• OH my goodness - I"m so happy for you to start the challenge.  I'm in my 60's and I want to be healthy and fit before I hit 70...hahahah.

    I was a Texas gal (we lived in Bay City) I'm back home in Nevada. The easiest way to plan is with pencil and paper. The BFL book has wonderful meal suggestions -which sort of sets your shopping list for you.

    I printed out my work out for Upper body and Lower body - and take it with me when I work out - and sometimes I work out at home too.

    Best of luck to you - you can do it!


  • Great!  Great! first day!  I hope that everyone did well.  I enjoyed the workout and never felt hungry!  Definitely a good start!  Now if I can just keep up the momentum! :)  Until Day 2 all!

  • Hi all,

    My name is Deb, and I'm a 52 yr old professional woman, liiving in Wellington, NZ.  Working full-time and also studying.  Have done BFL years ago, so know it works, and want to get back into shape again.  But this time feels different - more committed to the mind-power side of it, wanting to change my life as well as my shape.  I enjoyed my upper body workout yesterday - did that at the gym, but other days I'll be working out at home, with dumbbells.  And this morning I got up early and ran.  So it's going well so far!  Will be fun to hear how you're all going over the next 12 weeks.

  • Hi Kitty - so pleased there's another woman in her 50s in this group!  I'm 52, married with 2 kids (who have mostly left home).  Good luck to you.

  • I was looking at strength training programs for a week. I was losing weight, I already eat healthy and love the food. Not concerned about diet but the strength training. Remembered I had the Body for Life book, this is at midnight last night. Woke up this morning and started with Day 1.

    LOL my upper body is so weak. I haven't done strength training for a year now and I have gained 20lbs. Yay go me (joking).

    So April 16 is my day one.

  • Upper Body DONE!!! It was nice to see a little definition in my shoulders and triceps still there from the last challenge.  Favorite Exercise :  one arm dumb bell rows.

    I feel like I may have tweaked my lower back a bit in all my enthusiasm.

    Glad to see so many more people have joined with us!

    For those working out @ home  -I saw a link this morning to "The Ultimate Arms and Abs" workout that you can do at home.

    If I come across any others I'll be sure to share them with you. ALSO I would really recommend some exercise bands. I used them in my last challenge when I was on vacation in Alaska.....I just wrapped it around a tree or a post outside and really felt that they worked. Don't hesitate to ask questions. There seems to be lots of people on here who have done this before.

    Congrats to all of us who have started today! 

  • Great day 1!  All meals eaten as planned and ubwo done. My meals are planned for tomorrow and I have big pot of turkey chili on the stove.

    I'm a 46yo mother of a 10yo boy living in southeast Louisiana.

  • Today was my day 1 and started with lower body b/c I had done cardio the day before.  I don't think I hit a 10 but am still very sore and still feel awesome!  I had company for dinner and served them & hubby the red wine and didn't have ANY - this has always been my weakness but a few minutes into dinner I didn't even realize I wasn't drinking any and then after I felt so refreshed, knowing how tired/relaxed I would've been, and so did stuff instead of sitting.  I struggle with depression and find that I feel depressed the day after wine and don't sleep well (even though I may only have 1 glasss)  and so I have to keep that in mind when I feel the urge to drink.  And I served whole grain pizza, but made mine with a ton of veggies & no cheese and enjoyed it - so proud of myself.

    txcalico - don't feel intimidated by those with only 10lbs to lose, as I am sure you would be thrilled if you lost 10llbs now, which would only motivate you to keep going, so take baby steps.  You can get there!

    Day 2 - here we come!

  • Count me in, I started today also. I'm 42   6'1" 267lbs and live in north Texas, my goal is to stick

    To the program 100% and see what happens......

    Good luck to everyone

  • Day 1 down!!! Only 83 left to go!!!! Great job everyone!

  • Day 1 down! I ate clean and on schedule. I did upper body work out and feel great!

    I am a Texas Gal, too. I live in North Texas (dallas/fort Worth area).  I have 20-30 pounds I would like to loose..10 pounds at a time is my goal.. It didn't all come on at one time, right? 2 kids later I need to finally get it all off and keep it off. I am going to be 40 in August, so my goal is to loose 20 by August.

  • Hello all! I started today after numerous attempts to try this again.  The longest I lasted was about 6-8 weeks back in 2004. Have been trying to get it back going since then. Eating I believe is the hardest! today I did lower body and about 15 min of cardio to warm me up.  My eating went as follows:

    M1 Egg whites/spinach/a little salsa and about 3 tablespoons of plain oatmeal (could not finish it)

    M2 Fresh sugar snap peas and red roasted hummus ( I know-no protein!)

    M3 Talapia/spinach

    M4 Protein drink with apple

    M5 Talapia/spinach/brown rice

    M6 Protein drink/sugar snap peas and hummus

    Not enough water today only about 24 ounces and a cup of coffee.

    Hey! I think I may have done pretty good-now that I look at it!! I want to plan better tomorrow though. Its too easy to mess up if Im not being careful.

    Started with

    167 pounds

    Belly 35'

    Calfs 16'

    Biceps 12'

    Clothes size 9/10  some 11's

    need to still do back and chest.


    Lose at least 15 pounds

    get toned/go down at least 2 sizes

    Get healthy/Feel better

    Start enjoying social activities  on a monthly basis

    Laugh and smile more

    Pray and meditate regularly

    Sleep more

  • Good morning all!

    Sounds like everyone had a first great day. I as well completed an ubwo and my eating was right on track minus that I did not intake enough protien, so this morning I started with a homade turkey burger patty that I had precooked lastnight. In the last challange I made a few batches of turkey burgers and kept them in the freezer at all times they are great  and easy solution when I run out of time or energy to cook a healthy meal. I am not much of a breakfast person so this challange Im really going to focus on switching it up and not worry about eating breakfast foods for breakfast and so on.

    Today after work  I will be going for a 4K run, as far as tonights menu will go I plan to make a batch of home made chili using extra lean wild moose meat for me and the hubby and of course freeze the rest for some quick and convienant extra meals.

    Here's to day 2!!

  • Hey!

    well done to everyone who has started yesterday.  I started with lower body and my legs are hurting today!  It feels good, if you see what I mean.

    My personal goals are to lose 8 pounds maximum, tone up everywhere have nice muscle definition and lose my mummy tummy.

    Looking forward to share this journey with you all!

    I am French and live in the UK.

    Good luck everyone!


  • Hi Diane,

    This is great thanks.  

    But aren't we supposed to use weight?  ~This is my first time (and day2) doing the challenge so I am trying to get my head around the exercises.

    Or are we more supposed to feel the intensity level?