STARTING C2 APRIL 23RD ....any takers :) :) :)

  • Still here, just not posting. No point in making progress reports for week ten or week eleven - I lost a pound of fat in the first two days of week ten, then had flare-ups of chronic problems in my feet, ankles, and knee, plus somehow strained my shoulder while sleeping. Haven't been able to do a full workout in almost two weeks. I've stuck with the diet fairly well and stayed as active as possible, which is probably why my weight and body fat have stayed constant over that time.

    I'm pretty much recovered except for one bad ankle that I've mostly been able to adjust for, so I'm going to try an interval cardio tomorrow morning but build up intensity a little more slowly to see just how much I can push it safely. If it won't cooperate I'll do my UBWO instead (since the shoulder's OK now). If possible I'm not going to take week 13 off but treat it as a "make up" week for part of the lost time.

  • Well, turns out the shoulder wasn't OK, and neither was anything else, they were just "quiet" while I rested. I dropped all workouts and am just going with "casual" activity so as not to make anything worse before the construction mission trip (which starts this coming Sunday).


    (All figures are for the entire challenge period - which, given recent problems, basically means 9-1/2 weeks)

    Weight: Down from 230.4 to 220.0 lbs (lost 10.4 lbs total; first time since April 2009 I've been as low as 220)

    Belly: Down from 46-3/8" to 40" (lost 6-3/8" total).

    Body Fat %: Down from 34.1% to 22.4% (dropped 11.7% total). This is the lowest it's been since I started keeping records in April 2006; previous low was 25.9% in May 2006.

    Fat weight: Down from 78.6 lbs to 49.2 lbs (29.4 lbs total loss)

    Lean weight: Up from 151.8 lbs (158.0 lbs before Lent) to 170.8 lbs (12.8 lbs total gain compared to pre-Lenten state)

    Hope everyone else saw good results too! I'll be back on the workout wagon as soon as possible after getting back from my trip; I'd still like to drop my body fat by at least another 8%.