Starting 2nd April 2012

  • Did not get to the gym today nor were my meals on the "right track".  

    The weather has turned a bit colder than it was a few weeks ago and honestly, I think my brain is telling my body to go back into "hibernation" for a while.  I've never been a cold weather person and I did get a bit spoiled a few weeks ago when we had record highs in the 80's for almost 2 weeks!!  Now reality is here and it's Spring time ~ not Summer and the temps will see-saw for awhile ~ therefore I need to change my mindset and focus Focus FOCUS!!!

    Have a GREAT night and I will chat with you again soon ~

  • Do you have dumb bells at home?  or Bands?  You may consider having something there just so you can keep up the pattern.  Even if it's not the exact workout - you will still be doing the everyother day workout and in between that -  cardios.  I think part of it is building the habit. You'll do it!  Success is yours!


  • Got my cardio in last night about 7 PM...had a great run through my neighborhood.

    Looking fwd to my UBWO today at lunch.  Planning to hit it hard.

    Dee, good advice to terip about the dumbbells and/or exercise bands.  Anything to get that workout in, even if it's not the "ideal" conditions or exact routine.

    Everyone stay after it & keep pushing fwd!  Doesn't it feel good to know that you're making progress in such an important aspect of your life???

    Journey strong, friends!


  • Jon - good words, yes it feels good to know that progress is happening.  I did LBWO this morning - feels good, I completed it, but I think I was distracted because my husband will be Skyping me from AFrica this morning.  I think I could have done more.  I only really hit one high point.  I'm thinking it would be OK to do a little more later today. Have a great day!

  • It happens to everyone so don't beat yourself up too bad.  Just jump back in & stay after it!  It's worth it!  On those days when my motivation is waning, I know that if I'll just push myself & get started, I'll feel so much better after I'm through.  

    Journey strong!

  • its a few hours after my UBWO and im still feeling muscle exhaustion lol, especially my shoulders, but its all good, they got till monday to fully recover until their next blast lol,

    Pray yall have a gr8 day


  • Went to thy gym at lunch and did 15 minutes on the ARC trainer and 15 minutes on the treadmill.  Not a hard workout but I was able to burn some much needed calories :)

    Food / meals have been much better today.  I'm grilling turkey burgers for supper and will have peas & carrots to join my turkey burgers.

    Have a Good Night and I will chat with you again soon ~

  • Let's just say today ~ Thursday ~ is a complete BUST!!  I binged all day on nothing but junk food and I have no desire to workout.  I've come to realize that I seek food ~ lots of junk / chocolate ~ when I'm stressed.  Working on an account that we were hoping to obtain today and at the end of the day, after numerous phone calls, lots of Q&A, we did not get the account.  A lot of time and energy wasted!!  

    I need to focus.  I need to get my mind wrapped around being a better person, eating better / cleaner, doing healthy exercise to "fuel" my body instead of putting junk / chocolate into my mouth.

    I am going to re-write my goals and really think about what I want and when I want / need to achieve my goals.

    Until later ~

  • OK, have just finished my first week of travel while on the BFL, and although I would like to report a success, I'll call it an interuption.

    I was back home today and did get to the gym this morning, but the interesting thing was a person who I met on my travels.

    We talked about "desire" and how this can be the differentiating factor in people. This will be my focus word for the next week.

    Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.

  • Confession time for me! I definitely "fell off the wagon" yesterday!  (I feel your pain, terip48!)    

    Didn't get my cardio in PLUS had a gyro AND fries at my favorite Greek restaurant!  NOT GOOD (well, the gyro & fries were!  :)  )!

    But back at it today.......Can't let it get me down...........

    Headed to gym at noon for a tail-kicking LBWO & back on track w/ my eating.  Gonna chalk yesterday up as an early "free day" this week & stay in the fight.

    There's a Scripture verse that fits here:  "...Forgetting what lies behind, & straining forward to what lies ahead, I PRESS ON toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus..." (Phil. 3:13-14).  This verse isn't necessarily referring to physical exercise, but there is good application for getting our bodies in good condition.  Maybe that will encourage someone today.  I know it has encouraged me!

    Journey strong, friends!


  • Good word, Jon - I also am striving to "keep my body under."  If you go to 4:13 - we've got it made. Have a super weekend!


  • Got it done!  Intense LWBO completed!  Hit my 10's on all exercises...feels good!

    Just downed a vanilla AdvantEDGE shake.

    Journey strong, friends!


  • If you're interested in getting another perspective in "pressing on," check out  

  • Hey everyone. It sounds like everyone is staying strong. Way to go!! I had a setback this week but not from traveling. Woke up Sunday witha sore throat, body and a fever. Monday I had no energy and was too congested and couldn't keep any food down. Today was the first day I could actually get going without using medicine so I headed to the gym. I did my LBWO but it took me an hour in half but I hit my 10's and some places more. More importantly I got it done. But I think I owe the Gym a new container of sanitizer wipes for the machines. :) I am ready to get back in the grove and back on track.  Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Good morning everyone, workouts this week have been good, had to change it up bit on Weds for UPWO becuase i ended up at the YMCA instead and they had different equipment then my regular gym, so I used dumb bells for chest, and WOW did it make a difference.  It was harder to do the same weight I did on machine, 100 lbs on chest mahine is not the same as two 50 lbs dumbells.  I am going to focus on using dumbelss from now on.  Meals have gone ok for the most part, had a couple of glasses of wine a couple of nights and then last night we went to a minor league baseball game and well ended up having a couple of beers there. I am not going to beat myself up about it, just going to stay focused and no free day this week, it's not like I am starving myself any way.  

    And is nice to have you back honey, its been lonely at the gym without you.