Calling all C2 & above BFLers!

  • I am looking for other Body for Lifers who have successively completed 2 or more consecutive challenges to share ideas with. I would like to share what exercises we like the best, which exercises we may not like but see great results with, meal plans and how we came up with our meal plans etc. I believe by sharing and encouraging each other, we together, can achieve our goals.

    I finished my C1 on April 9th and I have started my C2 on April 16th.  With my first challenge I followed the program by the book. This challenge I would like to change things up a bit.


    Here are some things I would like to share with each other:

    1. Have any of you changed things up after the first challenge? What did you change?   Me: No, I want to change things up this challenge

    2. What exercises do you find that work best for you?   Me: For abs I find incline sit-ups with a 10-20lb weight work well along with an ab roller. For upper body I like free weights and machines for lower body.

    3. What are your goals this challenge?   Me: to lose between 8-10lbs, be 18% body fat or less, tone up & define my muscles and to go down 1 more pant size.

    4. What are your stats?    Me: I will be taking my measurements later and will post then

    5. How did you figure out your calorie intake? Or did you just do the portion control?   Me: My first challenge I mainly just watched my portion sizes (BFL portion sizes)

    6. What  meal plan/foods do you find that work for you & your schedule?   Me: I have access to a full kitchen all day so I can make most of my meals and eat clean most of the day except if I am working with a client or on the run doing errands and then I will eat a nutrition bar. 

    7. Do you take supplements? If so, what kind?   Me: Right now I take Green Tea, L-Carnitine, BCAA, CLA & Potassium.

    7. Outside of working out, are you active or sedentary?    Me: I am a hairstylist so other than standing all day I am fairly sedentary until the weekend where I can get out more.


    What kind of things would you like ask or share? I look forward to reading what you all have to share.



  • Zavi,

    Hi again & glad to see you back on the forums!  Also, I am on a thread BFL that started Feb 27th and look for MWseahorse (she is very interesting).  I have gotten many ideas from her and she is changing up her meal plans.  See if you can friend her or read that thread & to get you some ideas.  


    PS. Congrats on finishing your 1st Challenge!  I am on week 10 and still can't believe that I made it this far.

  • Tonja

    Yes I am back online. I had a great vacation and ready to be back on track again. I look forward to keeping in touch and see how we do together with each challenge. I will look up MWseahourse and read her posts.

    Keep up the great work!   


  • Hi again Zavi! I don't have a bunch of time to write so I will write more later. I justed wanted to find you again and email subscribe to your thread. Here we go!! I am super excited!