In the middle of week 2... I LOVE BFL!!!

  • Hello!

    I just wanted to say that this is the first time I have heard of  Body For Life, and after I listened to the audio book, it totally inspired me. After I started on April 14th, I started noticing immediately how much better I was feeling. My overall wellbeing seemed to change overnight. I love that I no longer have to count calories, and track in that manner. This is so much easier for me. Even when I would eat whatever, and whenever, I was always a grazer... I would graze on horrible choices throughout the day... This way, i'm still eating 6 meals, but better choices. Plus my free day keeps me going, because if I crave something, I can save it and tell myself.. "I'll just have that on my off day", and put it aside. I've yo-yo dieted for years, and I would always fail because I'd cheat on my plan, and feel so horrible about myself I'd never keep going. Now, giving myself an off day, I don't feel guilty at all! Counting portions is working so well for me. As far as working out, I'm already feeling stronger and leaner. I can't see much in the mirror, but I can just feel the difference already on the inside. The end of my first week, I lost 7 pounds and so far it looks like I may lose another 3 this week. I believe I WILL lose my extra 30 unwanted pounds in the my 12 weeks!!

     I'm so much of a BFL fan right now.... :o)

    Proud and ready to rock these next 11 weeks! WOO!

    Proud to be in the BFL family,

  • Hello!

    I'm starting tomorrow, May 12th! Youre' very inspirational! Do you have any suggestions with regards to meals that are working for you?


  • Well done!! Think like a champion, win like a champion! I believe you can do it too, so keep up the fantastic work!! We're all cheering for you girl! ^_^

    "Eat clean, train mean, live lean!"

  • We are proud to have you as part of our BFL Team , Keep Moving Forward!!