BFL plan specifically says not to do more then the the plan, but I'm not sure the classes would replace weight or cardio workouts.  Should  I just do the classes additionally or try to replace something?

  • Hey guys,

    Jason, what challenge are you talking about?

    I purchased a LULU Lemon jacket on line and it is too small so there is my motivation for this round of BFL! I want to loose inches to get in it!

    Tishs, the last BFL challenge I completed I lost 5 pounds only but the amount of inched was crazy!!! I didn't weigh myself for the entire 3 months and I also too photos of myself every month and I could see the changes! Thanks for all the tips and your inspiration:)

  • Hey everybody! Are we already towards the end of week 6?

    Tishs- That's a tough question to answer, but I would say do the classes additionally, since it may be too difficult to work in the high points with it. Although I would hate for you to feel run down from everything. I would guess the best thing to do would be try it out and see how you feel.

    Crystal & Tishs- to answer your question about my next challenge. Back in the day Bill Phillips and his brother made a video called "Body Of Work" which eventually led into the Body For Life Program. Some of the contestants from Body of Work did a diet/workout plan called "The ABCDE diet". It was designed by a Swedish scientist Torbjorn Akerfeldt, and Bill Phillips featured an article about it in Muscle Media magazine.

    I've done the regimen a few times in the last couple years and have had some amazing results. It involves calorie loading and calorie cutting along with heavy duty muscle work outs. I don't recommend it at all for losing weight but it is ideal for building muscle mass. I've gotten so many comments about my physique after doing it but that's only when I have done it in conjunction with the BFL program before hand. The 12 week BFL program helps me lose the fat, the ABCDE adds the muscle. Anyway it works really good for me and I would like to do it at least once a year for building good muscle mass.

    Here is a web page that explains it more in detail-

    Hope you all have a great weekend and awesome work out tomorrow!!!!

  • Hi guys

    Hope you don't mind me dropping into your week. I actually started on the 30th of April, but was sick for a week so re-did that week, meaning I'm at your equivalent. I've dropped 13lbs and 11 inches so far. But I've hit a plateau for the past two weeks - nothing is shifting off the scales. I guess I should go for a body fat % test right?

    Anyway, it's nice to meet you all and hear your stories. Nothing helps the process more than other people in the same boat. :)

  • Welcome to week 7 everybody! We made it half way through! I know you have all worked very hard, congrats to you!

    Mariposa9- not a problem at all! Would love for you to be a part of our group! Great job on losing 13 pounds that is awesome!!!

    Have an amazing day everyone!

  • Hi Everyone!

    Jason that sounds like an interesting program.

    Welcome Mariposa9!

    I went running outdoors for the first time today!  I had been sticking with the treadmill because I thought I could better maintain the intensity levels that way, but I found this awesome custom workout iphone app called Lolo.  They make different apps for all kinds of exercises and/or equipment.  I got the treadmill/running one.  You set up your profile with your stats, choose what kind of workout you want to do (walk, walk-jog, run), choose how to increase intensity (speed, incline or mixed), choose treadmill or outdoor running, and length of workout.  Then a "coach" talks you through your interval workout while adjusting the beat of either the music included with the app or your own music to match the intensity level you should be hitting.  So outdoors all I have to do is run with the beat of the music to hit and maintain my intensity levels.  You can make your own intervals or let the app make them for you.  And you can adjust up or down if you need to as you go.  The app remembers all your workouts and what day you are on, then changes-up and progresses the workout as you go.  I think it was $4.99, but is more then worth it to me to be able to run outside!  Then only thing I don't like about it is there is no 20min workout, only 15, 30, 45, 60 mins.  So I use either the 15 and repeat part of the workout or just go 30mins like I did today.  

    So, speaking of building more muscle... I looked in the mirror today and my legs are starting to look really like guy legs! :(  Especially my hamstrings.  Back in my teens thru my early 20's I used to work at a ballroom dance studio and danced 8hrs a day 5 days a week.  Not only was I extremely fit and thin, but had very muscular legs.  I think these muscles are coming back with a vengence.  I don't want to stop progressing with my LBW's, but I also want my legs to look like girl legs!  Anyone else encountering this?  Any ideas on how to prevent this?

    So glad we are finally into the weeks where results start to really manifest!!!

  • How's everyone doing today?

    Tishs- Awesome you discovered a new cardio you like, it feels great to have that variety! You are doing a great job I really enjoy reading your enthusiasm. To answer your question about legs, maybe you should go for lighter weights on those particular muscles to get more of a toning workout rather than building muscle mass? Do you have a personal trainer at your gym, you could ask?

    Off to do cardio, hope you all have a great day!

  • Good morning. Welcome to Week 7!!

    Confession: I missed my work-outs on Tues and Wed unfortunately as I was traveling with work and couldn't get to the gym, however I did have some fast walks, not that they really count. Actually I wasn't overly bothered because I have been experiencing some knee pain recently after some over ambitious dumbbell lunges and I could feel them on the bike, the treadmill and doing lower body exercises. Normally I would put my hands up and state, "That's It, I'm over getting injured!!".... and then give up, but I see this injury as an opportunity.

    My knee pain is now almost gone after the resting but I will still give it a good couple of weeks further rest before getting back into it, but just focusing on the aerobics side to reduce the chances of re-injury. In the meantime and instead of doing lower body exercises I will get started in the pool doing laps. May as well get my triathlon training underway, which I was going to start in the second challenge. My upper body exercises will be fine. Therefore my 12 week photos will have a nicely toned upper body and lean beginner triathlon legs. However, with all the aerobic work-outs from the pool I won't be as big up top as I would have been, but ultimately that is not my main aim anyway. I want a good triathlon physique, not a body builders.

    I hit the pool this morning to start it all. Did 500m freestyle stopping for a minute every 50m. Was pretty knackered by the end but was fitter than I thought. I guess all the other aerobic exercises are paying off. After the swim I wandered upstairs to my gym and did my full ab and core exercises, followed by some stretches. Over the next couple of weeks I will repeat this until I'm confident enough to get back on the treadmill and bike without any knee pain. I'm really excited about mixing them all up, plus keeping the UBWO into it, which I really enjoy!!

    As I missed Tues and Wed I will just exercise through Sunday, therefore I would have only missed one-day in the grand scheme of things.

    A good note to finish: On my work trip I hadn't seen some of the people since starting the challenge. Even wearing baggy hospital scrubs two people stated that it looked as though I had lost weight and looked much healthier. Hooray!! Other people are now noticing. :-)

    I hope everybody is going great!!

  • Hi Guys,

    Struggling with eating this week and last week. I need motivation and advice. How do you keep yourself on track?

  • Hi CrystalA

    I purchased the Body-for-Life Success Journal and it has worked really well. It has a daily plan in there which you can fill-in, however it is best to do it the night before so you know in advance what you need to be eating each day as soon as you wake-up. Schedule eating for every 2-3 hours and that way you should never be hungry.

    Every 2-3 weeks I also do a big shop online to have it delivered. In the UK it only costs an extra US$5.00 so cheaper than running a car to various shops. This way I get a better selection of all the healthy products I need to cook with, without enduring the temptations when I shop myself. Any food I need during the days in between such as salads, meats and bread I always pick-up on my way home from the morning gym session when I am feeling extra healthy and am less likely to buy rubbish. You should have something similar in the USA for your main food outlet.

    In regards to recipes, the Eating for Life book also by Bill Philips has some great recipes in it and are very simple to make and find the ingredients. I do have to substitute several items that aren't available here in the UK but it's not very hard.

    When I started the challenge I literally threw out all the fatty foods and other temptations that would steer me off track. There will be days when you get a craving, so not having it in the house makes it easier to avoid eating something bad. I work from home so it is easy to be tempted. I used to be addicted to Ben & Jerrys icecream, but now I see my chocolate or strawberry Myoplex replacing that fix, twice a day!! I add extra berries and ice and blend it up. Yummy, and I get my pseudo "B&J" fix, and as such haven't had any since starting the challenge.

    Drinking lots of water during the day should also reduce your hunger. I drink now about 12 glasses a day, usually one before and after each meal (except for my last meal) plus a couple when I wake up. Failing that I go and clean my teeth and look at the photo of myself at Week 1. That is more than enough incentive to stay motivated.

    I hope that helped.

  • Tim- Sorry to hear about your knees! Mine have been bothering me a lot too, I had cut my running cardio down to 1X per week and do other cardio workouts instead, but they are finally starting to feel normal. Sorry you missed two workouts, but it happens and I'm sure you'll get right back on track. Glad to hear you got some good compliments on your work trip! keep up the great work and mind set!

    Crystal- I understand the food frustration. Tim has some awesome advice there about not having any junk around the house, being prepared, and the Eating For Life Book. What's been helping me a lot is watching the show Biggest Loser, seeing the contestants getting their butt kicked working out and eating healthy really motivates me to eat clean. I know you will do good, just think Sunday is never more than 6 days away! What also helps is to write all the foods you are craving during the week down on a list, then when Sunday comes you can go crazy with it!

    Have a good night everyone!