Starting May 7th! Any Takers?

  • Starting today with my wife.  We have had 2 attempts of this in the past.  This is our time!  We are committed and ready to feel better about ourselves and provide a positive healthy example to our toddler as he grows.

    Meals for the week planned and groceries bought.  Looking forward to the support of this community and supporting

    others on the journey.

    I can do this!

    You can do this!

    We will do this!!

  • How is everybody doing so far? I had a great cardio this morning and meals are right on track. Day 1 of 84 is 1/2 over and feeling good and confident. Hope everybody is doing well .......

  • Count me in as well. I started this morning and is my first time. Originally from Australia now in the UK, so unfortunately not eligible for the competition. I have had a couple of weeks sorting out my kitchen, ordering the Myoplex in, and stocking the fridge and cupboards with all healthy goodies for 6 meals. Bring it on!!! Treadmill at the gym tomorrow at 6.30am.

    Just polished off dessert: a couple of handfuls of blueberries and a serve of no-fat forest fruits yoghurt. Yum!!

  • Well, just started this morning myself.  Couldn't do the morning gym routine, so I went this afternoon and just got back.  I hadn't been to the gym in months.   Boy, did it show!  Holy crap it was hard today.  I managed to do the 20 minutes, but not in the intensity levels.  I just didn't have the stamina.

    Now, let me be candid here, I'm 45 years old, 5'7", and 295 lbs.  This is my first time on BFL.  Meals today, no sweat really, though I really need to plan better for the next few days.

    Tomorrow's a new day!

  • I went ahead and started with upper body this morning.  I could barely wash myself in the show afterward. Lol!  I guess that means I did it right.  Eating-wise, I forgot to eat one meal and couldn't get my jar of salsa open tonight for dinner.  :-(  Still, everything else went alright.

    @kboutin - I expect my cardio to go the same way tomorrow morning.  Keep thinking that as long as you hit it hard from the start, you'll get better results.

  • Day 2 so far so good here...eating is on point however I did have a Bacardi and diet (or two lol)  last night a friend of ours just returned from Afghanistan so we were celebrating.  Yesterdays workout went amazing I got my husband to train with me and I can lift soooo much more if someone is helping me get the weight up. I felt great after and did 20 min of cardio after. I did step on the scale to get my base weight and Im up to 206 :( but hey thats what we are here for. Today I'm still a little hurting from the cocktails last night so I havent attempted my cardio yet but I will before the days end.

    Hope everyones Day 2 is going great!!!


  • Day 2 has been great for me as well. Great run on the treadmill this morning although I forgot my intensity pattern and went back to 5 each period which lead me to running for 22min. Had to increase to 13km/h in the last 30sec at 2 degrees gradient to hit my high point. Will remember for next time.

    Bit sore today in the upper body which is good. Means my workout yesterday targeted the right areas. Only hit 8's & 9's on half the exercises and 10's on the rest, but it has given me a base to know what weights I can properly lift next time.

    Enjoying the 6 meals a day, being a real highlight. My Myoplex still hasn't arrived (hopefully tomorrow) so I am eating lots of other healthy stuff, but am really enjoying trying new recipes.

    Lessons learnt:

    1. Wholegrain oats when cooked for breakfast taste nice with cinnamon and that pretend sugar stuff.

    2. Scrambled eggs (1 whole, 3 whites) tastes better with pepper and a small amount of healthy ketchup.

    Lower body tomorrow morning. Good luck everybody!!

  • Day v2 has been good so far. Good cardio workout this morning. Enjoying the healthy meals so far.  Can't wait for more energy, But feel really good immediately after working out. Upper body tomorrow at 5 am. Good Luck!

  • May I join y'all? Day late and a dollar short, but I want to give this a shot!

  • @pmal64 Welcome. The more the merrier!! I will be reporting in most days on here as it will keep me honest to my goals, and keep me inspired reading the progress of everyone else.

  • Hi Angie, I just started this week too!  How are you getting on??

  • Happy Day 3 to everyone!! How has everyones week been so far?? I had a bbq to go to for my husbands unit and let me tell you the only thing there I could eat was the grilled chicken which was delish; on the down side by 10pm I was starving because I didnt have my veggies or carb with dinner. Note to self don't skimp at meal time. Today is leg day which is always my favorite to work out but I hate the first few weeks of legs because sitting and standing up is a challenge LOL

    Keep it up guys! Cant wait to see where we are a month from now!!


  • Nice work Tianna!!

    Day 3 yesterday was great!! Was rather sore when I woke up this morning from yesterdays lower body workout. The lunges were a killer and I certainly hit a 10 at the end. We don't have a calf machine in my gym so I had to do extra Angled Calf Raises. I'll have to find a step. Added front and side plank exercises to the end of my ab workout to help strengthen my core a bit more.

    Day 4 this morning I did some extra stretches before heading to the gym which helped the legs and hips a bit. The cardio (treadmill running) went well although my legs were certainly more sore, however reached a 10 at the same speed as last time. Did some planks at the end for my core.

    Weighed myself for the fun of it and I have put on 1kg since starting, however I'm not bothered as I think this is to be expected. Plus I have so much more energy throughout the day. Come the middle of this program I expect to start burning the fat off well and good.

    How's everybody else going today??

  • Hi everyone! I had a good start to my morning.  Good workout (and my legs and butt are really sore toda) and food is on track.  Last night I caved and ate around 50 calories of popcorn.  Not alot of calories, but all the wrong kind of carbs and a worst time of day to do it. tasted really good. I am going to review the book again over the next week - I am finding that after doing 12 weeks on the plan (finished just before doing this second one), that I may not be doing things 100% the BFL way.


  • Also, there are two threads with people starting May 7th - what do people think about combining them?