Vegetarian Meal Ideas

  • Does anyone have any  suggestions for replacements for meat in the meals?  I am afraid that am not going to be getting enough protein on this program.  I am going to have eggs in the morning for breakfast, but will have to limit things like lentils, peanut butter, etc.,. due to the amount of starches and fat content.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    I'm a vegetarian as well and posted about this same thing when I started the BFL Challenge. I mainly eat Tofurky links (although I count them as a carb as well since they are high-ish in carbs), Field Roast links, tofu, seitan, egg whites/eggs, and cottage cheese. Others had a lot of other suggestions, mostly mock-meats which I don't particularly like, but definitely good options.

    Have you already started the challenge? If not, when are you starting?

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  • Mock meats are typically not very good options because they are usually primarily soy, which isn't healthy.  If you have eggs, then I assume whey is also good with you. How many protein shakes are you doing a day?  I would say do 2 portions of eggs and another with cottage cheese or Greek yogurt.  You can then do shakes to fill in the other meals. 

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  • This argument could go on for decades, but due to the fact that my son is a bodybuilder who is vegetarian, we have researched soy based diets out the wazoo..We have seen several nutritionists and also read, re-read and read some more too many "studies" to list but found one website that I feel sums it up nicely with CLINICAL research from NON meat/dairy industries trying to debunk the goodness of soy...Everything in moderation is the key whether it be beer, pizza, chocolate or even soy.  My son has regular blood work/physicals done & keeps on top of his diet due to the fact that it is a soy based diet (no low sperm count, no man boobs for him..he is healthy as a horse thankfully)  If you choose to read the article, make sure to click all the links as they have very interesting information

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  • It's very myopic to only consider estrogen if you are looking into soy, given the numerous health concerns about a soy based diet.  I am personally most concerned about the toxicity that comes with our most heavily pestisided food.  Given a vegetarian has several options, I'm shocked a bodybuilder, especially a male one would do so much soy.  

    That was an article indicating very limited clinical research that is nebulous at best.  There are some ways that soy can be incorporated healthfully, so don't get me wrong, but the overwhelming majority of scientific research indicates it should be in very limited quantities.  

    Leo B writes nicely and does some decent synopsizing, but I'm surprised he went this far with that blog, given it’s so far outside his area of expertise.  I'm always suspect when they start out with a mass generalization and a for that matter a lie.  It's a lie to say that all research on the negatives of soy are WAPF perpetuated.  He uses verbiage like "fringe" and this is a red flag for me.  Basically, it's a political ploy.  If I minimize the other side and act like they're crazy then maybe people won't look into what I'm saying too closely.  He used the information he wanted, which is dishonest.  The fact is that soy increases the chances of some cancers and decreases the chances of others.  For him to take only one side should be an indicator that there's a huge issue with his findings.

    He makes some decent points and for the record, I think Gary Taub goes way too far and is just as inaccurate with information for the opposite argument.  Reason must prevail.  

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  • I agree -- everything in moderation. Fish with high levels of mercury or beef with high levels of fat can be just as bad for you as soy products. Any crap food you find on the shelf has some kind of side effect and there are millions of people around the world eating it and taking those risks. I would rather take my chances with a moderate intake of soy based foods for protein than eat any kind of meat or other processed crap food that isn't good for me. I'm exercising and eating a healthy diet which to me is a lot better than doing nothing beneficial for me health whatsoever.

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