Starting 2nd April 2012

  • Wow how many new posts!

    Lost a bit motivation this morning as I started out with the stomach-flue...but I wont let this put me down it is a new day tomorrow.

    You go Gang!!


  • Hang in there,  If it's the stomach flu that I had about 2 months ago, then it should go away within a day or two. Be sure to get rest, drink lots of fluids and light simple meals until the nausae goes away.

  • I'm in! My boyfriend and I are starting today. We've been planning it for the past 2 weeks. I have had my first 2 meals and a great upper body workout this morning at the gym. Super stoked about this challenge. The last time I did BFL was about 3 years ago. I did it when my ex boyfriend left me and I was angry and had something to prove. I proved quite a bit in the first 8 weeks but then let it go. I had great results and really toned up a lot. This time around I have about 25 more pounds packed on that have got to go! I know that BFL works and if we can stick to this for the next 12 weeks we will have made significant changes in our lifestyles and it will be that much easier to continue living Body-for-Life. Woohoo! Let's get our BFL on team!

  • YAHOO!!! Day 1 workout done. It feels great to be back on the challenge so much so that my husband had to tell me to slow down a few times. I have to hit the road and do some traveling for work but in the past that would be a demotivator on the workout plan but not this time, I going to stay focused. Going to hit the treadmill at 5am before I leave Bhama and then hit the road with my cooler for my shakes and water. Headed to Mississippi and will find a YMCA I can do my lower body workout and cardio.

    Lindsay, I know exactly how you feel about your kids. I have twin 9 yr daughters. Although we keep them active with sports I want to be able to run around with soccer field with them without getting tired.

    Have a Great Week Everyone!!


  • Day 1 Complete!! 6 meals, excellent cardio session & now its time for sleep!!

    1 DOWN 73 TO GO!!!!

  • oops


    1 DOWN 83 TO GO!!!!

  • Well done everyone. First day can be a challenge, but I can imagine a few more will be coming our way.

    Hi Kherrera, I am like you and travel A LOT for work. Most of the reason I am doing this challenge is purely because of the constant travel, I found myself out of shape. Not this time!

    Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.

  • Good Morning Everyone ~

    It's great to read everyone's posts!  I went to the gym yesterday during lunch and did 30 minutes on the ARC Trainer (love that machine) but didn't do very good on eating yesterday.  Missed lunch entirely, mainly because I wasn't hungry for the soup I had brought.

    Today will be upper body and I am taking a sandwich, rice crisps and banana for lunch.

    Hope everyone has a TERRIFIC Tuesday and I will chat with you again soon ~

  • Cardio Day for me!  Planning to head to gym @ lunch @ hit the treadmill hard!

    Journey strong, friends!

  • Had gr8 cardio, got my hit (was getting that im going to pass out or throw up feeling) lol, as much as i enjoy lifting weights im really coming to see that cardio is my friend, instead of hating it, im going to embrace it, anyway i hope yall have an awesome day, may it be filled with gr8 accomplishments, and may you achieve those things you are dreaming of



  • Good morning everyone!  I hope that everyone had a great first day!  I went to the gym after work yesterday and did upper body. I was sore this morning, but then went for a jog. I will do my full cardio workout tonight after work. I just packed my food for the day, and am heading out. Have a great day everyone, and have good workouts!  :)

  • Day 2.. got up and hit the gym early to get my cardio workout in.  Also did some abs because with as far as they have to go I just don't think 1 day of working them this week is enough.  I've read where some others have adopted doing abs on cardio days... I'll try it for a while and we will see...  I am so happy that I did very well yesterday with the food plan, when I completed this about 10 years ago I struggled with that part, not so much as what I ate but in getting in all 6 meals.. I think most of the time I was lucky to get 5... so I concentrated on that yesterday and I did it.. 1 day down, 83 to go!!!  I also fought an urge to have a glass of wine with my sister who is visiting from MI...  I just didn't want to start that way on the first day... I hope everyone has an awesome 2nd day!  Best wishes from southwest FL!!

    "If your ship doesn't come in... swim out to it"  - Jonathan Winters

  • Day 2 done. Upper body this morning went really well & i managed to get all 6 meals in (just). So, onwards and upwards!


    2 DOWN 82 TO GO!!!!

    ”The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

  • I started on the 2nd as well!  Today has been a little hard!  I know it will get better.

  • Day 4, im feeling great, good energy, i had a very hungry day yesterday for some reason - meals were every 2½ hrs! 4 day weekend coming up so there will be temptations around the house, my free day is Saturday so i will indulge in my favourite foods then back to training Sunday.  

    I know this works as i have done it before i lost 22kgs over 9 months.  I didn't see the first real changed until week 6 at my first weigh in, i did 3 challenges back to back without breaks in between so i had a good lifestyle after the 9 months.  I even did the BFL through my second pregnancy but alas the body decided to still gain 20kgs.

    Have a fantastic day!!

    'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you'