• Started on Mon 16th with lower body, and STILL cannot walk properly.  Anyone's soreness last THIS long?

    I am a pastry chef and today I nibbled on granola - I knew I shouldn't have and did make myself stop at some point but I find the afternoon, with fresh baking, in abundance, really really tempting.  But I didn't touch the cookies or the most delicious cinnamon buns at all! so I guess granola is ok - just not part of the plan.

    For dinner I shredded sweet potato, mixed it with garlic, s+p and egg whites and baked "pancakes" in the oven - these were delicious!  I love sweet potato and so any recipe ideas are always welcome!!!

    Looking forward to HIIT tomorrow - think it is my favorite.

    Happy resting everyone!

  • Dee - congrats on how you dealt with the luncheon yesterday!

    My success was yesterday - I had 2 meetings, one at lunch-time the other in the evening.  At the lunch-time one I stuck to the protein bar & apple I'd brought with me and passed up the plate of yummy-looking cheese and crackers and fruit that kept circulating; in the evening one I didn't have any of the supper, even with a plate of lovely sweet ginger crunch slice right in front of me.  I was so proud of myself when I got home.

    On another note, doing the cardio (treadmill running for me) was hard this morning with my legs still a bit stiff from the Lower Body work-out yesterday.

  • I am in! I don't have a bunch of time right now to write so I will write more later. Just finished first challenge. Trying to lose another 25 lbs. Here we go!

  • Hi All- just checking in. I was so busy yesterday and unexpected things kept popping up I'm glad that I didn't convince myself that I wasn't going to have enough time. Which leads me to my quote of the day.

    . .

    Unfortunately yesterday I told myself that I would do ABS tomorrow! SO guess I will be doing cardio AND ABS!

    @Shellnikk- I am sore too! Uncover, another member in our group is miserable after her UBW....I read her on another thread.....Like I said before- we need to be patient and give ourselves time to learn what our 5's - 10's are. We will recuperate and be stronger. Happy Cardio everyone!

  • I've been on a computer for a couple days that wouldn't let me post (needs an Adobe update or something), so I've read but not replied.  It's great to see everyone's comments and know that I'm not the ONLY one!!!  LOL

    Other than moving like a mummy  (arms are SORE and legs are stiff!),  I feel GREAT knowing that I've done what I planned to do each day -- even if it's only 4 days so far!   I know this first week is one of the hardest musclewise, but I'm doing as much as I can.  Shellnikk, pain is usually worse two days after a workout, so your soreness will pass!  Don't hesitate to take some ibuprofen tabs, and the best thing to help the soreness is actually the next workout.  :-)

    I do have a question...  

    I know I won't be winning any prizes, so I wasn't planning to fill out forms or upload pix.  Is this something we have to do?  I figure I'll just stay in the background and do the challenge unofficially...

    Has anyone who's working out at home heard of the "FitDeck"?  It's a deck of cards with various dumbell exercises on each.  They're great for varying your workout by shuffling the deck (split the deck in half for upper/lower body) and keeping it more interesting.  There's also FitDecks for body-weight resistance, fitballs, pilates, etc, but I don't have those.  Good diagrams to quickly remember each exercise.  Amazon. com has 'em.

    For the sweet tooths out there, my daughter shared this low-carb & low-cal  treat:   Empty a single-serving cherry/strawberry/ etc sugarfee-jello cup  into a bowl and cut into bites.  Add a single-serve sugarfree chocolate pudding cup and stir.  Put a spoon of fatfree Coolwhip on top.  It's delish and feels SO decadent when it's not!

    Keep on keepin' on, everyone!


    "I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday..."

    "I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday..."

  • Hi Calico

    I'm also 'unofficial' and not filling out the forms or uploading pix: I'm taking the challenge seriously but not entering the competion part of it all (difficult to do from NZ anyway),.

  • Me too....I'm not entering no contest! I'm in a competition everyday with myself and that's enough for me.

    So cardio is done....still have to do my abs from yesterday. My new bikini arrived it...but not in any shape yet to be going anywhere in public with it on....but what motivation!!!!

    I have only been getting five meals in this whole week....I have so much energy now that I'm exercising but I'm not hungry and actually full after the meals I do eat.....maybe I should wake up earlier so I can start eating earlier. Next week I will concentrate more on that. I've been drink all my water though!!! How is everyone else doing with meals??

  • So far good!  At first I was nervous about it but I planned very well on Sunday and just follow my journal.  I prepared a plan for every day and just put a check mark next to each meal after I eat it.  I have been doing so good with water too!!  That is a really big deal for me as I never drank it before, I use to drink about 6 diet cokes a day!!  Yesterday I had a four hour training session and they had candy on all of the tables but I resisted!!! :)  I came prepared with a small snack and when offered candy I politely said no thank you.  That felt really good for me!  I like the idea of buying a bikini for motivation, I should look into that!  Have a great day 5!

  • Hi Everyone!

    My name is Nancy and I am trying to lose another 25 lbs. This is my second challenge and I have learned so much during the first one. I lost 18 lbs on the first one and had to quit doing excerises at week 8 because my husband got injured and had to have knee surgery so I was taking care of him and our 3 little ones and had not one second to myself. However, I still stuck with the diet and ended up still losing 5 lbs.

    One thing I learned last challenge, for a lot of women, they will see moderate changes and weight loss until week 8. I have read this over and over, all of a sudden, you literally wake up in week 8 and your pants are too big, you feel your abs, you lose weight without thinking about it. It is true. I felt like giving up over and over because I thought I should see better results and people kept telling me.. "wait until after week 8 at least". I am starting againand will push through to the end.

    I love the diet, it becomes very easy and I love the food. I make a big batch of meals on the weekends and vary them up throughout the week. I have been on the diet for 13 weeks now and I am still not sick of it!

    Turkey Chili: ground turkey, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, chili podwer, fresh chopped peppers and onions.

    I eat this plain (with some greek yougurt as sour cream) or I toss it on top of a bed of fresh spinach for a taco salad.

    I also make another dish while I am making the chili: ground turkey, canned corn, black beans, chili powder. I put this on whole wheat tortillas with a spoonful of greek yogurt. Wrap them up and YUMMY!!

    Boneless skinless chicken breast. I grill a huge batch up w light italian dressing and slice over a spinach salad, eat whole in two thin slices of whole wheat bread, or plain with some sweet potato.

    Sweet potato: I cook about 4 huge sweet potatoes and eat one that night, and mash up the rest for later in the week. 1 packet of splenda and some cinnamon makes thes taste like desert!

    I shop at Sam's Club/Costco a bunch so that is where I get the 5lb ground turkey, spinach and huge amount of chicken, and a 3 lb bag of almonds that I grab for a quick snack every so often. Also, for desert I treat myself to a kellogs fiber bar in the evening. I have had no craving for anything, honest. And if I do, I will have a little treat on my free day (Sunday).

    Well, I hope everyone does GREAT thir first week!

    Remember: The pain of being overweight is far worse than the pain of working out.


  • Thanx, Nancy, for the info!  Love to get ideas, especially from someone who's been following this for a while.

    Where is everyone else?  Who's out there?  Howz it goin'?  What's working or not working for you?

    I've decided to move my weekly weigh-in date from Monday to Friday...  After my 'free day' Sunday, where I did 'fairly' well (enjoyed lasagna but had a BIG salad) but then ate two big cinnamon rolls later, I FELT bloated and ugh and this morning I only posted a 1-lb loss for the week.   I'm trying to tell myself that MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT, so my workouts have already built an amazing amount of muscle...  LOL  

    But I know this weight and out-of-shapeness did not occur overnight, so it is not going to go away overnight, so I will continue my workouts and cardio and healthy eating and eventually it should all kick in!!!   (right?)

    I had a GOOD workout this morning, but I need to get some 20# dumbells so I'll reach my 10's on a couple of exercises.  I'm doing both UBWO and LBWO 3x week, with a day in between for the muscles to recover.   And I'm trying to get used to riding my bike longer distances for my cardio during these beautiful spring days.

    How 'bout YOU?


    "I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday..."

    "I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday..."

  • Calico,

    You posted a 1lb loss after your free day?  That's great!  I usually do my weekly weigh-in the morning of my free day before I start eating "freely".  Am I supposed to weigh in after my free day.

    How's everyone else doing?

    Week 1 weigh in yesterday - down 1.9lbs.  I was pretty happy with that considering I did not do great with eating the first half of the week.  But I got in all of my workouts and I think I finally figured out how to hit my 10s on the stationary bike.  I think I'm going to keep going with the bike exclusively for one more week and then try and add some eliptical.  I'm so afraid of reinjuring my foot, that I'm really trying hard to stay patient.  I'm still worried I may not be getting enough protein.  I'm really trying hard to use the fist/palm method, but I'm a horrible judge of size and dimension.  When I eat my cottage cheese, I'm currently eating a half cup.  Is that enough?

    I've been waking up at 5:15am to get my workouts in, and while I HATE getting up so early, I sure am sleeping great at night.  

    I hope everyone checks in soon. I missed seeing everyone's progress over the weekend.  I think there was problem with posting to the site.  I couldn't do it, and noticed there had been no new posts since the 20th.


  • Thanks so much, Nancy, for that info about maybe not seeing big changes till after week 8.  That's really good to know.

    Starting week 2 yesterday feels like digging in for the long haul - but I'm enjoying the weights and starting to see where I'll be able to increase soon.  It's good to be part of this community!


  • Hi all!  I was missing the posts too!!  I had a good week last week, some issues hitting 10's but I will get there.  Jumping up speed on cardio in the morning and have two working lunches, going to be a trying week!!  But I can do it with the support of this group and my will power.  I hope everyone is doing great and keeps it up!!  We are all worth this change, I am so excited to be healthy!!!! :)

  • Holy Cow a whole weekend without the support and feedback from everyone was too much for me!!! Glad we are all back. I didn't realize how essential this "sharing" was to the program....

    So we are beginning WEEK 2.... I'm going to stick with all the weight exercises that I did last week and see if maybe I can increase a little. I'm also going to stick with the bike for cardio. As a special treat on Saturday - my 15 yr old son and I went to his high school stadium and ran up and down the stairs for 20 minutes. I went up and down 23 times. We raced each other....every time we came down we had to run to the center and grab a penny then we would run up and drop the penny at the top...that's how we kept track of our laps.He did 26. When we started I told him that I was only going to be able to do 10......surprised me!   Next Saturday we are going to try to increase our own individual pace. It was fun.

    Someone mentioned needing desert-like food....and I think someone mentioned Kellogg's protein meal bars??? Well I just bought the double chocolate ones and they are great!! Almost as good as a candy bar but with 10g of protein. I'm not seeing any weight loss on the scale yet but my shorts are fitting loser in the waist....and it's still early in the game....and I'm patient!

    to piercje1....check out --- it's a good site to more accurately check the amount of carbs and protein in your food. I found that I had to UP my protein intake I wasn't getting enough. I know the BFL book says to do fist/palm.....if you want to get more specific it's 1 gram of carb & 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight. So let's say your target weight is need to be eating 140 grams of carbs and 140 grams of protein everyday. Divide that by 6 meals and that's about 23/24 grams of each per meal. lets you keep track of each meal you eat and the grams in each. Pretty cool if you have the time to keep up with it.

    Anyway.....glad to hear you all are still on track.....can't wait to hear from everyone else

  • I was unable to post all last week - I couldn't stay logged in for some reason and now all of a sudden it works again (did send an email).  Anyways, I NEEDED to check in because I had a free day on Sat night  - I chose Sat evening because my husband and I are both chefs and wanted to have one dinner of indulging.  

    Anyways, I overdid it by drinking too much wine & martinis, not really like me, and was still suffering Monday.  I can only really handle a glass or 2 of wine and so this really threw me off.  After 6 days of clean eating, which I found quite easy, and awesome workouts, I felt great by Saturday, but then feel like I undid it all!  I was craving sweets all day yesterday, which I didn't find the first week, I was depressed, unmotivated, and now I am getting a cold.

    I know I am making a positive step to keep going, but still feel badly (and embarrassed) about going so overboard.  It was a learning experience and am ready to get back on track, but now with a cold I don't know if hitting the 10s is a good idea, at least with the cardio.  Also, when I am sick, I really have a hard time sticking with clean eating - I crave junk bc I feel like crap, I guess. Any suggestions?

    I am going to go to the gym a little later today to see if my energy increases.

    This Saturday will be sans alcohol - I really think it affects my mood for days.  I shave always struggled with depression and think it is no good for me.

    Week 2 - here we come!