STARTING C2 APRIL 23RD ....any takers :) :) :)

  • Hey Friends

    I havent left you, I have just taken a break from typing (not from anything else though..i promise)

    Looks like those of you still hangin around  are going strong..thank you so very much for keeping me motivated along this journey (I do read every single day..usually after my morning workouts which have been awesome) and welcome ShellNikk..glad you joined us :)

    So the past few weeks really have been wonderful..I have been keeping to the plan & tweaked my lifting along the way..somedays I really just feel like doing a little extra (if you remember in the very beginning of this forum, i gave my breakdown of workouts..just a little different then the book due to a shoulder issue).  If I do this, I usually add a 4 set pyramid (10,8,6,10) to the body part I am working but a totally different I do 3 different exercises per body part (ex: cable bicep curl finish with 12 of dumbell curl, 3rd exercise (10, 8, 6, 10) of ezbar curls or seated machine curls) I really like the results thus far.  

    Cant even believe how far along we are in the program..already have my sights on C3..I am going to go right into it doing 3 challenges in a row (with an active rest week of course).  Its unfortunately what i need to do to get the results I deserve to have :)  but i dont mind at all.  I feel GREAT and I know at the end of C3 I will look as good as I feel.  I am already WAY better then December 31st so thats all that matters to me :)

    To all the Dad's , have an amazing Fathers Day & to everyone else, please stick with it or jump on board and join us.  Its never too late!!!

    Jodi  :)

  • Had to bail out of yesterday's LBWO only halfway through - got a sharp pain in my knee during the second set of calf raises. I'd already planned to skip the ab workout because of other pains, so just finished quads and hamstrings with two "8"s, a "9" and a "10".

    Had my scheduled physical Friday, got a clean bill of health. I went over all the odd pains and sensations I've had while working out and apparently all of them are normal and non-threatening (my doc also works out and she gets a lot of the same things, so I trust she knows what she's talking about). Waiting on cholesterol numbers to come back - they were a little high when I had 'em checked a few years ago.

    Had a lot of trouble with my bicep and forearm measurements - in addition to the one-handed measurement problem (maybe I should get one of those one-handed measuring tapes), both appeared to have shrunk initially, it took a while to re-find the correct measuring point for max circumference.

    WEEK EIGHT EXTENDED PROGRESS REPORT (initial figures are for the full eight weeks):

    Weight: Down 7.2 pounds overall (230.4 to 223.2); 1.6 lbs in the last week.

    Body Fat %: Down 9.8% (34.1% to 24.3%); 1.1% in the last week.

    Fat weight: Down 24.3 pounds (78.6 to 54.3); 2.9 lbs in the last week.

    Lean mass: Up 17.1 pounds (151.8 to 168.9); 1.3 lbs in the last week (again, at least 5.7 lbs of this is probably post-Lent recovery of lost water weight).

    Waist: Down 2-1/8" (42-5/8" to 40-1/2"); 5/8" in the last four weeks.

    Belly: Down 5-1/4" (46-3/8" to 41-1/8"); 5/8" in the last week.

    Bicep: Gained 3/8" (15-1/8" to 15-1/2"); unchanged since week 4.

    Forearm: Unchanged at 12-7/8".

    Thigh: Gained 1/2" (25-1/2" to 26"); unchanged since week 4.

    Calf: Gained 1/4" (16" to 16-1/4"); unchanged since week 4.

    Chest: Lost 3/4" (47-1/4" to 46-1/2"); gained 1/8" in last 4 weeks (initial loss likely chest fat - I had plenty).

    Resting pulse: Dropped from 74 BPM to 68 BPM; unchanged since week 4.

    Blood pressure: Dropped from 144 / 87 to 102 / 74 (was 116 / 78 two weeks ago).

  • Hey everyone,

    Sorry I haven't posted in a while either. I've been keeping busy. I'm still locked on here and think I'm having awesome results. I started using the treadmill again for my cardio, my foot feels a lot better so hopefully no more plantar fasciitis. I've met one goal at least on the treadmill. I've ran a 5K twice in under thirty minutes this week, which was one of my goals. I've lost 27 pounds in the 8 weeks and not sure how much muscle I've gained but I continue to up the weight resistance at least weekly on both upper and lower body workouts. For this final 4 weeks I think I'm going to concentrate heavily on my abs, I'd like to see more definition. My body fat is down from 32.7% to 26.2% and I've lost at least 4 1/2 inches around my stomach although I didn't measure my stomach before I started. That's since May 4th. It's great to see and feel all these changes. I hope everyone is experiencing good results as well. Good luck over these final fours weeks!


  • Hey guys,

    Jodi...glad to see your still with us!

    Mike...I'm in awe of you.  You're doing great.

    Donnie...I'm there with you...need to work on the mid section a little more.  That seems to be where most of my problem (read FAT) is located.

    Shellnik...Hang in there.  You seem to be on the right track.  I've had the same problem the last few days...Cookout at work, daughter's birthday party, etc, etc, etc.

    I got sick last week and missed 3 workouts.  I still wasn't feeling great yesterday but decided to hit the treadmill anyway.  I kept at the same intensity and it actually felt pretty good.  I may have needed a few days off to let my body rest.

    Back to the plan in the morning...the past has passed and it's time to get back to work.

    Be Safe!


  • Good to see people checking back in! Just got results back from my cholesterol screen. It's been a few years since the last one, but I haven't really changed much of anything lifestyle-wise until this Challenge so the changes are still pretty dramatic.

    Cholesterol: Down from 245 to 138 (removes the "high" flag)
    HDL: Down from 57 to 40
    LDL: Down from 165 to 82 (removes the "high" flag)
    Triglycerides: Down from 114 to 80
    Chol/HDL ratio: Down from 4.3 to 3.5

    Fasting glucose was also down a little, 106 to 99. Throw in the drops in blood pressure and weight and my doctor is very happy with me!

  • After posting my lab results, I tried to get in my HIIT cardio for today (missed it before work because I overslept, scuttled the first after-work attempt due to knee pain and cut back the weight in my backpack for this try). I now know that for me, the "H" in "HIIT" is not compatible with only an hour-and-a-half delay after a meal. First interval maxed at "8" and my stomach was cramping badly, so I backed off a touch to let my gut settle and did the next two as steady-state "7"s - stretched them out a little longer as well - and then pushed the last one up to almost a "9" before I had to stop.

    Given that it took me over two hours to get my willpower back up for the second try (I'd initially given up after the first try which is why I ate), I'm counting just finishing the workout as a victory!

  • Really good UBWO this morning - three "8"s, two "9"s, five "10"s. Two of the "8"s were because I don't have heavy enough dumbbells anymore for chest press and middle back shrugs (and was running late so I didn't want to just slow down to boost intensity); the other was because I tried back hyperextensions and my bed wasn't heavy enough to hold my feet down, so I had to use my hands a little for support which lowered the intensity.

    Then, in the rush to get cleaned up and get to work, I promptly forgot my breakfast and morning vitamins. :-(

  • Cardio was a bear this morning. Took me a good 25 minutes to drag myself out of bed and make myself get started; had to constantly talk myself out of skipping it, then once I did get started I had to keep talking myself out of quitting. Was barely hitting "8"s for the first three intervals, then for the fourth interval I quickly tossed a couple more small dumbbells in the backpack (which upped it to 26 lbs), grabbed another pair of 4-lb dumbbells and started doing energetic shoulder presses in time to the stepping, and gradually increased speed to just over 30 steps per minute - which barely got me to a "9" before my legs couldn't take the stress anymore.

    My motivation is really dragging right now. Part of it is chronic lack of sleep but a lot is frustration. I normally try to stay positive, and I've had so much great progress in the last eight-plus weeks, but I'm struggling hard with two things - my structurally bad legs are back to seriuosly limiting my aerobic progress again, and despite strong fat loss my overall weight stubbornly refuses to go down that much (which exacerbates the leg problems). Honestly, I didn't want most of the lean mass gains I've been getting. For the sake of my feet and legs I really need to get my weight down to 185 or below - preferrably aroud 165-175 - but with my lean mass already hitting 170 that's becoming nearly impossible (hard for me to believe I weighed 148 when I started college; my lean mass alone hasn't been 148 or lower for probably a decade or more).

    Right now I'm toying with the idea of cutting my strength workouts back to three muscle groups per session (each would get worked only once per week) and going with higher rep counts (from 18 or 20 reps/set down to 12 reps/set) to try to cut back on the lean mass gains. I though about doing higher rep counts while keeping the upper/lower body structure the same, but I can't afford to make the workouts any longer, they already barely fit into my schedule. Although I guess I could cut one set out and go from the 12-10-8-6-12/12 pattern to an 18-16-14-12/12 pattern; the extra 12 reps would be balanced by eliminating one rest gap. Not sure which would be better.

  • Moved my LBWO to the afternoon after sleeping in (it was on purpose - I've been dragging all week and then a meeting last night ran over and I couldn't make it to bed until after 10). One "10", the rest "9"s with a couple of "8"s. Not bad, not great.

    Still thinking of modifying the workouts, but after some research I'm convinced the ideas in my last post are way too half-baked to work. Until I have a better clue as to what would work best I'm going to stick with the book's method.

  • I am a drippy, flushed, shaky, sweaty, deep-breathing, energy-drained mess. By far the best HIIT cardio I've had since I started this Challenge. I brought up YouTube and played Epic Music Mix 12 in the background while I did aerobic stepping with my 26-lb backpack and 4-lb dumbbells. Wow did the music make a difference! Blew through my "8"s to hit the "9"s, the only problem I had was holding back from hitting the "10" until the last interval. I need to make a custom mix to listen to so I don't have great "10" music playing during a "6" minute (if I do it right I could skip using my watch to time intervals).

    I'll probably be offline until Monday, will be out of town and mostly without internet access until then. Everybody keep on keepin' on!

  • Hmmmm... this marks the seventh straight post in this thread that's mine. I'd better back off and let some other folks have a chance to talk :-)

    The "free day" turned into a "free weekend", but every day was different. Friday was good ratios but rather high calories; Saturday was minimal protein with very low calories; Sunday - I don't know what to call Sunday. Just dietarily weird. My final numbers were about right, but no individual meal was. No workouts, though there was a lot of physical work Saturday.

    Will be doing today's cardio this afternoon after work; didn't get to bed until 12:40 so I wasn't about to attempt cardio at 4AM.


    Weight: Down 0.6 lbs to 222.6 (lost 7.8 lbs total)

    Belly: 40-1/2", down 5/8" (5-7/8" total)

    Body Fat %: Down 1.2% to 23.1% (down 11.0% total).

    Fat weight: Down 2.9 lbs to 51.4 lbs (27.2 lbs total loss)

    Lean weight: Up 2.3 lbs to 171.2 lbs (13.2 lbs total gain compared to pre-Lenten state)


  • OK Mike   i'm here :)  LOL

    I do read every post every day and it helps to keep me pluggin along.  I am still going full force but I wish the results were quicker.  It gets very frustrating to work so darn hard & eat so good all the time and see the veryyyy slow progress (yes, there is always progress which is a good thing of course) but there are those days you wanna go to the gym and be the one everyone is staring at for good reasons hahaha.  I am being a brat today..its always the monday after free day blues and I dont even do free day how I use to in the first challenge.

    Well gang (whoever is still out there) we are in week 10 (or so for some of you) knew it would happen this quick.  Anyone have plans for after the challenge??  I am going right into challenge 3 (one week off inbetween) then I am expecting to see the results I really want.  I have come a long way since January first so I really cant complain and I know with the hard work I put in and continue to put in, I will be extremely satisfied with the results :)

    Jodi  :)

  • Hi Jodi! I'm planning to go into challenge #2 as well, but I'll be taking four weeks off - one for mission trip prep, two for the trip itself, and one for recovery after getting home :-). Will still be following the plan the two weeks I'm home but won't be shooting for any "10"s, I just want to reinforce the exercise habit.

    Good cardio yesterday afternoon, tried a different epic music mix and it was pretty good, just not quite as good as the last one. I think I hit my "10", was in the "can't feel anything" zone at the end but my legs went rubbery which is usually a good sign I've maxed it. Hit "off" instead of "snooze" on the alarm this morning by mistake and woke up just before I usually leave for work, so my UBWO will be another afternoon workout :-P.

    Hope no one thought I was taking a poke at anybody, I just don't like to monopolize the conversation, people might get tired of hearing me and chase me out of town waving pitchforks and torches ;-).

  • Hey all,

    Though I'm continuing with the program, I will pretty much be dropping out of this forum as well as almost every online forum/group I'm in (except for the one I'm a moderator of, and even there I'll be cutting back my involvement).

    As my weight and body fat drop, and I start to clearly experience the positive changes in how I look and feel physically, I'm also noticing a marked increase in anxiety, dark moods, and emotional hyper-sensitivity (for example, a semi-heated online argument makes my stomach lurch, even if I'm not part of it but just observing - something I thought I'd overcome many years ago).

    After research and introspection, I'm convinced that I've been seeing my excess fat as a layer of emotional protection in a way, and that losing it is making me feel more vulnerable and unprotected. That may seem backwards, but the more I think about it the more it makes sense, both intuitively and logically.

    I'm going to need "safe space" to learn how to deal with this without putting the fat back on, and I'm not going to find that online. So I'll not be posting my near-daily reports from here on in. I'll make sure to post my final progress report, and maybe the next two weekly reports, but aside from that I'll be pretty much offline. Sorry to bail out on you all like this, but keep on keepin' on, and I'll be with you in spirit if not in (virtual) presence!

  • Well...This is week 12 and all I hear are anyone left from our group

    We all started out like warriors and faded into the dark..Im finishing up strong and happier then ever..loved doing these challenges.  It changed my life for the past 6 body , everything.  I feel really good but have a long way to go to be at my goal (then maintenance).  I want to do a third challenge but NEED a strong support system.  I was considering doing a different crazy workout (Kris Gethin..natural bodybuilder with a body to die for...he inspires me beyond words, but its pretty intense) So...i shall see what next week brings, just wanna finish this up strong and proud.

    Hope a few of you are still out of luck to you all on your journey

    JODI   :)