Get in Summer Shape! April 9- July 1st!

  • I'm in the middle of a two week rest following the conclustion of a Challenge that ended on March 25, but will be starting another on April 9. This will take us right up to the Fourth of July, well actually July 1, but hey-close enough!  This will be my fourth Challenge and I am excited to see where this one will take me!

    I'm a believer in consistently posting and sharing with those that join in, as this keeps me accountable AND inspired tto stick with the program. Are you ready to get into swim-suit shape for this summer?

    Let's Go!


  • I am planning to start my C3 BFL Challenge on 9th April as well,  I really like the end date as well because that marks my 20th year with WDW on the nose so it is a special day in more than one way.  I would be honored to join this group  you are forming in support of a noble cause,  better health, stamina and an increased positive attitude on life the BFL way. (Plus looking better at the beach this summer in Florida would also be a great plus as well). Count me in on this one!

  • April 9th is also my start date.  This will be my 1st time doing BFL.  I was nervous at first about failing but I think I am finally mentally ready after actually reading the book!!  I know I will probably need some encouragement and support as well.  I hope I am in the right place!!

  • Since I have tanked every single time I have started a challenge before....APRIL 9th WILL be the day! WHOO HOO I will be gearing up all weekend for a strong lift-off on Monday. :D:D

  • I am starting April 9th as well! I cannot believe how excited I am. I recently lost 60lbs and told myself once i was within 20lbs of my goal I would do a body for life challenge. I can't wait!

    Quick question for all you that have done this before. I have celiac's and avoid pretty much all grains since all but quinoa mess me up, Is that going to be a problem? If if I stick mainly to sweet potatoes, squash, strawberries, fat free yogurt, apples, oranges and melons will I be okay? I also can't use EAS products because they all contain some form of soy (yes, I have lots of food issues!), I like the Jay Robb protein powders are those okay to use?

    Thanks all! Can't wait to get started!

  • Hey, brp! I am SO pleased that we are starting on the same day! Your carb choices sound great. Greek yogurt is an even better choice and also steel cut oats are a good one. I feel that you will be victorious without a single grain serving! :D:D I cannot speak for the Jay Robb since I have never tried it. However, I do hear good things about that brand. What day are you taking your before photos? We are aiming for Saturday.  MK

  • Group - I too am starting on the 9th.

    I am on a couple other blogs starting on the same day...but I need a lot of  accountability ;-0

    If you will have me I would love to join this group and share success stories and some war stories.

    Bring it on!!!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • OK-looks like our little group is gathering up and getting ready to march to the start line in a few days~! I know I will be pondering what my goals will be for this one during the next couple days...actually I know what they are- I just haven't written them down and taped them to the mirror yet. I highly recommend this-get it in front of your face to see morning and night! And don't forget those gawdawful "before" may not WANT to take them, but I beseech you to do it because there might come a time when you just can't believe anything good is happening and pulling those pics out and looking will show the progress.

    @WPBill- what is WDW?

    @bprwatson- check out the food's under the Library heading. you should get some answers there. good luck!

    @wildcherry and jnjmartin- take it one w/o, one day at a time. get your notebooks ready and just mark off each day as it comes and voila! You will have done a Challenge!

    Out of curiosity...where is everyone located? I live in Tacoma and work in Seattle.

    OK Team- Let's Go!


  • Hi, Bobby! I live across the sound from Tacoma just out of Belfair! SMALL world, oh my goodness! lol :D:D

  • I'll probably be taking my before pictures tomorrow, we are going out of town and staying with my In Laws. I WILL NOT be standing in their hallway in my swimsuit trying to take pictures in their full length mirror, lol. I know its early but Its the only time I'll be able to do it.

    I went and switched Gyms today in preparation. I get child care included in my membership now, and that has been the main thing keeping me out of the Gym. I either had to go at 4am or 9pm neither of which worked while working graves and going to Nursing school! My Brother may actually be joining us on the 9th and I'm trying to convince my hubby to do it as well!

    I'm in Utah

    So, what are everyone's goals for this challenge?

    I'm only planning on weighing in every 4 weeks and focusing on inches and body fat % instead. When I work out I'm "solid", at my thinnest I weighed 165lbs (technically "overweight") but wore a size 6. So, I don't have a specific weight loss goal. I'd love to lose 15lbs but my goal is really to fit into a certain pair of shorts by the 4th of July :)

  • I'm starting C2 on April 9th and would love to join in supporting/leaning on you all! I finished my first challenge on March 25 as well, saw some good results and am taking my two weeks active rest now. I am itching to get back to the workouts/meal plan and have been reviewing my journal from the first round to pinpoint how I can succeed this time around. I'm motivated and excited for Monday!

    As for goals, I haven't nailed down my specific ones yet but I'm aiming for more consistency in meal planning and intensity in cardio workouts. I lost around 25 inches in my first challenge but have a way to go to be where I want to, so ramping things up is going to be key for me. Anyone have any tips for some exciting ways to get through HIIT? The treadmill and stair climber are fun (!) but change is always good, right??

    I'll probably take my before photos on Monday. As "fun" as they are, definitely the main motivator for me when times get tough! Take them, people! And measurements too!

    Good luck everyone! Can't wait to hear about your progress!

  • Just took my before pictures before we head out of town tomorrow. Seeing them was actually exciting because In 12 weeks I know I will be rocking that bikini!

    Planning next weeks meals and workouts, Bring it on!!

  • BobbyA sorry for the late answer but WDW is Walt Disney WOrld where I have worked for almost 20 years since 1992 and most of that time at Disney Hollywood studios ( I did have 5 years at EPCOT as well in attractions) but now I am in merchandise as a  merchandise Host at Mickeys of Hollywood (since 1998).  My official 20th year is completed on 2 July this year as is our Challenge for this period... nice concindence isn't that?

  • Starting April 9 too.  Have started many times but never completed.  I am going to write down my goals as I do believe that is key.  Some of them are...more energy, finish something i started, inspiration to my 5,4,and 2 year old kids...more confidence.  I really want this to stick this time.  I have a hard time getting past week 4 or 5.  I am a self-sabatoge girl and when people start to notice i fall back in to old habits.  Weird I know.  LOOKING FORWARD TO STICKIN IT OUT WITH YOU ALL!  Help me stay accountable!

  • Hey Everyone- I'm thinking we should migrate over to the  thread, "Young and just signed up for April 9". We can combine with them and have a much larger and cohesive group as we are all starting on the 9th. I'm all for the More the Merrier!

    See ya'll over there!