Looking for a Mentor- Starting April 30, 2012 for the first time.

  • I think I'm crazy.....but I honestly feel smaller already. Crazy or not , I'm going to run with it!

  • Good morning everyone.  A tough start to the day as both my running partners cancelled on me in the early AM.  I am going to hit the treadmill instead and follow  Emily's plan.  

    I am really getting the cravings and heard a trick on the Today show that is helping me.  They said write down some alternate acitivites to do when a craving hits and pick one.  EX. work in your garden 10 min, chew some gum, call a friend, paint your nails(sorry for the guys out there), etc and usually it will pass.  This has been working for me so far and I feel so good when I resist.  It is tough as I still have little stashes of peanut butter chocolate eggs from Easter and Girl Scout cookies lying around my house.  I also wrote down this quote I read this morning from BFL book: Nothing tastes as good as being in the best shape of your life feels.  It's just food.  You control it.  It doesn't control you.

    Ditto on choosing dead lifts over lunges or squats any day.

    Aphropdite: Bodypump is a hour long class where you use a barbell and go through a series of exercises to music in a class setting.  It helps me because the instructor really pushes you.  Much harder for me to wimp out.  What do you record in the journal.  Is it just food choices and exercise you did that day?  Thanks for the tip.

    No limits: I also need to take some photos and measurements as I think that will help me feel more committed.

    jgarcia: water is a huge challenge for me too.  I am a coffee drinker and in the past I could go an entire day and not drink water.  I was also wondering about the flavored or carbonated water.  I also had been bad about a glass of wine many nights so I've been cutting that out too.  That is definitely not as hard for me as the coffee!

    Want to write more but if I do I won't have time for the workout so I will check back later.

  • No limits: Just saw your most recent post.  Made me smile!  I love it!

  • You GO, nolimits!  I bet you ARE smaller.  Don't be nervous about the plan working.  If you work the plan, it will work you!

    I have lost 3 pounds this week, I'm super excited.  I'll admit I'm a scale junkie, but it doesn't play with my head so it's okay.  I do measurements, too so I can see if there's a change there when the scale doesn't move.

    I did my HIIT run this morning and added about .25 miles to the distance I ran on Monday in the same amount of time!  I'm so proud of myself.  I am NOT a runner by nature, really have a love-hate relationship with it, but I'm starting to love it more now that I can see improvement in my speed.  I kept thinking about my skinny shorts that I am SO GONNA BE WEARIN by the end of this challenge!

    jgarcia - great job gettin that workout done even though it was at the end.  You be proud of yourself!  Do you know how many would have just said "eh, I'll get it done tomorrow"!

    Aphrodite & wildcherry - loving your posts and positive energy, keep em comin!

    I'm glad some enjoyed that link to Emily Alvers website.  I noticed she now has a 4-week meal plan, too, if you're looking for more meal ideas.  

    Make it a great thursday - we are over the hump, ready to say goodbye to week 1!!


    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Good Morning! Getting ready for day 4.  In the past, I usually did nothing on Thursdays due to kids ballet classes but I have a plan to get my cardio done today.  I am not too sore after last nights work out so I think I may need to go heavier next time.  I did dumbell squats.  For hamstrings I did the machine.  I am scared to do deadlifts due to a previous lower back strain.  I know I should be using my legs to lift and not my back but it just makes me nervous to do them!  Maybe I will try the lunges next time.

    I did my "before" pics and they are not lookin' pretty! That's ok, there are great changes coming.  I am staying positive and I feel motivated.  Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Day four.. eating is going well and cardio was horrific due to the soreness from yesterdays leg workout.( I think I may have overdone it)  Feeling good, all soreness aside, and have knocked out all but one final. Monday is Calculus and then it is off for the summer( I am looking forward to this one being much more active-as this will be my last summer off before starting internships then work and I am going to spend as much of it as I can with my little girl) but any ways... Chicken and greens has been th emeal of choice for me. I have found that simplicity helps me win the battle of calories. That and my two stand byes Steak and Chikcen wings. If i get a craving for something I turn to one of those two things.  The hardest part about all this has been giving up the soda, but I am looking forward to my reward of a can on Sunday(my  off day).

    I hope everyone is hanging in there.  

  • End of day 4 and it seems like everyone is still going strong.  Got my 6 clean meals in today and lotsa water.  I didn't do HIIT today- I have a power lifting class I like to do on Thursdays that kills upper body so I did that tonight (instead of UB tomorrow) and will do my HIIT in the am.

    RE for life: Great ideas to avoid temptation.  I've been keeping a couple flavors of gum in my purse for when I want to snack on something.  Sometimes I think "I don't want gum, I want _____ (insert junk food here)" but I find that if I just shove the gum in my mouth anyway then I'm happy with it and get past the craving.

    linsforlife: I just found the 4 week Emily Alvers meal plans- great ideas on there.  So glad I found it!  I also heard a couple of other good meal ideas that I'm looking forward to trying:  one was for an indian themed dish with ground buffalo, curry spices, raisins and a little bit of cottage cheese mixed in for creaminess.  The other was for a Moo Shu chicken style dish, the directions said a bag of "cole slaw," 1 lb. chicken breast tenderloins, 1/2 cup hoisin sauce...cooked on low for 7 hours in the crock pot...served wrapped in warm whole wheat tortillas.  Those will be on my meal plan for next week :)

    Looking forward to trying the HIIT for the first time tomorrow.  I'm only going to end up with one this week- the other two will be replaced by bootcamp classes.  They do include some interval training (Tabata style and others) so hopefully that is working.  I ran my first mud run this past Saturday and have another one on June 2.  It's only a 5k but I hope the HIIT will help me gain speed and endurance on this next one.  My friends are talking about doing the Tough Mudder in October- that one is 11-12 miles!  I'd love to do it but am no where near ready for it right now!

    Wanted to share this quote that's been inspirational to me: "Would you rather suffer a few months or years of discomfort in order to reach your goal? Or would you rather live a lifetime uncomfortable in your own body?"

    Wishing you all a great day 5!!

  • nolimits..... I totally agree!!  I was doing my leg workout today cuz I missed yesterday and I thought I too looked smaller already!!!  Imagine how kick-ass we will look in 12 weeks!!!!!

  • Vkschoch- great quote!  Thanks for sharing.   Maybe something is wrong but I don't feel like I am suffering.  This all feels really good so far.  I've been able to eat as I should.  Tonight I had written down I would have two chicken tenders, broccoli and brown rice.   I had that same thing last night so tonight I put a little olive oil in a pan and turned it way up.   I cut up and added red pepper, carrots, and some mushrooms, then I added the chicken (cooked and cut up) then finally added the rice.  Didn't have soy sauce so added some fish sauce.   It was a delicious stir fly that I really enjoyed.   I'll be doing that again!

    Been doing a lot of grocery shopping and need to go again tomorrow.   Need more chicken and some lean meats.  

    I am not a runner but have decided to try.  I downloaded the get running app and so far have run and walked two days.   I really enjoy it and it makes it doable.  It's a nine week program that works you up to jogging a 5k.  In the early stages you alternate running for one minute and then walking for a minute and half.  The interval training works well for me with this program.

    Also with the Total Gym I have managed to find good workouts for both upper and lower that take about 45 minutes each.   Lower body is still sore from yesterday.  Tomorrow back to upper body.  

    It's all good and I'm proud of all of you and seeing the inspiration here!  

    Those that haven't, take your measurements and pictures!   I just take a peak at my pudgy bathing suit photo to motivate me to resist temptation.  

    Have a great day!

  • Yet another late night! It's so nice to crawl into bed with the laptop and read everyone's posts before I go to sleep.  My big achievement for today was getting up early enough to do my 10 minute cardio before I went to work. It's been strange not having anything else to do today since I did my work out in the am. I feel like I've skipped out on something.  I will say that I didn't get as much water as I wanted today - and although I ate well, I didn't get a chance to eat all 6 meals. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll hit on all the BFL cylinders.

    And yes, I'll get my measurement and pics tomorrow - ugh! Dreading that.

    G'night everyone.

  • Oh! You guys are awesome.  Can't spend a lot of time this morning, but you guys inspire me!!  Wonderful HIIT last night using Emily's suggestions for running.  Ramped up the treadmill and probably had the best HIIT since starting BFL eight years ago!

    I got up at 5:15 this morning to do my UBWO and really pushed it!  Great way to start the day.  Last night I jounraled what I would eat today, 'cause I'm prepping for the weekend, which really is intense.  I'll work desk job 8-4, pick up my food for a prom tonight and cater 400 guests.  I am the head chef on the party and it's instense stressing and I typically push myself so hard...don't eat.  I'm ready tonight though.  Protein shake, got the workout in.  Tomorrow may be a little harder and Sunday is the 7 mile relay marathon.  You guys proabably won't hear from me till Monday, but I'll be thinking of how you inspire me through every workout and hold me accountably with every meal.  Sorry my thoughts are sporadic, but I gotta go to work and wanted to check in...Remember to Facebook me for daily posts.  Lori Himmelsbach

    TOUGH MUDDER ALERT - vkschoch.  I really really want to do a Tough Mudder.  There is one here in October- KY.  Dear BFLs if you check it out and you think you would like to join me, I would like some friends to join me.  My hubby's having a pig roast that day too I think, so you could bring a tent and stay.

    Journaling- MUST.  I plan my meals for the next day.  write my work out.  Write 5 things I want to accomplish tomorrow, 3 things I did good today, 1 thing I need to do better, 2 things I want to do for someone else.  It's nice to read what other people have accomplished in the BFL journal.

    Have an amazing day.  Rock the workouts!   Be accountable for your eating.  Great ideas to keep busy when you get those hunger cravings.  Works for me. - drink water.  Those of you that die for that night glass of wine (or hot tub martini - like me), I've switched it out to Pierrier (sparkling water) little POM juice (or concentrated juice) and a squeeze of lime (drop it in)  Served in a big wine glass or Martini glass works as a pretty good substitute!

    Rock the day!

  • Hey 4/30 group!  I cannot believe it's friday already, did this week fly for anyone else?!

    I didn't get up early enough to get my workout in before the day started today, so I will have to work it in during my littles' nap time!  No stopping me!  

    Vkschoch - glad you liked the alvers meal plans.  I think they're great, too, I hadn't noticed them before this week.  Those meals you're going to try sound delish, let us know how they turned out, we may be interested in the recipes!

    Aphrodite1 - you are rockin!  And I agree, the journaling is great.  I found the BFL journal on half.com last fall for a great price, I highly recommend it.  Not only is it a great place to record your workouts, eats and thoughts, but it's filled with inspirational photos and stories.  Love it!

    Have a great weekend, all!  I may not be able to check in again until Monday.


    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • My legs are still amazingly sore from leg day... but back to UB today... studying for calc finals on Monday, typing my last paper up to day,and getting ready to spend the summer with my little girl... I am pumped going into the weekend...

    Aphrodite, I dont envy you... being a Chef and keeping off te weight is a rough job.  I was in "the biz for over 17 years, and I would  graze for most of the day tasting and sampling..then at the end of the night it was of ftoi gorge myself on food and adult beverages... I put on a TON of weight ... Now that I am back in school, and living for someone other than myself(my 5 yo daughter) I have finally made the commitment to lose this weight.  

    Good luck with your cater, I have always had a great deal of respect for the catering industry, mainly because every cater I had to do I loathed every minute of it..HA.

  • One more thing - when I was new and starting out last fall, I found this thread on finding your "ten" - it was really helpful to me, thought it might be helpful to the newbies here.  :)  



    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Hi Everyone!  Wow, I am amazed how fast this week has gone by.  I feel like I have been really disciplined this week and was hoping to have more results already.  Patience isn't my strongpoint I guess.  I also am horrible about weighing myself everyday.  I know I need to go by how things fit and how I feel instead of checking the scale.

    Hoping I don't go too crazy on my free day tomorrow.  It is Cinco de Mayo and there is a big auction at my kids school.  Luckily, I didn't order one of the bottomless margarita cups that were an option with the ticket.

    Emily's guide also helped me hit a great 10 during my run yesterday.  Didn't even notice my 6 year old walked in and was watching me during a highpoint.  I'm glad he is seeing me push myself so hard.

    jgarcia I still have pictures to do also.  Let's agree to have them done by the weekend at the latest.

    Aphrodite thanks for the inspiration to plan and be proactive.  I'm sure you will have a successful day despite how busy and crazy it will be.

    Lins thanks for the link I will check it out.

    Rushing off to get my workout in before the whole family wakes up.  I am reading all of your posts and thinking of each of you.  I honestly think the accountability of this group is already pusing me and keeping me motivated.  Thanks everyone!!  I hope it is an amzing day for everyone.  Stay Strong!