STARTING C2 APRIL 23RD ....any takers :) :) :)

  • Today was awesome!

    I was first really nervous to do my first cardio day mainly because 1) I'm recovering from a stress fracture, 2) I have tendonitis in both my knee and opposite foot and 3) my allergies are going CRAZY....but, i figured that doing the elliptical and raising the resistance and incline with each minute helps soooo much. Definitely a good strategy for those that cannot run a full 20 minutes yet (I know I can't!). Just some ideas :)

    Getting to bed though, g'nite ya'll! Glad to stay in touch :)

    "...I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."

  • Hello Everyone,

                   I just started yesterday too. It's nice to see there's a forum for people doing the challenge too. It's my first time. My goals are to lose about 50 pounds and to lose a few sizes in my jeans. I'm really excited about doing this and looking forward to making this journey with you all.


  • @mstickles- Nice job on the workout! Sounds like put a lot of effort and it'll pay off! When you are sore tomorrow, remember that's the feeling of progress :)

    @Valliegirl- Good job adjusting your workout to your situation. I like to give me knees a break as well by using a bike or elliptical, I think variety is good.   Best wishes for your quick recovery!

    @Donnie- Welcome to the site. Just stick with it and make yourself accountable by posting as much as you can and I'm sure you'll do great!

  • Day three aerobics workout done! I'd give the high-point effort a "9". A few more lessons learned:

    (1) If you're working out barefoot on a carpet, vaccuum it first (splinters hurt).

    (2) If you have chronic tendinitis in your feet and ankles, don't decide to skip wearing your support shoes and go barefoot just because it "feels good right now". You'll probably be paying the price by minute 12 or so.

    Finally, a question. I have limited workout space (an open 5'4"x5'6" space in my rented 9'x9' bedroom), no gym that's open early enough (I workout at 4:15 so I can shower and still beat traffic), and weather sometimes precludes working out outside, so I do "hopping around" aerobics (running in place, jumping jacks, etc.). Does anyone have a good way to intensify my workout without adding to the stress on the legs? My legs gave out about 40 seconds into the "high point" minute, but my heart and lungs had just made it to a "9" and had still more in the tank.

  • Two other lessons learned from these last two workouts:

    (1) Unbalanced dumbbells still work well, as long as they're not too unbalanced. I was able to use a 12.5 lb dumbbell (7.5/5.0 lb) fine, but my 10 lb attempt (7.5/2.5 lb) was almost too awkward for use, except for hammer curls. Gotta get some 5-lb plates for my set.

    (2) Following a late-evening workout with an early-morning workout probably isn't a good plan. I thought having a 6:30 PM strength workout followed by a 4:10 AM aerobics workout would be OK since the strength workout was for upper body, but I hadn't realized how much I use upper body movement for added intensity. That's probably why my legs gave out - they were having to carry the whole load.

  • @johnj7777, thanks for the encouragement! Since reading your post I've been repeating to myself "This is the feeling of progress." It's helping - and I'm certainly needing the help right now :-)

  • I always get up and do my upper lower body workout without a problem. I did my upper work out yesterday. And am doing my cardio today. Cardio is the part that is always a push for me to start  I don't know why. I have to find some thing I love to do. I have tried to run but failed many of times over and over again it won't stick. I  ride my  stationary upright bike but that is getting old as well. I am 46 and not sure what to do next. I love swimming but i have to go 20 miles to the pool.  I am over weight significantly so high impact I try to stay away from.  Hence why the running failed. 1st time twisted my foot.So I went out and bought  good running shoes. Second time twisted ankle,  guess shoes didn't help LOL. Both times only ran on and off for 2 blocks.  I followed couch to 5k,  I have a goal of running a 5k by the end of fall. But I need to lose some weight before I train for that. Again. I do 10 minutes on my bike  then wait 5 minutes and do 10 minutes gain. does this hurt my program? Any suggestions on cardio? My diet is well as my upper body lower body w/o. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  • @mateo4us: I used to be the same way! The elliptical definitely helps a lot because that's probably the best thing because it is low impact (as far as stress on knees, ankles, etc) but you burn so many calories. Another thing you can do is adjust the treadmill incline...I've been a smoker for years (trying to quit...been smoke free since saturday!) so running was like the devil's punishment to me. Walking at a pace of 3.7 though and starting at an incline of 5 and increasing it by 2 instead of one every minute really makes an impact. hope that helps!

    "...I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."

  • Hey everyone! Checking in, feeling good, eating clean and sleeping like a rock!!!! This C2 is great because I don't have the cravings or withdrawal effects as I did in my C1 .....feels like I can focus more on workouts without the little voice in my head telling me to eat cookies instead! Love the tight feeling it gives me. Eating clean and drinking water seems so natural whereas before I felt like I was being totally deprived. I was a soda drinker like I can honestly say I really don't want it anymore. So liberating!!! Anyway today is my ubw.....looking forward to it later tonight. Keep strong everyone!!

  • Hi Gang

    Hows it going??  Little story for you (especially mstickles):

    As I mentioned before, due to my schedule & a slight injury I have to adjust my workouts.

    I go to the gym 5 days (i always do my 20 HIIT..3 to 5 times a week after weight training)  I usually take thursday/sunday off from the gym but because I am so darn sore (& was being lazy) I was gonna take today off & go thur/fri/sat...

    I woke up & layed in bed, deciding what to do, what to do lol,  opened my email, saw tons of posts from you guys on the forum & was SOOOOOO inspired (especially you mstickles..4:10 am that is pure dedication & motivation right there in a nut shell!!!!)  I got my butt out of bed, went to the gym, had an AMAZING workout ...and..reconnected with an old friend I havent seen in YEARS...if I didnt go, who knows, we may have kept missing each other

    SO...THANK YOU SO MUCH for the time you guys take to post and the words that inspire me to push myself to get to my goal!!!!!!


    P.S @mateo4us, you keep on pushin and your cardio how you have to until you are able to do that 20 straight minutes of intensity and read this forum daily, if that doesnt motivate you, i dont know what these people :)..and I'm with @valliegirl19 as far as the elliptical..i cannot run or even tolerate the treadmill most of the time, but the eilliptical has been my best friend lately


  • @matteo-  Its great to see people posting such honest feedback as they go through the program.  Your instincts are correct, you have to find what you really enjoy. Have you tried something like a cardio class at the gym, maybe some yoga, or following a cardio class online.  You tube is covered in stuff like that and turbofire by beachbody is pretty good from what I hear.  You have to walk before you run (literally and figuratively) so its all about getting up and doing something as long as you get your heart going.  There are real medical reasons why you may want to start off slow anyway. Depending on your physical condition, intense runs can be a shock to the system. Find a way to get that blood going and heart pumping and NOT missing a workout is the key. Keep at it. if you have to take a break even very few minutes than do it. If you hurt yourself that'll end it for you right away so be careful.  Over a few weeks your stamina will grow and combined with eating clean you will make progress. I know you want to make a life change so hang in there. the first few weeks are the hardest and then you'll take off. 

    @jodi- Your story just inspired me so thank you for that!

  • Guys,

    Here is someone I take great inspiration from. The call him old superman.  He is almost 60 and here are his before and after pictures. No excuses people.

    If you want to read about him you can go to: This website by the way has a lot of great exercises you can use.


  • @johnj7777 - Superman indeed! And thanks for the link - I'll definitely be looking through those exercises (for everyone else, the direct link to the exercise finder is

  • Day 3.  Lower body work out.  The gym I use at my apartment is limited but works.  I've had success so far in getting in my workouts in the afternoon (I work nights).  Sore from the upper body on Monday and am started to feel my lower body work out.  My goal is to put on 20 lbs and when I weighed in this morning I had managed to lose a lb and a half off my already thin frame-need to get a better handle on the diet!  One thing that has stunned me is how much strength I've lost over the years but I'm hoping with this approach my strength and stamina come back.  Hope everyone has had a good workout today.  I wasn't comfortable using the universal machine for the hamstrings but got in my sets.

    Stay focused.  Stay positive.  Be inspired.


  • @Richard: I feel the exact same as you do, and to me, it feels great! I wish I was in your shoes on the loss of 1.5 lbs but we have different goals :) I'm about to go to bed and I keep thinking how bad my legs are going to burn tomorrow but I can't wait to get back to the gym. G'nite all!

    "...I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."