• uofugirl ...Tomorrow is my off day, and I just had chinese food tonight... first time I've gone "off plan" since I started... You have no idea how the below paragraph just helped me... THANK YOU! :)

    "One thing that I have learned through doing these challenges is to be kind to yourself emotionally.  During my first challenge, if I ate something I wasn't supposed to or was too busy to fit in a workout, I would be pretty upset with myself and thought that I wouldn't see the great results that I was wanting.  Honestly, those guilty feelings just made matters worse.  So if you accept that you aren't superwoman/superman and that you are going to make mistakes and can just move on, I've found that I'm a lot more satisfied with myself."

  • Wow!!  @healthygyrl1980, the above post could not have come at a better time!!  I had a terribly long busy week at work and went off track a bit yesterday, missing a workout and eating things other than on my menu.  I was really beating myself up over it and got up at 4 am to fit in this mornings workout and was going to do one tonight too but I need to know that life still goes on and I just need to get up, brush off and move on!!  I need to not dwell on things that have already happened and learn from them.  I am going to be successfull and today is a new day!! :)

  • Tomorrow is cardio day for us and the end of our week two. Yay! I wasn't the perfect bfl poster child but Ive improved a lot from when I first started and hopefully we can all think that way. I realized that I'm going to need some grains for my carb portions. Ya fruit and veggies are not giving me enough energy. I've been tired and really sluggish during the day and even a little bitchy at times....I found a great recipe for brown rice that I made tonight and am amazed because I hate brown rice because it comes out mushy and sticky and hard......not anymore......

    1. Boil 12 cups of water

    2. Rinse 1 cup of brown rice and put it in boiling water. Cover. Turn down so it's a gentle boil. Cook for 30 min.

    3. Drain rice in strainer. Put rice back in pot. Cover and let it sit in it's own steam for about 10 min. Don't turn on stove.

    4. Fluff with a fork. Enjoy

    I added 3 tbs of cilantro with 1/4 cup lemon juice and salt.

    I cooked some peppers and onions fajita style added some chicken and black beans better than chipotle! So much flavor!

  • Hi Dianne33 - I find that the veggies don't really suffice early in the day or after my workout, and fruit is still simple carbs.  I tend to eat the veggies as my main carb towards the end of the day, but if I am up and about, then I still include the slow releasing carbs - and if I don't, I feel hungry or crave something sweet.  This is me, of course, and everyone is different, but I finally learned this after so many years, that carbs are brain food and necessary, and I only set myself up to fail if I try to eliminate them.

    When I am pressed for time, I make a batch of slow cooking oats or steel cut oats, to have on hand as my carb.  Not really a dinner carb, but better than white rice or potato.  

    Or quinoa is good too.  If I feel like eating a huge salad, I add a portion of this to it to make it more substantial.

    And then my favorite is sweet potato - I buy the big ones and love roasting the whole thing, cut in half or quarters, sprinkled with chili pdr, but can also microwave them.  I will just keep the extras in the fridge.  If I have these carbs on hand I feel better about eating them than w/w bread or fruit and it provides me with more lasting energy.

    On the workout side of things, is anyone doing the challenge at home? I have a gym membership, but my husband works out of town 5 days at a time, and so I can pay $5 childcare every time (which really adds up, especially b/c I pay a lot for the membership) or I can try the workout at home.  

    I have heavy dumbbells and so I haven't had any issues with the wts, but for cardio I am a little stuck. I do have a treadmill, but have been unable to run for almost 2 yrs due to plantar faciitis.  I did run yesterday (I LOVE running) but was in pain all night and am so afraid to pull my achilles.  So running is out.  I have - and don't laugh at me - danced around, making it as intense as I can, and skipping with knees up really high is what I do for my 10.  Pretty tough and still aggravates the pf at times- but need some other ideas if you have.

    I only joined the gym after (a long while after) I stopped running -I used to run 4-5miles every day, and that was how I stayed in shape, but to be honest, I was just skinny and every time I would miss a run, I felt like I grew in size, and so I am thankful that I had this injury - it helped me to discover this program and to focus more on weights - I want to be strong -not just skinny.

  • Shell - What about using your treadmill for walking.  I also suffer from PF, so can't run anymore.  I use the treadmill for walking and increase the incline to hit my 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10s.  THis is much more low impact than running or jumping, and sometimes I feel the incline even makes my PF feel better.  I usually do it at about a 4.0 and get the incline up to 10 for my 10s.  

    This week wasn't great for me.  I did get every workout in, so that is definitely something to celebrate.  But eating correctly is always my biggest downfall.  I'll do great all week, and then last night we went out to dinner.  Why did I agree to that?  I'm pretty sure the scale tomorrow will show a gain, greater than I started at.  Well, I'm just going to pick myself up and get back on track.  I think I'm going to change my free day to Friday.  It's definitely the toughest day for me, and with our neighborhood pool opening in a few weeks, I was planning on moving free day to Friday anyway (Friday nights at the pool are the big social night of the week).  

    Good luck to everyone for the rest of the week!  I'm ready to start Week 3!

  • Boy, I did NOT want to work out yesterday (Friday) morning...  but I did, so I'm glad about that.  Taught me to get my workout done  before I have a second cup of coffee, or I want to settle in and not do anything!  (A touch of caffeine can be good for a workout, and I don't leave for work real early.)   I didn't reach my 10's this time, but I DID it, which is more than I used to do!

    And since Friday is now my weekly weigh-in day, I have a total 4 lb loss so far!  It's not as much as I wanted, since the last ten pounds seemed to come onto my body in the past couple of months, and in some ways I won't feel I'm really "losing" untill I pass that point -- but I'm reminding myself that at least the scale went down instead of up...

    However, the bad news...  I was exhausted after work and succumbed to eating pizza for dinner Friday night...   Not even a salad...  And tho I enjoyed it, I did feel really sluggish later and this morning.  Our bodies really do prefer healthier food -- it's too bad our TASTEBUDS don't!!!  So I figure I'll have to count that as my free day,  early.

    GOOD info, Shellnikk ~ Thanx!   and I give you lots of credit for working hard to reach 10's dancing.  I love to dance, but it can be hard to reach a peak.  Try Zumba, it's a great cardio workout!  And do you have room for an exercise bike?  

    Piercje1 ~ At least you do good eating correctly all week, so remember this is a learning process, and true change takes time.  As long as we don't "fall off the wagon" and STAY off, I figure we're doing better than we have, right?

    Are there any other boards y'all are keeping up with?


    "I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday..."

  • I'm wondering WHO is still with us on this board...  

    Would everyone consider posting a very short bio so we'll have info to be able to 'recognize' each other?

    NAME  (Make one up if you'd like!  and you can also change your username, I think.)

    AGE     No one knows you here, so be honest.  :-)

    LOCATION   City, State, or Country

    OCCUPATION   if you'd like to share

    GOAL    # Lbs to lose, etc

    WHY     are you doing this?

    For me:

    Calico - 59 - East Texas - Banker

    Goal=  30 lbs, fit & tone

    Why=   Look better, feel better, enjoy my family longer!

    "I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday..."

  • NAME  Jenn

    AGE    37, but I'll be 38 on the 9th

    LOCATION   Cary, NC


    GOAL    20lbs

    WHY     To get healthier!!  (Also, my 20 year HS reunion is at the end of July :)

  • NAME  Amy

    AGE    33

    LOCATION   Alexandria, MN

    OCCUPATION   Quality Technician

    GOAL    Lose 10% body fat...I am not sure what that equates to for pounds because I am the same weight but have lost 3% by lifting, using BFL for the cardio and eating.

    WHY    I want to be healthy and I am getting married in September so I would LOVE to look good for that!

  • NAME  Deb

    AGE     52

    LOCATION   New Zealand

    OCCUPATION  minister

    GOAL   12 kg (that's about 26 lbs for most of you)

    WHY     get back into shape, fit into a particular pair of jeans again

    Started week 3 today - found I've gone up already on several sets of weights at the gym.

  • NAME  Diane (Diane33= 3 is my lucky number)

    AGE     45

    LOCATION   Southern California

    OCCUPATION   Domestic Engineer (sounds better than homemaker/housewife lol ) mom of 3 teens, wife to 1 husband, back in college getting teaching credential

    GOAL    lower body fat percentage and look and feel super fit

    WHY     When I reach 50....instead of feeling "over the hill" I want to feel like I'm in the best shape of my life.

  • @piercej - thank-you for the advice on walking - I was told way back that running uphill was really bad for pf and so just blocked uphill walking out of my mind - will definitely use that when the hubby is out of town - so thank-you so much.

    This is pretty much the only forum I check, so far, and do so for support.  I struggle every Sunday and Monday, after my free day on Saturday.  I have to reconsider free day and wondering if anyone else has a tough time eating all that non-clean food and then getting right back on track the next day.  I feel so groggy the next day.  I am not going to beat myself up - we all make mistakes and this is a lifestyle change for me - but I think the free day needs to be altered in someway as a way of life.  Maybe a 90% rule, where 90% of the time I eat clean?  Don't want to spread the 10% over the week b/c I could end up fooling myself, but as a lifestyle change, I think it works best for me.  I love eating clean but sometimes miss the wine. and I'm not a big drinker, just really enjoy a glass once in a while.

    NAME  Shelley

    AGE     34

    LOCATION   Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    OCCUPATION   Pastry Chef, Business Owner

    GOAL    To fit into size 4 pants!

    WHY    To feel good about myself !

  • I literally had to push myself out the door yesterday to do my UBW. That Sunday free day/no exercise day spoils me and then it's super hard for me to get back into it on Monday. But I did and I had a great workout once I was there. Today though, not so good. I was running around taking kids to practices etc.....and I didn't get to the gym for cardio. But I'll improvise here at home, I have one of those glider machines that I'll use. One thing I totally noticed.....when I'm stressed out is when I want the junk food, fast food, sugar etc....but I didn't cave in.....I came home and ate my brown rice, chicken and spinach.

    Shellnikk- do you mean eating 90% clean on the free day and not indulging so much or eating 90% clean during the week and being able to eat 10% of whatever you want? I too have to adjust my free just want to clarify

  • NAME  Vanessa

    AGE     29

    LOCATION  Redlands, California

    OCCUPATION   Streetlight Engineer

    GOAL    Lost 10% Body Fat and 10 pounds.

    WHY    So I can feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to not have to hold back because of the way I look or feel!

    Sorry haven't posted in a few days. Having a REALLY hard time getting up in the morning to do my work outs, but never the less I am getting them in. Still struggling with eating the BFL way, but I'm better than I was! My cardo days are getting better and better and so is my strength! I am now taking EAS Betagen and I LOVE it! the Orange flavor is amazing and I swear it is helping me to lift more and I'm not as sore!

    I REALLY need to focus on eating better though. I'm having such a hard time with it. I plan my meals and eat everything I should, but I find myself giving in to treats at my office. We have Ice Cream, Dounuts and Cake ALL the time! And I sit next to the break room so I SEE and SMELL it all! I need to work on my will power to just say no! However, I have gone down 3% in body fat! So that is a plus.....

    Hope you all are doing well!


  • Dianne33 - 90% of the time clean food and then 10% treats, but over the whole week. But I also want to stick to the BFL program so that I don't cheat myself.  I also know that having one high calorie day a week is really good for the metabolism, so I will try it out for the 12 weeks.  I have been feeling really good, but it usually doesn't start until Tuesday or Wed. b/c the free day takes such a toll on me.  I am a little anxious about this weekend's free day.  I really don't want to go overboard but also want to enjoy some treats too.  Good job on the foregoing of junk - it can be so hard but when you overcome, even just one time, it is so rewarding to know you did.  I find I crave junk when I am tired, so sleep is necessary for me (I guess like anyone).

    I feel like I am shrinking.  I am not going to try on any clothes just yet, but I think this is working!  YAY!  I have been skeptical but have to talk myself through it every day that this is a good thing - working out intensely and putting good food in the body - it can only be a good thing.  

    Happy workout!