Starting 2nd April 2012

  • I"m glad you said that, LAH. I have been using mostly dumb bells since I work out at the senior center and they have limited equipment.  Right now, I'm struggling with 6 reps of 20 pounds for press.  My left arm is considerably weaker than my right. It really quivers on the last press.  Have a great weekend


  • hey everyone, well today was cardio and i just didnt feel like going to they gym, but i went, its those days that i dont want to and go and im enforcing some new self discipline, im glad i went cardio went gr8 also my eating last 2 days struggled to get 6 meals in, getting 5 but no big deal, i admire everyones honesty on how they been traveling thru these last 2 weeks, gr8 job to all that are still at it

    Have a blessed weekend



  • Hey Everyone!  Start of week 3!!  Woo Hoo!!  Last week went pretty well.. got all my workouts in and they were great!  Struggled a bit at the end of the week with the meals.. mostly just didn't get enough in.. think I only got in 4 meals Thur-Sat. Have friends down from MI and we have been spending a lot of time with them.. it is sure hard to stay true to the meal plan when you are eating out with people on vacation!!  lol  I did good though, ate healthy choices but did indulge in a few alcohol drinks... Oh well.. was proud of myself for having healthy meal when they all had pizza Saturday night.. Pizza is one of my fav meals!!  :)  Had great UBWO this morning!  

    Hope you all have a fantastic week 3!

    God Bless!


  • Had gr8 UBWO and i was planning not to weight myself till week 4 but heck, the scales were right near the doorway so i jumped on, 11.2lbs lost in 2 weeks, i know that is encouraging alittle, but whats really encouraging for me is i am feeling gr8, standing taller, and feeling more alive, so truthfully the scale results are not as important to me as how im feeling,

    work hard, eat clean and stay the course



  • Congrats Robert on your 11 lb loss!  That's great!

    I didn't have a good wkend in the eating dept. I did get my cardio in on Sat AM, but went to a church fish fry Sat nite. If any of you know about fish fries in the Deep South, you know that wasn't a good place for me to be! Ha!

    But did good yesterday. Intense UBWO. Gotta get cardio in today. It's raining here today, so I'll try to get to gym for some treadmill work.

    Journey strong, friends!


  • Has anyone ever done "guerilla cardio" or "tabata cardio"?

  • I have not heard of it Jon, sounds like a good workout, would you extend it for 20 minutes instead or leave it at just 12?  How are you workouts this week?


  • only got 4 meals in yesterday, but today back on track today, happy with LBWO and looking forward to cardio tomorrow, hope yall still on course, and remember hurdles will come, but keep your eyes on the prize a changed life and changed body


  • Hola Amigos!  rodie nice job on the workouts, I am looking forward to your progress, i have not got on the scale but have noticed some changes in my upper body especially shoulders and arms and a slight change in how my pants are fitting.

    Haven't seen much activity in the forum, hope everyone is still focused and staying the course even if you had some challenges along the way.  I agree with your rodie, keeping your eyes on the prize!  I remember reading something Bill Phillips said regarding a lady coming up to him and feeling like a failure for not following The Challene every minute and every day.  He responded something about, but she hadn't given up even with those hurdles, so she was still a success with the program.  When I have days that I don't quite fit in all my meals according to plan or my workouts where not quite tens or the best I've ever done well then I make a note of it and remind myself, I will make adjustments.  What didn't work this time will be changed so I will have better results later.  So I am learing from my failures.  I hope that helps some of you who have been struggling and feeling like you have failed.  The important part is to not give up.

    "If you keep doing what you've been doing, you will get what you've been getting"

  • So nice to see folks still keeping in touch here!  This week is going pretty well for me.  I have gotten in all my workouts, including this morning.  I could not go to the gym for my cardio because one of our cars is in the shop and my hubby had to leave early for a meeting.. so I pulled out one of my gazillion DVDs lol and did an Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Intense Tae Bo workout.  I did the one called ripped core which is not only a great aerobic workout but a fantastic abs/core workout!!  Felt great!  Food wise I am still struggling this week to get all 6 meals in.. I've been averaging about 5 so I have to work on that and watch my timing.  It's hard when you have company and you think you will be eating at one time then you start talking and all the sudden it's 2 hours later and still no dinner plans!   lol  Oh well, they head out Saturday and then I will have a couple weeks before any other out of town visitors so I will have time to get back in the groove!!  

    Stay strong!  Have a great day!

  • Cardio went pretty good, legs felt shot from day before lol, i am not encountering any real problems in regard to eating clean other than a few days didnt get all 6 meals in, i am feeling stronger and fitter, well feeling isnt really the right word, i am stronger and fitter since begining this challenge and i hope yall are begining to expierence some early benefits as well




  • LBWO was good, laughs at self how funny i must look after last set, when i get up and walk all wobbly lol, hope yall doing gr8


  • Hey folks...

    Been a few days since I've posted, but I've been doing good.  Our Internet hasn't been working properly at home.

    Had a good LBWO today.  Eating has been good today, too.  Lots of good protein!

    But I had the most fun I've had in a long time w/ a workout this past Sat.  I did the "WARRIOR DASH!"  It was awesome!  Not necessarily on the BFL workout plan - Ha!  But was a great workout.  If you're not familiar w/ it, check out & you'll see what I did!

    Hope everyone is hanging tough & not giving up!  I started a sermon series this past Sunday on SPIRITUAL WARFARE, & a lot of what we are experiencing as we press on is akin to the struggles we face in our lives.  Stay strong!  Stay in touch w/ those who can encourage you!  Get up & get going again if you have a moment of failure!  Let's keep doing this thing together!

    Journey strong, friends......


  • Hey Team!  Great UBWO this morning!  Can't believe we are in week 4 already!  Feeling stronger and healthier every day!  Loving it!  Hope it is going well for everyone here too!  

    Stay strong friends!!  :)

  • Hey overcomers, i had best UBWO yet, i was so spent at the end of it, i had nothing left in the tank, it is so important to be involved in these forums, (to learn from others) and also for encouragement and accountability, looking forward to hearing from some of you that havent posted in awhile.

    remember we make time for whats important to us,

    Passion always displays itself (hey i preached on that title a long time ago)


    winning is not giving up