new person here with questions

  • Hello everyone.  I have just started the B4L program and so far I am enjoying it .The first day was hard but then it started getting easier.My question is this, I have a non flat stomach/ab area. I would love to have nice flat one especially since I would be able to fit into small clothes than what I currently wear. I know it won;t happen overnight but I am at a loss as far as the best exercises to do to achieve this goal of mine.

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement from all of you.


    starting weight 171.4 pounds on May 2, 2012

    goal weight is 115

  • Greetings.  Welcome to BFL and this forum. 

    To answer your question, no exercise you aren't already currently doing on BFL.

    Abs are made in the kitchen.  Your stomach won't have that flat look until about 18% body fat and abs won't be washboard until about 12%. 

    Just keep at it!

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I am definitely in the same boat & abs ARE made in the kitchen...also, cardio cardio cardio so make sure you do your cardio days FOR SURE and hit those 10's (I personally always add a fourth cardio to my week)

    You unfortunately can't spot lose...I read on this site somewhere that we are like onions & the layers come off just like the layers on the onion as we are losing weight & getting its an even process & the bigger parts will be the last to shed...for us with belly fat, it means that will be our last spot to go

    Follow the program & stick to the food plan and you will have WONDERFUL results...good luck!!!!

  • Thanks for the great answers. The problem I really have is I have NO self control.I mean I have tried everything short of tossing the food in the house out the door ( not an option since other people here have to eat) . I am seriously at my wit's end about this. I am drinking water when I feel hungry but sadly it doesn't work :'-(. I am doing the exercises as well so if anyone has ideas could you please share them? Thanks ladies and gents☺♥☺

  • I am low in the self control realm too. I think it's about removing the temptations and planning all 6 meals each day. I plan a day ahead but I know some folks who do several day to a full week ahead to keep themselves in check. It's like a grocery list for your stomach. I think this can help a lot if you aren't doing it already. I log into MyFitnessPal which I use to track my nutrition and go ahead and fill in everything I am going to eat that day for each meal. Then I just keep an eye on the clock and every 2-3 hours I prepare the next thing on my list.

    Is there any way the people you are living with can follow the plan with you? I think my resolve would have crumbled ages ago if my husband wasn't eating the same foods I am. If that is not an option, maybe get a mini fridge for your stuff only, never go into the kitchen fridge, and eat at different times from everyone else. That way you won't be tempted by their food choices.

    The flat stomach will happen on its own in due time, if you stay disciplined. I am adding a 4th cardio day now as well (just wrapping up Week 10) and have cut out foods like pasta, peanut butter, any fruit that isn't a berry, and low-fat cheese. I have seen a big difference since making those omissions. I am not at a 6-pack yet and may not be by Week 12, but I no longer have to hold in my stomach to make it look flat.

    Hope this helps... good luck!

  • That is a really hard problem. I think alot of us have that issue. I am 54, married and my daughter and grand daughter live with me. You couldn't imagine the food that comes in this house. I plan my meals at least the day before and make sure i have plenty that i like. Fat free yogurt is sweet, i like that to satisfy. Any way, I eat every 2 hours and try to eat slow, not easy. Also I think the water helps fill me up. I love to eat and this is difficult, but not as difficult as it was for me to look in the mirror. I was getting a muffin top, big boobs, a roll of fat under my boobs.Plus my knees were starting to bother me. How horrible. I would rather eat healthy and feel better than that. But you are right, it is very hard with all the food in the house.

    Today is my 5th day. I have lost 5 lbs. I feel better, i swear i even think clearer, although my husband may think differently. I am trying to stay motivated and excited. Please keep in touch. It is nice to talk with someone who this is new to also.

    good luck, boobs.

  • Welcome to the bfl family. You are experiencing what each of us have had to deal with a one point in our journey. We all desire instant gratification from our hard work. The hard and sad truth is it will take the entire 12 weeks and possibly more of kicking butt in the gym and eating right. Stick with the program and believe in it. There are too many wonderful and amazing success stories for it not to work. As the days and weeks go by it will be easier to stay on track. Then when the changes start showing there will be a drive and desire you have never known. I have completed 4 true challenges and a couple of failed ones. I know the program works and just have to be patient. I didn't get out of shape in 3 weeks and never expect to get back in shape after 3 weeks. Just remember that "you have to want change more than you want to stay the same." Someone one here has a signature that sums it up perfectly. It says "I won't tell you it will be easy, but I will tell you it will be worth it." hang in there and keep faith in yourself. You can do this and will be thankful in 12 weeks. Good luck. There is a group of us on the BFL Warriors thread that welcome everyone. Have a great day.

  • How true, you have to want to change.... and it does take time. I am on my 8th. day, I haven't looked back yet. Steady ahead..... I feel great.

    My knees actually flee better. How awesome is that?