Starting 2nd April 2012

  • Made it to the gym during lunch today and did 15 minutes on the ARC Traniner, did the abductor / adductor machines, stretched and did some ab exercises.

    Eating right today was again a "No Go".  I really need to get my brain wrapped around eating right and eating healthy!

    Hope each of you has a Happy Easter weekend and I will chat with you again soon ~

  • Beautiful Sat morning here in MS!!!  Already got my cardio in this AM w/ a hard "guerilla run.".  So far, I've been able to stay faithful to both my workouts & to the eating plan. Looking fwd to FREE DAY tomorrow, esp since a friend brought a pecan pie to my wife & me as an Easter gift!!!

    Hope each of you enjoys the wonder of Easter this wkend!

    Journey strong, friends!


  • Hey Terip48.  It may take some time - but you'll do it.  I wonder, though if you are over-thinking the nutrition requirements. Some times just thinking too hard about what to eat is stressful, and will make you want to eat - quick - and more. I'm a little curious to know what you're eating that you think is not good. Best to you,


  • Wow, 1st week went fast.  I'm going to enjoy Free day today and how cool that it is on Easter so can enjoy nice dinner and maybe even a couple M&Ms (my favorites!!)  My kids are grown and married and no grandkids so we will not have a lot of Easter candy around so that is good.  Had a great first week.  Made all my workouts and did pretty well on the food plan too.  Only bad day was yesterday and it was only bad in that I only got in 4 meals... we were gone a lot then with friends.. Also indulged in a couple cocktails (used water for the mixer.. does that make it better???  lol)  My sister and family are on way home to MI so next week should be more normal... whatever that is!  :)

    Happy Easter everyone

    God Bless you and your families!  

  • Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend with family & friends!

    I have my gym bag packed and I am hoping to make it to the gym during lunch for a much needed workout!

    I will report results later.

    Have a GREAT Day!

  • Week 2!!  Back from the gym, had a great LBWO!!  Had a very nice weekend and didn't go to crazy on my free day yesterday lol  Hope everyone has a great day!  And a successful week 2!

  • Good Morning everyone, welcome to week 2!!!  Went to the gym first thing this morning, LBWO was good, didn't feel great, but funny thing is I still hit all my goal weights, I think just mentally I wasn't in it.    

    This weekend was a challenge, we went to Pensecola Beach and had some amazing seafood, steamed, fried and a few alcoholic beverages, I guess we got caught up in the celebration of being on mini vacation. I did get my cardio in though so I have not skipped a workout.  We've decided that we would not go on a free day for until the end of week 3, that mean no free day on week 2 but will take a day off from working out to rest up the body.   I hope everyone is doing great and staying focused.  I found that staying current with these post even just a small post helps keep the focus. Good luck wth wk 2 amigos


  • LBWO complete, i was just sitting here thinking (ok that can be dangerous lol) back to me thought, i was thinking i dont want to get home and think that i left the gym not giving it my all, cause that really sucks, this whole expierence is won in the mind first, and foremost, so did i give it all, my answer would be not sure, so then that means i didnt, cause i would know if i gave it all, i know im ranting but its my way of processing my data lol



  • Wow - you all sound so up and motivated.  Yay!  I did UPBWO this morning.  I think it was good - my muscles were quivering so much I could hardly text while I was driving home...(just kidding). But I hit my 10's (first time I hit all) And I think it was a better workout than the others. Have a great day!


  • Good afternoon everyone!  Sounds like we're hanging tough as we get Week 2 cranked up. I enjoyed my free day yesterday w/ my family & am back at it again today, too.  Keep it up!

    I'm a volunteer firefighter & had to work 2 car accidents mid-morning today, so I missed my mid-morning meal.  But I got my LBWO in at lunch today & it went really well & am back on schedule w/ my meals.  

    Cardio day coming up tomorrow!

    Journey strong, friends!


  • Week 1 was excellent but Day 1 of wek two didnt happen at all. I couldnt motivate my self to go to the gym. Im finding it really tough to motivate myself :-(

  • Made it to the gym yesterday during lunch and did 15 minutes on the ARC Trainer and 15 minutes on the recumbent bike.  My left leg has been bothering me this past week, so I am trying not to overdue it.

    Didn't get my meals in yesterday ~ so we will work at it again today.

    My weight is up 1/2 lb from last week ~ must have been the Easter food.  I will get back on track this week  :)

    Have a GREAT Day and I will chat with you again soon ~

  • Week 2, day 2!!  Did great with food all 6 meals in and kept it totally clean!  As reported previously had great LBWO in the am as well.  Today hit they gym early and got my cardio in and some abs!  Feeling great!  :)

    wigwams11, I think everyone goes through that.  Did you write down your goals?  Are you reading them?  Did you take your before pics?  Have them where you can see them?  These are things that help me stay motivated. but one of the best things to motivate me is to wander over to the transformation threads and read those from folks who have finished.. and also to read the success stories of the champions!!  Hang in there.. You can do this!!!

  • Hey fellow BFLers, i had also a gr8 cardio this morning, i ready to turn it up a notch in my speeds on the treadmil thru out my intervals, have a few days to get my mind prepared to accept i can do it, looking forward to UBWO tomorrow, im having fun thus far, encouraged by yall working hard, and facing the many challenges that try to interfere with your goals, remember

    winners never quit and quitters never win (and to me this about taking back charge of my life)


  • Hey Guys...Gotta get my cardio in this evening.  But, so far, I'm hanging tough like you are.  

    Journey strong, friends!