Hip Replacement Surgery

  • I have been an avid triathlete and am 62 year old female - active but now am facing arthiitis in my right hip and in need of a new one.  I know this will take a major toll on my body and have done BFL before.  I want to incorporate this program with my rehab.  Has anyone experienced this surgery?


    Mary C

  • Mary,

    My 60tth birthday is next month (September).  I had hip replacement in March, 2000 by Dr. Harlan Amstutz after living with pain for several years.  I had been an athlete all my life and wanted to remain active.  I didn't feel the traditional ball and stem replacements that lasted maybe 12 years if not very active was the answer.   

    When I just happened to see a piece on television about a ballet dancer that had bi-lateral by Dr. Amstutz and went back to dancing (which I had done professionally myself for 13 years), I contacted the doctor.  He does a hip resurfacing procedure that does not remove the head of the femur and is projected to last 30 years while being active.  Dr  Amstutz is the head of the Joint Replacement Institute in L. A., but has been working with hospitals across the U.S. in providing the procedure elswhere.  At the time, I was training/showing my own horses and lifting weights regularly.  It takes about a year for the tissues to fill back in, but I've been very active since - went back to horses and weights.  I don't do as much lower body lifting as I used to, just out of precaution.

    If you haven't had replacement yet, I would highly recommend you consider the hip resurfacing.