Starting BFL on 03/26/2012 :). Woooohooooo!!!!

  • Hi there...I am starting the challenge officially this Monday, the 26th!! I attempted this challenge a few years ago and made it five weeks. It was amazing. I felt amazing, I felt strong...and it helped me become incredibly organized with other aspects of my life. When everything else was out f controll.lI could control THIS. Soooo I am back!!! Going to update my thread every day for 90 days until I am DONE!! Anyone else  starting then??  See you guys soon!!! :)

  • I plan on starting on the 26th also.  Let's cheer each other on!!  I am great at the first couple days and then life steps in.  I don't handle stress well.  Hot tamales here I come.  I need some support so that I can find other ways to cope.  I want to do this.  We can do this!  We deserve it.  

  • I wish you great success as you begin your challenge. The BFL plan works wonders.....but it's up to you to work the plan. You can do this.....all the best!!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Aww  thanks guys!!! Marathon mom....I hope you join me on this journey!!!! I will check in everyday!!!  

    I am acclimating myself to getting up earlier to work out. And re reading the BFL remotivates me.

    My husband is very supportive...and even offers to buy shakes and food that I I am lucky for that!  :)

    And my yellow lab watches me on the I consider that support lol!!

    Going to weigh myself and take pics once a week.....I do think pics show more change than the mirror does...

    Should be interesting. I will post all the gory details... of luck to anyone else starting Monday!!! :)

  • Hi Guys, I am actually starting today but would love to stay in touch with you all on this journey.  I have tried this about four years ago, didnt do well.  I am 45 and used to be extremely athletic. 8 yrs ago I ran the Disney marathon with only 4 months of training. Prior to the marathon I ran maybe 2x a week, and 2 miles at a shot.  I am a nurse and one of my patients who was 51 at the time, had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was an alcoholic, and a smoker. Once diagnosed he changed his life. He began running. When i met him he had already ran a marathon in every state of the US, and started the Canadian provinces.  He had become a coach for the American Heart Association and recruited me to join him and his "team in training" .  I started in September ran in Janurary at Disney. It was at that time that i realized  i COULD do anything i wanted if i really wanted to.  The mind is so powerful.  I was determined to finish. I did ! I ran the whole time 26.2 miles . What a feeling crossing that finish line. I want that feeling back.

    Running a marathon was on my "bucket list", becoming really physiclally fit has been on my list since then. So im ready to scratch it off like i did the marathon. Since then i have gained 30 pounds and feel miserable .  Im ready to follow through this time. My goal for this is to be a lifestyle permant change. I dont want to go back to how I have been feeling. Life is too short to be miserable,  so many days, years have been wasted being unhappy.  Im ready to enjoy each day and who I am , no more looking back !

    I look forward to supporting one another as we all take on this challenge. We can do it!   Good luck everyone :)

  • I'm starting my 2nd challenge on the 25th, which is tomorrow morning. I started my first one on December 18th and was finished two weeks ago. I took two weeks off with active rest. I was originally 307 pounds. I started working out and eating better in early December so I probably weighed well over 310 pounds at Thanksgiving. This morning I'm at 268 pounds, still got a 52 inch gut. I didn't do measurements the first time. I cannot imagine how big I was back in December. I look at the pictures from Christmas and just think that I look really fat.

    So yeah, I'm ready to get back to hitting the weights again. I love weight lifting more than cardio so to me it's exciting to think tomorrow morning I'll be back to work again. :-)

  • I'm starting Challenge #2    the 25th  also .   Awsome job Randomguy!  I had some pretty good results myself and am looking forward to  the next 12 weeks. Got a new home gym to work with(used free weights my entire first challenge)  Good luck to everyone!!! I'll be checking in often.

  • Getting ready for tomorrow....Been doing some cardio...and re reading BFL. Also have the Eating For Life cookbook. Going to take before pics tomorrow and weighing myself once a week with weekly pics.

    I have a treadmill at home, so might do some cardio days at home but my weight days at the gym...

    Wishing everyone much success!!!!!

  • I'm starting on the 26th also!  It'll be fun to see everyone's prgress!  

    @Flagrl40 - I love the eating for life book.  I use it all the time - my kids like the recipes too.  It's real food, just tweaked to be healthier so we don't feel like we're really on a 'diet'.

    I just want ot get rid of some flub before I have to spend every waking moment at the city water park with my kids. :)

  • Yayyyyy  Colleen!!!  I'm getting up at 5:30 so ai can be at th gym by  6:00!!! I am siked!!  :)

  • I'm starting tomorrow too! Let us know one your are doing and I'll do the same.

    226/225/135 - on 1st Challenge

  • Made it to the gym at around 6:10 ...warmed up on the treadmill for about 15 min...and did upper body. I think my challenge is going to be keeping workouts under an hour. Just resting and stretching in between takes time. Is it realistic to do workouts in under an hour? I feel like I 'm just rushing through it that way. What do you guys think? Any tips on being more efficient?

    Otherwise great workout!  How is everyone doing?

  • Morning everyone!  my name is Kelly, I am starting today as well...I completed a challenge a decade ago, did great...I tried again last year, made it about 4 weeks. I found the progress a lot slower as a post menopausal woman and I got frustrated. I have adjusted my expectations and I think not jumping on the scale all the time and finding better ways to measure progress will be key. Flagrl, It does take about an hour, and can be done. I only warm up for 10 minutes and use a watch with a second hand to time rest breaks. I found LBWs longer for some reason. I have less than 10 lbs to lose and need to gain a little muscle.

    I would love to be here for support and support all of you! Here is to success on our journey. (toasts with shake. )

  • Read a great quote the other day, .

    "In regards to  a breakfast of bacon and eggs, the chicken has an interest. The pig is committed."

    I think to succeed here, we all need to be the pig.  

  • I'm re-starting BFL today, also, and happy to hear from others who are also starting today.  I did this about 6-7 years ago, lasted about half way through and felt incredible, but got sidetracked by life!  So looking forward to this. Hard to do alone so reading & participating in this post will sure help.  Good luck to everyone.