STARTING C2 APRIL 23RD ....any takers :) :) :)

  • Hey that bodybuilding site is a great resource for exercises I just checked it out. I had a phenomenal workout.....I started last week so today was my ubw......I've got a lot of fat to lose..... I weigh 135 but my fat percentage is like I got the fat burning machine revved up like crazy. You know what I did? I did some cardio before my workout like maybe 15 min of 30 seconds running and 30 seconds rest....then I hit the weights. I was sweating like crazy and I swear I never sweat!!!!! It was great!!! For the first time ever I felt like I gave everything I had and I left the gym exhausted but in a good way. Since this is my C2 I feel like I have the authority to sort of divert a little away from the bfl  book and try things that I think will work for me. But for all you first timers out there.....stick to what the book says and see what your results are.

  • Hi everyone! Today was lower body and abs. Definitely feeling it now! I'd like to get some advice on eating. So far I've followed the book. My free day is Sunday but I plan to stick close to the book until week 6. My work schedule kind of presents an issue though. On Saturdays, I work 630 AM to 230PM then I go back in at Midnight until 8AM. Needless to say being awake at that time I get hungry, and usually eat something. I'm trying to figure out how to keep close as close to the book as possible. So should I plan to eat a couple small meals/snacks over the course of the night or suck it up and eat nothing until breakfast time? I also want to thank everyone for posting on here, it's great to have a support group.

  • Day 4 LBW in the books - only managed four "9"s and two of those were abs, but now I'll have a better handle on the weights I need next time. Feel a little shaky in the middle but otherwise kinda "tingly".

    Jodi - thanks so much for posting your story yesterday. I knew I had to do my workout early today, but was really tempted to just sleep in and put it off till the afternoon (which might have meant skipping since I really won't have time then). Then I remembered your post and thought "I'd be letting not just me, but her and everyone else down - and I don't even have the excuse of being sore, time to get my butt out of bed!" So now it was your turn to motivate me! It's like we've got a cycle going now - what's the opposite of a vicious circle? A virtuous circle?

  • ok, i'm right behind you....have lower back issue, and car accident 6 months ago....used to be in shape, but now addicted to sugar and carbs, but still go to gym 4 days a week....

    I need some real mental changing, as i'm weary now, with fat gut on me, 55 yo, ex Navy, etc....

    I've followed BFL at one point, the weight lifting/excercise for many years, but never the meal plan....

  • @ZFW_GO - Assuming six meals each for Saturday and Sunday, can you (re)arrange them so that one or two fall during your midnight shift? A bit of rescheduling seems like it might be the best way to go.

  • Everytime I log on here, I could literally cry...and I am trying not to be to dramatic about things but good lord, you people are amazing individuals..such dedication, such awesome questions and NOW this special little bond of virtuous circle (@mstickles ;) )  LOVE IT!!!  so wonderful that we can be here for each other and REALLY motivate one another..til the end people, til the end :)

    @ZFW_GO I think what I would do is two meals during the first shift, 2 meals during the off time (plus a good long nap) and 2 more meals second shift..does that sound doable to you?  I know with myself, I cannot eat at 6:30am so that would be rough for me and if worse comes to worse add another small snack in with quality carbs to maintain you and keep you going..good luck

    @jlm86 -- I too was TOTALLY addicted to sugar (like crack to me) this is why i decided to take on BFL.  WOW am I glad I did, because of how the eating is planned out, I honestly truthfully do not crave sugar anymore..i wont even have it on my off day for fear of going back to my old ways.  Its not easy the first week but your a Navy man, you know what hard work, dedication & being pushed is all about !!!!  you will literaly have withdrawalsfor the first 3 to 5 days, cant sleep, headaches etc but in the end, it is soooooo worth it.  I wish you the best of luck and really hope you give the meal plan a will not let you down, I promise

    Have a wonderful day group!!!  Im sure Ill talk to you all very soon (very slow day at work haha!!!)

    JODI  :)

  • I also was a sugar addict....never drank water either, always had to have some flavor....during my first challenge I can't tell you how many times I felt like throwing up downing a glass of water in the morning. I can assure you that you can change and that you WILL change. Fighting the sugar is the hardest. This is what I did to curb it.... Chocolate protein shake with a kelloggs double chocolate protein meal bar.....has 10 grams of protein, 22 carbs.....tastes more like a candy bar than a protein bar. So you are kind of satisfying a craving but with a good substitute. It is filling too. So now for this challenge, I've cut out the meal bars and getting my sugar fix from oranges, apples and can even detect a sugary taste in my salads!!!! Is that crazy or what?.....coming from someone that used to eat cookies and soda for breakfast.....

  • Since we are all talking about sugar, i recommend the following video by a very famous professor. Bottom line sugar in large quantities is not just fattening, its poison:

  • Hi all...been a couple days and just wanted to chime in.  Was challenged today and after reading some more of your posts I'm glad I didn't give in.  Went with a group to the "Soul Food Cafe" today....and had WATER!!!!  Ate my grilled chicken salad when I got back to the office.  Those fried pork chops looked mighty fine though!!!!  

    Running went great this morning, little soreness from yesterday's LBWO, but otherwise fine.  Looking forward to the UBWO in the AM.

    Keep pushing forward and ya'll be safe!

  • Toughest workout so far this morning - legs still sore from yesterday's LBWO, my intervals went 4-7 instead of 6-9 cause it hurt too much too push past that (don't want to risk injury), had warmed up enough by the high point minute to push to an 8 or 9 (too phased by then to tell, it felt more like a 6 no matter how much I pushed and only when I slowed down could I tell my heart was pounding like crazy) - only thing that kept me going by the end was knowing you guys are busting your tails too. MAN am I glad for this group!

  • @fivtwenty7- Great job on showing control. Its these small wins  that you string together into a successful challenge! You just focus on how healthy you are going to be and how great you’ll look.

    @jodi- Nothing better than some emotion to push everyone forward. Everyone here does this because they want to change and be stronger and you do such a great job of motivating us all! My hats off to you :)

    @jim86- I’m sure you know this but the meal plan is really to key to losing weight.  Exercising will not got you there if you don’t eat the right things in the right portions. You do need both the exercise and the diet but its mostly the diet. Watch the video I posted, towards the end he explains why.

    @mstickles- Way to go on the workout and finding a way to push through! You are kicking some serious butt!

    I had a good workout this morning and pumped to start the day.  I hope you are all well, healthy, and eating clean!

  • Just checking in - Great to see so many people in this group!  

    I'm having a little trouble but am sticking to my workouts and preparing meals when I can. It's especially tough with a husband who loves sweets and has the metabolism of 500 rabbits. He stays in great shape but if I eat anything remotely off, I plump out. I told my husband no cookies or ice cream in the house! Plus, work doesn't make it any easier with free bagels and donuts and gourmet birthday cakes galore left free for the taking. But I didn't succumb! I've kept trucking.

    My one mistake is my addiction to Pirate Booty. I had 2 snack bags this week. Gosh, I wish that stuff did not exist! I try to redirect my eyes opposite the snack machine.

    I know I just need to get through 3 weeks of this and it will become a habit! Please send good vibes.

  • John7777 that video was was cool the way he showed chemically how the sugars break down and what the body does (or doesn't) do with all that nonsense. I tell you the second best thing that happened as a result of completing my first challenge was that I became aware and proactive about the food that not only went into my body....but the bodies of my kids too. I believe that for them a cycle has been broken. They are all teens now and I can't believe how much more conscious they are about healthy food than I was at their age. I see now that when they were younger I was a bad influence on them.....stopping at mcdonalds for a quick fix....and they would eat it because that's what I was offering....they didn't like it though. It's nice now that we are all on the same page and they are so proud of me for finally seeing the light. Thanks for sharing the video

  • Hey everyone hope you all are doing well.  I'm sluggish today since the kids seemed to wake up several times in the evening and had disrupted sleep but a cup of black coffee got me going. I just finished a meal of grilled salmon (protein), quinoa (carb), and fresh veggies with balsamic vinegar. It was so good and I feel fantastic! My workout was just ok this morning because of how sluggish I was but I pushed through and got my 10s in. I had my iPad with me and I read all of your posts and really pumped me up to keep on going!

    Remember everyone drink your water.  If you ever get thirsty that means you aren't getting enough water.  Thirst is a sign you are already dehydrated.  Drink water is a big part of losing weight I can't stress that enough. Yes you'll have to go to the bathroom a lot but its a small price to pay!

    @rookgirl- Don't even get me started on pirate booty. I have young kids so there's usually a bag around. I start to think, hey I'll just have a couple they are mostly air anyway right? Next thing you know I've eaten handfuls. I have to just stay away from them.  I'm working from home today and I can even see the bag on the counter. ....damn pirate booty...

    @diane33- I'm so glad you enjoyed the video I find it fascinating how pervasive it is and how sick people have gotten because of sugar.  He asks in the question, why do you think sandwich bread doesn't get hard? And the answer still shocks me. I checked my whole wheat bread and sure enough it says high fructose corn syrup.  I'm getting a new brand.  I'm so glad to hear about the impact on your kids.  This is how the cycle is broken and whole families get healthy so congrats to you on the improvements in all your lives and thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us!

    @jim86- How are you doing brother? You hanging in there?

  • Hey there!!!

    so...I am sitting at my desk at work, I just LOL'ed..really did, out loud @johnj7777 ...damn pirate booty hahah...  come on thats hysterical..for me its damn smartfood that stuff to death & indulge every single Sunday :) jumbo family bag from BJ's (not the whole thing..i usually save some for the following week lol)  I feel like we are pirates sometimes ..journeying forward to get to the booty (or get a nice booty!!!)  either way, its what we want LOL.

    Was once again inspired by my fellow forum members to get up & do a kick a** workout this morning..I have been very conscious of my cardio more then my lifting (lifting I usually hit 10's with that last set) cardio, I want to REALLY make sure that I am & I sure did today .  Just had this whole conversation with my son (23, vegetarian, ex gymnast, now a independent professional wrestler, workout fanatic..yes i am proud of his craziness!!) & we both determined its time to kick up the cardio for both of us (he does Kris Gethins 12 week about total insanity but it works for him and he loves it)..I was sweating like a fiend & loved every second of it!!!  (or pretended that i really really did hahaha)

    Cant wait for tomorrow..even switched my delivery date for my awesome new dishwasher so I could get to the gym bright and early and get another workout in to finish off a wonderful proud of us..almost made it through week one. We can do this for sure  KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!!!

    JODI  :)