Looking for a Mentor- Starting April 30, 2012 for the first time.

  • Hey all-  Day 11 check in.  Still feeling a little tired and hungry!  What's my issue???  I'm going to carry on the same way until next week and see if maybe I'm just still getting used to this new way of life.  If I'm not feeling a little better by next week maybe I'll try adding a few more carbs or maybe try to do more carbs from whole wheat breads/grains instead of from fruit.  (On the reasoning that fruit is more of a quick carb and whole wheat breads/grains are more long lasting carbs... not 100% that that's right?)

    Went to power lifting class tonight which was brutal!!  Did a bunch of reps of kettlebell, medicine ball, barbell, and TRX stuff.  It was tough!

  • Hey, Vkschoch, if you're not getting enough carbs, you're definitely going to be feeling tired!  Especially when you are lifting because those muscles cannot repair without the glycogen that carbs provide.  So your body is working overtime trying to make up for the lack of glycogen.

    Fruits and whole grains are both groups that have better and not-so-great carbs, do a little googling on low-glycemic carbs and that will help.  Basically whole grains like oats (whole oats not quick oats), quinoa, whole grain breads like Ezekiel are good choices.  sweet potatoes, too.  Fruits like apples, berries, melons are good.  Usually bananas are too sugary.  Most importantly is appropriate portion size for everything, and vary it as much as possible.  

    I like to use fitday.com to track what I eat (there also is myfitnesspal.com).  That way I can see my calories, and my macro-nutrient breakdown.  It's not necessary to be that calculated, for some it's too complicated, for others like me it helps.  I can put in everything I am going to eat for the next day, and then see if I'm going to be too high in fat or not enough protein, or whatever and adjust portions accordingly.  I am for 20% fat, 40/40% carbs/protein.  If you are following the BFL principles for portions of protein and carbs and a small amount of healthy fat each day, your macros should be pretty close to that breakdown.

    Hope that helps!

    Here is another great site for those interested in a little extra reading about BFL-style eating and workouts - http://www.hussmanfitness.org/  There is even a BFL support page.  I have read this entire site and it really helped me understand the science behind the lifestyle changes BFL incorporates.  It won't be enjoyable to everyone, but some of you might like it. :)

    Challenge 2 for me was a great week 1 with losing almost 5 lbs, but this week I am back up 2 and not really sure why.  Measurements are holding still, so I'm feeling a little discouraged.  BUT I've done a challenge before, and I KNOW it works if you stick with it, so I'm still eating clean and doing my best in my workouts.

    Hope you all have a great weekend, and happy mother's day to all the BFL mom's here!!


    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Happy Friday!  Sorry I didn't check in yesterday! I get busy with work... At least I remember to eat!

    Vkschoch!  I LOVE seeing you on Facebook.  Puts a face with a name and love watching what you are doing!

    I agree with Lins and you will find the gycemic issues are pretty important.  They help regulate blood sugars too.  Congrats on the hard work outs and you rocked the mud run.  I am soo excited about sharing in the fitness experience with my 15 year old daughter.  This will be our first mud run and it's pretty simple.

    Lins, thanks for the great info.  I'll have to check it out later.  I found the same thing on Challenge 2 and in the end lost 20 pounds.  I think you just have to keep going.  Sometimes your body like to try to convince you to quit!  I had been going to the gym (hard core) for 3 months and didn't drop a single pound.  I felt better and lost tiny inches, but not near what I was expecting.  The BFL first week ramped up what I had done previously and I dropped 5 pounds the first week.  15 to go to my goal weight.  

    I love seeing you all here and am excited we are finishing week 2.  I'm heading to Indy tonight for a mudrun tomorrow and then catering a seated meal for 12 tomorrow night.  Mother's Day I'll enjoy helping mom in the garden and hanging out with the family.  You guys enjoy!  Happy Mother's Day to all you moms!

  • Aphrodite1 - INDY?!?  I live just north of there.  Too funny!

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Who's ready for Week 3??  I'm excited that we're on to week 3 as I'm excited to get into the later weeks and start seeing some changes!  So far, not much change.  I'm still refusing to weigh myself for fear of being discouraged.  I did take Week 2 progress photos and can tell the teeniest difference in my waist and butt.  Could be imagined but whatever :)  I have my body fat test on Thursday so I'll be curious to see if that has changed at all.  

    Aphrodite- How was the mud run?  You guys looked happy in your facebook photo and I hope you had a blast!  I have my next one on 6/2 and am so excited!!

    Not sure how you guys feel about cheat days or how crazy you go but I have been letting myself go as crazy as I feel like going.  I know it's not necessarily the best thing to do in terms of calorie deficit but I feel like it's good for my mental health to be able to say "No, I don't have to have (insert naughty food here) today but I can have it on Sunday."  I do find the BFL thinking starting to become more 2nd nature, though.  For example, this morning when I had my naughty carby breakfast I thought "I really better have some protein with this" and made some egg whites.  Haha.  Also, I feel terrible after eating the naughty foods so I feel like my cheat days may become less crazy as the weeks go on.  Anyway, back to my original point- not sure if you guys notice this but I feel significantly heavier/bloated on Monday after a cheat day and it seemed like last week it took 4 or 5 days to start feeling slim again.  I finally started feeling kinda slim on Friday/Saturday then had my cheat day today and feel all bloated and gross again!!!  Anyone else notice that?

    I went shopping today and did my food prep.  I made up a bunch of meals of spanish quinoa (kinda like spanish rice but made with quinoa) and spanish seasoned chicken breasts.  I got some tuna packets and made "tuna salad" with just tuna and spicy mustard to see how it would be.  It's surprisingly yummy!  I cut up some bell peppers and bought some whole grain wasa crackers to have with the tuna as another meal this week.  Also got a new flavor of protein powder to keep things interesting.  I guess I feel ready for week 3- let's do this!!!!

  • So happy to hear so many of you are still going so strong.  I had a crazy week last week with work which was followed by an extremely busy weekend.  I did OK through it all but not perfect.  Just trying to tell myself to not give up.  Feeling really motivated this week even though fitting in the workouts is a real challenge.  I'm going to try swimming laps in the morning.  Just being in a suit should motivate me to swim harder.

    Wish I had more time to respond to all of you but I am reading and so encouraged by all of you.  Keep it up!  It is so hard to believe we are in week 3.



    Hey all!  I'm sorry I've been out of commission.  Mud Run on


    Saturday and work Sat. night and computer at home is dead!  Work has been slammed, so I have very little time, but I promise I am still with you in spirit, even if I don't post!!!!

    Happy to be adhereing to the plan - week 3.  Bought a new dress, dyed my hair red (told my 15 year old, I feel like I'm acting out).  I figure if I feel sexy and hot, I'll take better care of myself.  Been eating a little more than I should...seriously stressed.  Need to drink more water...  Exercise has been rockin' though!

    Lins - you definately, need to check out the Mud Run in Indy next year!  We had a blast!











  • I don't know about you guys... but I feel fantastic!!  The workouts are going great and I think I am starting to see some changes already.  Less muffin top!!!  I am so excited that I feel this good only after 2 weeks... I can't wait to see how I feel and look after the full 12!!!!  Cheers everyone!!  Jen

  • Good Morning everyone!

    I have been sticking to the workout and am seeing some definite changes! If I dont feel sore the next day then I know I need to go heavier. I also checked out the http://www.hussmanfitness.org/  website- Thanks Linsforlife!  It has some great info but the main thing I got out of it was to keep going! Change does not happen overnight!  Even though I may not see immediate changes on my body, there is are alot of changes going on inside my muscles!  That is my ultimate goal- to be fit with toned arms and legs.  I don't just want to be "skinny".  I want definition.  I want great glutes :)

    I do need to continue to focus on my diet and save my "bad" choices for Sunday.  My diet has always been the hardest for me.  

    This is by far the longest I have stuck with BFL thanks to you guys for the support!  

    Have a great day!!   Angela

  • I just got started yesterday.  Even though I'm a couple of weeks behind y'all, I would love to stay in touch for encouragement and advice.  Best wishes all!!!

  • I'm from the East Coast. Let me know how you're doing. I'm on week number 4. I'm always looking for motivation and sharing ideas. Plus the highs and the lows.Good luck!

  • Welcome Chappyswife and Cameo!  

    Hey all, I'm still stayin strong!  Upped my water to 5-6L a day and have really noticed a difference.  I have always thought I retained water too easily, maybe my bod just needs more than the average.  I don't know, but i'll keep it up if it gets results.  

    Babycakes - glad you liked the hussman site.  I still go back to it often, I think there's a lot of info there and digesting it in small amounts was good for me.  

    Vkschoch - re: cheat days, my first challenge I was no-holds-barred on my cheat days and it was the same for me - it helped me mentally get through the week.  This time around I'm finding I need to reign things in a little bit, but I think for you, if it's working, keep doing it!  Whatever helps you get through the other 6 days of the week CLEAN, go for it!

    Aphrodite - I'll come cheer you on next year, but I'm gonna pass on participating.  Just not my thang.  ;-)  Glad you had a good time.  It is great you died your hair and got a new dress, whatever rewards you can give yourself besides food are awesome!  You're earning it, right?!

    Have a great rest of the week everyone!!


    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Hi guys,

    I also started on the 30th of April. It was going well during the first week - I lost 4 pounds and 4% body fat. But since then things have slowed right up for me. I weighed myself today, and I've put on weight (which is understandable because of lifting weight) but have also put on 2% body fat. How is this even possible? I have stuck to the plan obsessively to the point where my family think I'm a lunatic. I have planned each meal and even set an alarm for when I'm meant to eat, and I record each calorie that passes my lips. I'm training harder than I ever have, lifting weight and aching each day until I'm spent by bedtime. But the results are not showing. I'm so downhearted, I feel like quitting, but I know that I cannot. I know that it is my fault for weighing myself, but I just couldn't help myself - I'm so keen to change my body and make sure that I'm on track.

    Some background - I was super fit before giving birth. I was a committed rower, martial artist and half marathon runner. Then I had a baby and my body changed and I had a few health issues. The doctor put me on this horrendous hormone treatment and I ballooned. Since then I've found it almost impossible to get my weight and fitness back to where it was pre-baby. My hormone levels are ok now but it seems to have had this bizarre effect on my body going forward. I feel as though pre-baby I was totally in tune with my body, but now I feel as though I'm living inside someone else's body. And that person is 34 pounds overweight (yes, that's how much I have to lose). I also need to lose about 16% body fat.

    Any advice would be gratefully received. Do I need to do more cardio? Eat more protein? Get more sleep? What?

    Thanks for listening to my rant, and apologies if I've killed your buzz.

  • Don't quit!!!

    I talked to someone at GNC on Wednesday who has done the challenge 6 times.  He was a canadian champion when we did the first challenge.  

    He said the biggest results happen in weeks 5, 6 and 7.  He said if you can just get to that point, you will be totally amazed.  He said most people don't make it past week 4 because they aren't seeing results yet.  But just get over that hump and he said the changes are phenomenal!

    I have also read in quite a few places that many people see big changes in week 8.  So, just keep pluggin' away... I think the best is yet to come!!

    And throw away that scale!!!

    Keep me posted... I know you can do it!! :D

  • Hi Everyone,

    I also started on April 30th and have been following this thread, although not posting until now. Mariposa9, i'm exactly where you are! It is SO frustrating. I plan every meal, write down everything I eat, track my calories, portions and weigh/measure  my food. And, I haven't missed a workout and my body is always sore. For the first two weeks I lost about 4 pounds, and then all of a sudden the past two days i've gained 3! And, I haven't noticed any change in measurements.  I'm not going to quit, but I totally feed like it. I'm thinking of dropping my calories down to 1200-1400. Right now I'm averaging about 1500.  Or, only eating 5 meals a day. It's so hard getting in only 1200 calories with having to eat 6 meals!  All over the site it says eat 5-6 meals a day, but most people talk about eating 6. Has anyone done only 5? Like Mariposa9, any advice would be appreciated.  And, nice to meet ya'll. I'm been meaning to post soon :-)