Week 2

  • It is week 2 for me and I am super excited. I put my scale away so that I don't deceive myself one way or the other. I am very sore from yesterday's workout and today's Zumba cardio. I feel my body hardening as my muscles are trying to burst through slowly but surely.  How long before anyone noticed a difference in their clothes or notices any differences at all? How much of a difference does anyone believe the supplements make? I want to hear some good news to keep my enthusiasm going.

  • Did anyone else add beans as part of their meal plans?

  • I haven't read anything about beans.,, ay have to look it up.  I am beginning my 4th week.  The best advice I've had has been "stay with the book and you can't go wrong."  My best to you - keep it up!


  • I'm just starting my second week too, and I can also feel the difference already.  I haven't stepped on the scale, but my pants are fitting a little more loosely, and my waist seems like it has a little more definition.  My husband has noticed it too.

    Beans are definitely on the list.  I made a batch of chilli (lean ground beef with a can of kidney beans, half a can of tomatoes, and onions, celery and carrots).  A two-fist serving kept me feeling really satisfied.  I'll have to make a pot-full and separate it out into portions in tupperwares.