• Good morning everyone! Started off my day with a 20 minute run with my dog. I didn't do as well as I would have liked, but I think the 1st week of work outs are always like that.

    I don't know if any of you have tried the Eating for Life recipes, but my goal is to try a few new meals a week since I usually get bored with just chicken and rice. In order to be successful I have to feel like I get to eat things that taste good. So Last night I made the egg salad sandwiches and they were GREAT! I used Light Mayo instead of Fat Free, which hopefully won't make that much of a difference. I also made the protein ice cream and it was OK if you can get past the protein after taste. (Really I think the only part I liked was the nuts on top.) I probably won’t make it again, but it was worth a try. In the past I have also made the cheesecake and LOVED it. So I will be making that this week too. I LOVE sweets so if I can find a way to make myself think I am having dessert then this will work. Has anyone made the brownies or the protein pudding? I think I’m going to try the protein pudding next!

    Well Hope you all have a great day! Good luck with Day 2!  

  • Hi Everyone. i began my challenge yesterday so Count me in!  I did the challenge 5 years ago with great results but had a knee injury 3 years ago and went down hill from there. I am now almost exactly where I started prior to BFL!  Ok so enough about then- I am ready to get back into shape Now!

    I am definitely one of the older ones in this group- I'm 54!  I'm looking forward to proving the saying "that all women get mushy and fat in their 50s so there's nothing you can do about it" wrong!! I live in Va Beach VA and love to sail. I have the most wonderful loving man in my life, Randy, and 2 amazing daughters, 3 beautiful  granddaughters and 2 great son in laws!  

    Someone asked about the EFL cookbook- the recipes are great!  The meatloaf, chicken enchiladas and shrimp recipes are a crowd pleaser for all!

    Gotta get back to work. Looking forward to this journey with everyone!


  • @VaNess...I made the pudding last night and absolutely loved it!  I also have a sweet tooth! :)  Good luck and post or suggest any recipes that you find yummy!

  • Day 2 is almost over!  Did cardio this morning and have stuck to my meal plan.  

    I am going to plan lbwo for tomorrow.

    One of my favorite "desserts" is to blend 1/2C low fat cottage cheese with 1 level tablespoon of any flavor sugar free, fat free instant pudding mix.  The trick is to blend until smooth.  I use the cheesecake flavor and it is heavenly!!!


  • sounds great! I'm in my 60's glad to see someone of the more mature age joining in.  Cheers to you,


  • Hey EVERYONE! Switched from my usual running on a treadmill to BICYCLE, I'll stick with that the whole week. I didn't hit my I was doing it I thought it was my 10 but when I stopped I had to admit that I could have pushed harder......but we gotta give ourselves time to figure out what our 5's - 10' are right? I wrote down what I did so next cardio day I'll bump it up a little. But BOY it felt great working out those leg muscles (where I need to tone the most!) So tomorrow is LBW and Abs for most of us..... or are some people switching ABS to their cardio day??

    @Sandrine: Yes- work out with weights if you have access to them!!!! I just suggested those body weight exercises specifically for txcalico who will be working out at home and maybe not have weights to work with.

    Will be looking into the guys make them sound so good!  

  • Good morning all!

    Diane-love the quote... I also think it will take us a little time to figure out what our 5's - 10's are.  I also felt after my treadmill workout I could have given it more.  Like you I took notes for next workout.

    Have a great day 3 everyone!

  • Happy Day 3 Everyone!  I joined a gym last night, so I'm excited about my workout tonight.  I have always been a 5am workout gal, but I've talked my sister into doing BFL with me and she said there's no way she'll work out that early!  Hee Hee- we're going for 7:30pm!  

    I hope everyone has an amazing day!


  • My girlfriend and I started on the 16th also!

    Would love to be apart of the April 16th group :)

    How is everyone doing so far? i am trying to get better at preparing meals (protein, complex carb, veggie-gotta make this my mantra!!!)

  • Morning!!!

    ajbetterman, thanks for the tip on the protein pudding, I will be tring that tonight!

    Did my Lower Body Workout this morning, even though it was REALLY hard to get out of bed I did it anyways! Believe it or not, I'm already feeling better about myself and its only been 3 days! I love starting off my morning with a great work out and knowing that its already done for the day and I don't have to worry about it!

    So tomorrow I have a business trip where lunch is part of the training at the hotel. I'm so nervous because I have NO IDEA what they are serving! I'm on my own for dinner so I can choose a meal that is BFL friendly, but hopefully lunch won't mess me up!

    Welcome to the group HotMama1174!  

    Question: Do any of you know if we have to take a pic with a newspaper? In the past you didn't have to, but I saw last year's Champions had dates marked on their photos or took a picture with a newspaper? Is that a new rule now? I didn't see it in the rules....

  • I attended a luncheon yesterday too - I ignored the bread, ate the protein, veggies - salad - dressing was plopped on -I took the underneath leaves  - not the ones dripping with dressing.  The protein was large to me - so I just cut it in half.  No dessert - water to drink.  I kept telling myself - I eat to live- not live to eat.  No one seemed to notice how I ate - and I enjoyed the conversation more than the food.

    Have a great day


  • I'm not a fan of cottage cheese, so maybe this is one way I can eat it!  

    "I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday..."

  • I started on Monday, too.  I've done well waking up early and getting my workouts done, although I'm having a tough time with cardio.  I think I have a stress fracture in my foot, so I'm riding the bike and having a hard time hitting my 9s and 10s. I'll up the intensity tomorrow and hopefully that will help.  I've done okey with my meals, but I know I can do better.  

    I have about 20 pounds to lose before my 20 year reunion in July.  Wish me luck!!

  • Dee-

    Great job with the luncheon yesterday!

  • txcalico-

    I cannot eat cottage makes me gag!  But I swear the "Almost Cheesecake" recipe I gave above is yummy!!!