Starting May 7th! Any Takers?

  • Day 4 and Holy Soreness! Food is pretty much on point not perfect but better than it was before. I forgot to eat lunch yesterday because of a busy schedule. Im down a few lbs and I'm sure its just water weight but its still nice motivation. I am going to enjoy my day outside and relax in the sun :) Next week is my last week of this mini vacation before summer semester starts up :( I'm just going to have to really plan ahead when Im out of the house all day.

    Awesome Job everyone!! keep it up...I love hearing everyones stories it keeps me motivated!

  • Ok you former BFLers...when does the weight loss start to kick in.  I'm loving the food and exercise.  The bars make me feel like I am eating chocolate so that craving is taken care of.  After the first day was up a pound, now back down and holding.  I'm not in a hurry to lose it b/c I am going to give my all for the entire 12 weeks of the program so I know eventually the muscle will win out.  Just curious!!  

    Congrats to all who are on the's a big step in the right direction.

  • noworries, the weight loss kicks in differently for everyone. i did find that in the beginning, (while I was building muscle?), the weight loss wasn't all that great (except for that first week). After a couple of weeks, I started to see some more consistent movement on the scale. Then it would flatten out, so I'd change up my exercise, then I'd see a surge of results again. I have an extremely stubborn body - it does not like to lose weight! I feel like I have to "trick" it into losing weight and the cheat day works well with that. Hope that helps!


  • @Leader1 - I'm getting along alright.  I usually forget to eat at least one meal day (6 is a lot to remember!) but I've always enjoyed working out.  Obviously, it was more enjoyable when I was in shape but being sore is a little fun.  I laugh at myself all day as I struggle not to cry out when I make a sudden movement while simultaneously trying not to move like someone just beat me with a stick.  Lol!

    I'm about to head out for my cardio.  Tuesday I cheated a little and did a cardio exercise video in the privacy of my own home where no one could hear me whine.  :-)

  • Happy Day 5 to everyone...and yep....still sore! LOL

  • Morning, and welcome to Day 6!!!

    Arrived at my gym this morning at 7am only to find it opens at 8am on Saturdays. Stupid me for not checking. Laid in the sun and waited which was nice. I usually would have gone for a Starbucks coffee but that would have ruined my diet, as well as quality sun time. My legs are SORE!!!! My upper body feels okay especially after yesterdays mammoth straight 10's session. My body must have crossed that initial "OMG" moment when you start lifting weights.

    Hit the treadmill again this morning although a bit reluctantly considering my legs were sore. Did some extra stretches before it and took the gradient off, and in the final minute cranked it up to 14km/h, my fastest yet. Brilliant!!! Did some ab planks to finish.

    I was lacking a bit of motivation this morning, but I'm lucky that my gym "The Manchester Aquatic Centre" is the one of the main UK training centres for the Olympics. There was a major competition this morning and our gym overlooks the main pool with the huge crowd in the stands. That was good motivation to get fired up!!

    Keep up the good work everybody!!!

  • Good morning! We are in week 2 woohoo!! I didn't lose any weight the first week, but I do feel stronger - will definitely be increasing the weights later this week. I really took advantage of my cheat day - ate fried chicken and piece of cake at my grandmom's and then steam crabs and shrimp for dinner including icecream for dessert. I did get a good workout in though and did 2 hours of yardwork, so hopefully I burned off most of my indulgence. I am much more prepared with my food this week and stocked up my fridge at work, so I have good healthy snacks, oatmeal for breakfast, rice, turkey breast, ready to go! One thing I do indulge in that isn't strictly on the eating plan are cara cara navel oranges - I will have one in the afternoon a couple times during the week. They are so good and get me over that afternoon hump. Not sure how it is affecting the plan though.


  • Tassie, that's pretty neat that your gym is an olympic training center - great way to stay motivated watching those top athletes!

    Angie, I forget a meal now and again also, especially when I have a day of back to back meetings. I am usually starving by my next meal. After a while, your body starts to tell you when its time.

  • Week 2 off to a great start.  Felt run down and yucky after indulging in all the "off list" food yesterday.  I imagine that I will curtail to just one meal as an indulgence next weekend.  Didn't weight in even though I wanted to for fear that I would be disappointed.  I do feel a little stronger this week and am actually a wee bit sore still from the workout on Saturday.  Hope everyone has a great week.  Stay strong!

  • Welcome to Week 2!! Is there a way we can merge this thread with the other one? I prefer this thread title though as it's more 'International' rather than a back-to-front date.

    Anyway, Sunday as I was flying due to work I indulged on a few pastries, eggs and bacon, and some Macca's (McDonalds) for a late dinner. Certainly felt rather tired after it and my energy just dissipated. Will make sure my next Free Day is a bit lighter.

    Had some more motivational issues yesterday, due primarily to an exhausting weekend of traveling and a crappy diet for my Free Day Sunday. Had to really dig deep to drag myself out of bed at 6am and I was on auto-pilot on my 15min walk to the gym. Hit my 9-10's but was in serious need of sleep.

    Today was much better and I'm back on track and feeling good. Running session went really well and I've been feeling peppy (sparky) all day. Soreness in my muscles has gone and just replaced with tiredness which I'm certainly happier about. I'm noticing my upper body feeling slightly firmer which is great. Should be able to increase the weights tomorrow.

    Happy Tuesday everybody!!!

  • I just finished last wk w/ a challenge.  I lost 8#s and several inches, but I have a LONG way to go:(  My goal this time around is to write EVERYTHING down!  You don't realize the workouts you miss or the food mishaps that you have until it is written out in black and white.  So, here is to 11 1/2 more weeks!!!!  


  • I am going to post everything on my profile that I do.  I want to make sure that everyone knows what I'm doing and maybe if you see if I'm doing something wrong, please let me know.  



  • @Blessed Mom

    I know what you mean about writing everything down. I purchased the Body for Life Success Journal on Amazon (along with the Body for Life book, Body for Life Cooking book, and the DVD's). It was part of one of their deals. The Success Journal is brilliant and I use it daily to keep me on track with my 6 meals per day diet and exercise routines.

    I also printed out some of the Exercise plans on this site which correspond with the Upper and Lower body routines. I fill them in and take them to the gym on a clipboard and keep close track on my progress throughout my session. Once competed and I have a bit of spare time during the day I slowly put together my next session by looking at how I went in the last session. It may be a bit of extra work filling it all in but I find it really motivating and keeps me on track as I see how much I'm progressing.

    Keep up the good work. We will be here for you.

  • Good morning everyone! I had a good cardio workout but didn't really hit my "10" Just felt a little tired, but I once I realized I hadn't hit that high I tried to make up for it but adding more time and did 45 minutes altogether. I did eventually hit my stride.

    i agree with Tassie and Shannon, writing down what you do and eat really makes a difference. If I don't log my food throughout the day I forget things and therefore not accountable. Then when you dont see results that week, there's no place to look and see what went wrong and make changes.


  • Ok, I'm losing count!  lol!  We have finished 2 wks and are mid 3rd wk, correct!  Wow!  If that's so, woo hoo!!!!!!  Hope everyone is bee-bopping along dandy!  So far so good here.