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  • I am really concerned here. Help! Someone please! I'm reading on the boards here and see contradicting opinions. I'm sure even below this post I may also find the same thing. But, is the Eating for Life Recipe book good for doing our first challenge?? Some say it's for maintaining only.

    Are all the recipes good or are they all bad?

    Are some made for maintenance only?

    Are there recipes in the book that are still ok or not?


    Please share your insight, information and wisdom.



    <3 Jacque Dee

  • Hey there Jacque Dee! Here is my opinion...EFL can be used, BUT you have to make sure that the portions are appropriate AND that the recipes use the authorized foods found in the original BFL book. For instance, there might be a recipe which makes a choc/PB smoothie or whatever...PB is not authorized for the challenge.

    I have the book, just don't use it...did way back when, but not now....

    Do you have the ORIGINAL BFL book? If so, stick to those foods and you will be good to go!

    Hope this helps! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I agree that the original list of authorized food from the original book would be your best bet.  Herbs and spices are generally allowed to augment the food and give some flavor variety.

    For your 12 week challenge there are so many combinations from the original list.  

    While the EFL recipes might be a "good" choice, the original BFL might be "better for now."

    Best wishes for good health and discipline to you.


  • I can tell you that during the challenge I did not eat from the EFL recipe book.  There is an introduction of more sugars and fats in those recipes and the portions tend to be a little larger. There is nothing wrong with the recipes but for the challenge I do no believe that you will experience the same results if you were following those recipes.  Why do I think this:  Because I am three weeks past the date I finished my challenge and have started using the EFL recipes daily.  I have had to spend these three weeks just figuring out portion control because there are a combination of ingredients and I have put on a slight amount of weight trying to figure this out.

    Psychologically and physically it would, imho, be best if you stayed mostly away from these.

  • Natural peanut butter is authorized.  So I'm confused by your comment Debbie.  It's right there under authorized unsaturated fats.  It's reccomended that you have a tablespoon a day of one of these fats if you aren't eating salmon three times a week.  Here is the link to the section on this website:

    I personally love the EFL cookbook!  Like stated above, you just need to watch the portion sizes.  My kids even love most of the meals that I make from it.  They constantly ask for the sloppy joes, and tonight we had the grilled fish tacos, which were great!  I've done 4 cycles, and am in week four of C5.   I've used the cookbook throughout every cycle.  Good luck!! :)  

  • Jacque Dee,

    Everything is really relative to what YOU want to accomplish during your challenge.  Body-for-Life has evolved over the years since the original book was written, but that doesn't mean either set of information is incorrect or that co-mingling the information won't give you results.

    The original book is written with much more structure and requires more discipline.  The choice you make is yours.  Some folks find the original food list too limiting and boring.  Some find comfort in limiting their choices allowing them more control over what they have access to.

    If you don't suffer from any emotional or stress eating, then you can more than likely get away with using the EFL cookbook during your challenge, especially if you have no issues with portion control.

    Find what works for YOU and you will be successful.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I sat down one day and went through them all and made this personal determination.  The ideas on the following pages are ok with the noted modifications:

    131 (without the mayo)
    144 (without the yogurt, breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese)
    180 (without the white wine)
    235 (without the peanut butter and sugar substitute)
    301 (without 3 egg yolks)
    307 (without the sugar substitute)

    It was noted to me by Mike Harris the 2006, 50+ BFL Champion (aka BFLMike) that "Most of the mixed recipes are fine, too, but to avoid the conflict between portion sizes and serving sizes you really need to just adjust the recipes a bit. That's not as hard as it might seem. For most recipes, you can get YOUR portion size by using 70% of the amounts called for in the recipe, and that should make two servings for YOU. Otherwise, the recipes will [be] too large."

    The info about 70% really only applies to women.  Everyone should be sure to watch the portioning with some of the recipes.

    Hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

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  • Hi Sharon--Wonder-Woman,

    Thanks for the list. Out of curiosity, why do you suggest not using the sugar substitute? I use Stevia for's plant based,  and has negligible sugar and carb content. Thoughts?

    "The achievement of one goal should be the starting point of another."  -Alexander Graham Bell

  • Nicole,

    At the time I put that personal list together and shared it, I wasn't using sugar substitutes.   My personal preference even before BFL was to eat without adding stuff.  I can eat a hot dog plain. :-). Since I've compiled that list, I've started adding Splenda to my oatmeal.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I had been wondering about this. I'm a first time Body for Lifer and bought the book. So I guess generally the tip is to stick to the correct portions?

  • If you can figure out what *your* portion sizes should be while using the EFL book then it might be usable.  Just remember that if you are wanting to have the best results on the challenge... that using the recipes as is and eating the portions recommended in the EFL book will not get you the best results compared to eating the correct portion sizes of foods comprised strictly off of the authorized food list from the original BFL book.  I've got the EFL book too and I've used many of the recipes in there (not while doing the challenge though) and I love the book.  But I also know that *I* am the type of person that needs a little more structure to succeed and for me structure is more valuable to me than variety.  It would be too much work and effort to be trying to figure out correct portion sizes out of the EFL book when it is super easy to figure out the correct portion sizes form the authorized food list... which is why I stick to the authorized food list.

    Of course you are gonna find contradicting opinions on this... because everyone is different, everyone has an opinion and while their opinion may be what is best for *them*... it may not be what is best for *you*.  Find what works best for you and use that.  My opinion is... the EFL book is great for active maintenance after I've completed the 12 week challenge.  Well let me rephrase that... since it will take more than one challenge to reach my fitness goals I will say the EFL book will be great for active maintenance once I have reached my fitness goals.  Until then... comprising my meals from the authorized food list will be the best option (once again *for me*) while actually doing the challenge on my way to reaching my fitness goals.