Looking for a Mentor- Starting April 30, 2012 for the first time.

  • Is this all of the April 30th group?

  • Sounds like a plan Wildcherry!  I'm in for the long haul.  Seems like the only time I'm accountable is if I keep up with my forum group.  I met two great gals last time and we are still facebook friends.  Excited about starting tomorrow morning!  Gonna get up a 5:15 to get the workout in before going to work.  Gotta go work on my journal - Hey all you Newbies - Journal is a MUST!!!!  If you haven't purchased the Body For Life Journal, do it now.  I think the main component in this is getting your head in the right place.  See you all tomorrow.  PS.  Do we have a group name?

  • I vote "Gladiators"! RAAAAHHHH lol :D:D

  • I am ready! I plan to start tomorrow Monday, April 30th.  I did Body for Life with my husband 2 years ago.  I only lost 12 lbs but went form a size 10 to a 6 and was full of energy and felt great, I am working a much more demanding corporate job now so it will take even more commitment and I need the support of this group... Looking forward to getting to know everyone and already planned out my meals for tomorrow! I am journaling also!

  • I am starting tomorrow. I am bound and determined to get through this time. I have never made more than 4 weeks.  This is the 1st time I have used the group forum when starting. So lets all keep one another moving forward...

  • Tomorrow will be Early Gym time... I figure that if  can keep this up through finals week (starting tomorrow) then I should be able to get through the summer...

  • Count me in!!  Let's get ready for a HOT summer! ;-)  I am dealing with a torn rotator cuff and separated AC joint in right shoulder so unfortunately can't do much on the lifting-weights side of things, but otherwise I'm there - 110%

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Is anyone using kettlebells in place of dumbbells?

  • I'm begining today also. I completed the challenge a few years ago and have started a second challenge more times than I can count. This time I am more motivated and confident that I can complete this one with a little support from this group.


  • Hi :) I was wondering if I could tag along? I started a challenge a few months ago but I got sick 3 weeks in and had to have an operation which screwed me over a bit! Back to health and ready to start again. Did my first UBW this morning - ouch!


  • Hi all - I started yesterday so I guess I'll join up with you.  :)

    Going to hop on my treadmill as soon as my next con call is over.  If I have ONE piece of advice, it's TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS NOW.

    Take your measurements, wright them down and date it, and then take them again in 4 weeks.  You will be blown away!  I often don't see too much movement on the scale, but oh to watch that tape measure slip and slip and slip.....

  • Hey everyone!  I did my HIT run this morning outside, felt GREAT!  Perfect weather.  Having meal #2 now.  

    Keep it clean, make it a great day!

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • I am starting my first round of B4L today as well.  So, let's tackle this journey together and take no prisoners! :)

  •  Agreed!  ;o)

  • Hi everyone!  WOW!  I just checked in after the weekend and I am so excited to have all of you here!  YEAH!  I know we can all encourage each other and make it through our 12 weeks!  I love the statement, "It's not about Perfection, it's about PROGRESS!".  So here goes...…

    I am starting Day 1 today and did my grocery shopping this weekend.  I am just now heading for the gym.  

    I'm so glad everyone is here.  This will be good.